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I have an answer [Solo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

I have an answer [Solo] Empty Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:28 pm

Lee Nakamura

A small coax of wind caressed her face gently. It tickled her nose, making her squint and wrinkle her face. Her eyes fluttered away to see the sky awaking to morning. The orange and yellow horizon had a tiny of sky blue to it. The clouds reflected the light in a beautiful fashion. The redhead sat up slowly, feeling her head was heavy, heavier than it usually felt. What the hell?

She looked around, lost and confused. It was obviously she was clueless of where she was. Lying in a meadow, she saw nothing but tall grass and floral decorations. Rubbing her head, she had no memory of how she got here. Luckily, she can recall who she was and her past clear as day,but as for how she ended up here was a mystery. Time seemed to have no meaning out her. It only seemed like yesterday she was out here with Abraxas and Hans, but now they are no where in sight. What could of become of them? Or everyone else? "Hans and Abraxas must of stay around here somewhere", she thought.

"Hans? Abraxas? Anyone?"

No one answered. Only birds and chatters of magical creatures lured to her calls. Simply, the redhead gotten up. The redhead stared at her outfit. A black and silver leather armor outfit with the Magic Council symbol stamped clear on it. She remembered the outfit, but now how she got here. The young mage found it odd. LeeAnn wandered aimless until she found civilization. Stumbling upon the town of Baska, she remembered now that she was here to find her mother. The very one that was connected to the imfamous Soklov family. Though, her mother was a loving creature that had a strict persona. Lee gotten her determination from her and the rest was her father's personality. Most say, she was the exact representation of her father, only more of a hot sauce than a tangy mustard.

She strolled through the cute town, remember every store and sight. The cute shops were displaying halloween in the windows. LeeAnn went inside of a tavern hopefully to find her fiance or someone she knew, but NOPE! She was dead wrong. "Thanks, Murphy's law" she mumbled to herself, disappointed. Sitting at the bar, she held up a finger for one. Lee's condition caused her to be immune to alcohol so benefits her from having the horrible side effects. The bartender handed her a mug full of ale as she drank the horrible tasting liquid. Chugging the whole mug, she slammed it on the table nad gave a long sigh.

"What am I suppose to do? Go home and tell dad I failed? God, what kind of daughter am I to disappoint him. First Hikaru went on some journey then just things when wrong left and right. Now...I am alone in Baska....just my luck" she let out a sight. What else was there for her? It was not the worst she has ever felt, but a little disappointed with life at the moment. This was going to get better, she just had to think it. Just then...the tavern door slammed with immese strength, nearly shaking the whole place. The Nakamura women turned her attention to see a officer of the Rune Knights. This had to be good.

"Ms. Nakamura?"

A young, scrawny, but tennative male stood straight holding a clipboard. The rank looked to be an apprentice, causing LeeAnn's interest to grow. "You are speaking to her, sit soldier", she spoke. The apprentice nodded and skedaddled to the seat beside her. He held a gold envelope holding a red Magical Council wax seal. "The council wanted me to deliver this to you in person" spoke the apprentice. Carefully, LeeAnn looked at the mage then at the envelope. She took it and opened it. The letter red to her the following:

October 10th
Captain Sargt
Magic Council, Era

Dear LeeAnn,

I am aware of you absence the past few months. Your father as told me what happened. I am sorry to hear the disappearance of your beloved fiance, Hans. It must be hard to deal with especially in your condition. Though, I have urgent news. After years of searching, we have found your mother.

It was in the depths of the mountains, where you said she and you were held in for years. The torture you and her endured was unspeakable. I am sorry for everything that has happened to you both. Good news, she is in the hospital recovering with the best medical care and staff. She is being held in the Cloverfield station. You know where the is! I know you do.

I just thought to shower some good news on you. For once, we actually have something wonderful. You father is alright as so is the house. In case you were wondering, with that outta the way. Please to hope you are doing okay. Safe journey.

Captian Sargt

LeeAnn paused. The feelings were bitter sweet. Good news, her mom was found, but the bad news was Hans went missing. From what? Oh gods. This worried her even more. A sick feeling went into her belly causing her hold her abodmen. She felt like she was kicked into the stomach over and over. Bringing tears of mixed emotions to her eyes, she wiped them. "At least, she's alive..." she whispered, trying to think positive.

"Tell Sargt, I am coming" was all she said, getting up and heading after the apprentice.


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