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Intercept The Package [Quest - Avain]

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#1Avain Locrean 

Intercept The Package [Quest - Avain] Empty Sun Jul 15, 2018 3:01 am

Avain Locrean
Avain hadn’t slept well, it had taken him most of the day to find an inn and even then  he’d only managed to score one of the edge of what seemed to be an industrial area. Amidst the festival’s nocturnal revelry it seemed that neither the employees there (or Avain) were ever going to get all that much sleep last night. And yet that sense of urgency in the back of the young boy’s mind kept him from dozing into the late morning, and so he find himself rising with the sun. On any other day he may have even remarked at the beauty of it, streams of light corralling down through the canopy above. For now Avain merely noted it, grateful for the shade on what might otherwise be a sweltering day. He had things to do, and his skin was particularly averse to sunshine on any day.

Forcing himself to down the most nutritious breakfast he could find on the not-so-nutritious menu downstairs, Avain made his way outside, wiping his eyes as he pressed against the door and out into the morning air. Scattered throughout the courtyard, party-goers from last night’s festivities lay strewn across the ground, juxtaposed locals making their way gingerly to wherever the day was calling them. At this, Avain couldn’t help but chuckle, dancing delicately over the nearest group of passed out drunkards on the way to his destination.

Orchidia was safe for now, but Avain was eager to move on sooner rather than later. His proximity to Crocus was alarming, but most pertinent was finding a means of transportation, he couldn’t just walk everywhere. The goal right now was to earn the favour of a travelling merchant, or at least procure enough jewels to pay one for safe passage. He had some money stashed away of course, but the less he needed to use now the easier it would be later on.

As he approached the stalls, Avain couldn’t help but overhear bickering from a nearby stand. He paused for a moment, then feigned fatigue, leaning against a nearby lamppost. Catching scraps of conversation he garnered the encounter wasn’t exactly an amicable one, and from what he could tell it regarded some kind of delivery, but beyond that the details seemed unclear. Intrigued enough by those slithers of information, Avain waited for the moment to pass. Watching as a grey haired man huffed off in his direction, making towards the main entrance of town.

Waiting a beat, Avain made note of his immediate surrounding and noted no one of particular interest paying him any mind before darting off to catch up with the man in question. Resting at his side after a short jog.

“Seemed like a hard bargain back there.”

The man stopped, and for a moment Avain wondered if directness hadn’t been the most potent choice.

“And what would you be referring to?”

Weighing up the the tension in the air, Avain pressed through the silence to continue.

“Nothing at all. Name’s Lock, just travelling through, looking for work but no one seems to notice a drifter, let alone care for them.”

“Not in town long then are you?”

“Not if I can help it, just keen to make a little coin and some friends on the way out. Maybe hitch a ride.”


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#2Avain Locrean 

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Avain Locrean
Ferdinand eyed the boy down for a moment, before the briefest of smiles crossed his lips.

“I know some guys leaving in the next few days, they’re actually just waiting on a package that’s due in today.”

Avain’s eyebrows peaked, the tone in Ferdinand’s voice making the reality of the situation as clear as he needed it to be.

“I could pick it up for you, or them, if you wanted?”

“I’d appreciate that. It’d certainly put you in good stead, plus I could shoot some jewel your way.”

“What’s the name?”

“Barton. Lionel Barton is the merchant. Just tell them he sent you.”

Smirking, Avain offered a the briefest nod before heading off in the direction Ferdinand directed him.

“I’ve got a quick errand to run, but meet me in the Sunspot Tavern just near the main square.”

Noting the name, Avain raised a palm over his back and waved lazily before moving in the direction of the mailpost. He’d passed it briefly on his way into town the day before, a surprisingly calmer section of town given the lively energy that seemed to thrive pretty much everywhere else.

Approaching the station, Avain rummaged through his backpack for a journal and quill, quickly scurrying out the name “Lionel Barton” in thick black text. Keeping the quill at his side, the boy then ripped out the page and held it above his head, pushing through a tightly packed crowd to the front of the delivery area. A few moments later he heard a voice calling out a few metres to the left.

“You Lionel’s boy?”

Noting the source of the voice as a blond haired man in his late thirties, Avain offered an innocent smile and nodded, before shuffling across the front of the crowd with an outstretched hand. The man responded in kind, wit a courteous, firm shake.

“You new?”

Avain nodded.

“What happened to Bart?”

Feigning sincerity, Avain took a moment to write down a new message on the journal, before turning it to face the man.

“Long story. I’m mute. Sorry sir.”

“Oh. Sorry to hear it lad, no apology needed! Give Lionel my regards hey?”

Smiling again, Avain nodded as the man handed him a form to sign. Scribbling some incoherent  swirl and handing it back, the boy found himself in position of a parcel no bigger than his head. Thanking the man once more, he offered a polite wave and melded back through the crowd and out onto the street. Allowing the briefest smile of satisfaction to cross his face while he pushed through the masses.

Stumbling out from the crowd and onto that quiet street once more, the young mage took a moment to glance around again. Whilst he spotted no one in familiar, he couldn’t help but smirk when a nearby sign caught his eye. The Sunsport Tavern.

I guess hiring a complete stranger warrants keeping a close eye.

Pushing through a pair of swinging doors, sure enough Avain found a familiar face perched at one of the double seater tables overlooking the street. Offering a nod, and a package, the boy found himself invited to a seat and a drink.

“Smart call waiting close by.”

“Smart call not screwing me over.”



Clinking glasses, the two shared a chuckle as Ferdinand leaned in for a moment.

“Carriage leaves in three days, I’ll keep you in the loop. And just some friendly advice, change the name, go with James or something. Way less distinctive.”

Avain offered half a smirk, but realised the tip was well advised and whilst he’d never openly admit it, valid.

“Again, cheers. I’ll think about it.”


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