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A superhero's arrival, or not. [Closed]

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A superhero's arrival, or not. [Closed] Empty Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:41 am


 The port of Hargeon was, as always, filled with laughter and chatter. You could hear various merchants trading goods all over the place, craftsman advertising their products, old men enjoying bad jokes, sailors discussing the weather and pirates doing whatever shady business they had planned for the day. The noise generated by this crowd was almost unbearable by the visitors who were not used to such busy towns. Not too far in the distance, a small wooden ship could be noticed slowing down as it approached the docks.

"This is what a real port looks like, eh?" Leonard said to himself. A few days ago he jumped aboard this ship, ready to leave Cedar Town behind and find an actual adventure for the boring life he thought he had. With each second passing by, he was getting closer and closer to Hargeon. While he kept his calm as usual, Leo's body movement would point at something else: he was anxious, anxious and at the same time quite excited. This was the first time he left the region he grew up within, so his survival instincts started to get restless. Unlike Cedar Town, Hargeon seemed to be much bigger and without a doubt new opportunities were waiting to be discovered.

The Captain, a hairy man somewhere in his fifties, was a kind person proud of his sailing experience. He had a weird habit of making people talk whenever they were on his boat and nothing could have stopped him from engaging in a dialogue with Leonard. "Are you enjoying the view, boy? This old town has been here for several years and that's what makes it so mesmerizing.". Unfortunately for the Captain, Leonard was busy spacing out, visualizing all the possibilities this place would offer him. If getting to know people was captain's habit, Leo's was daydreaming. Seeing how the boy did not respond, the Captain kept calling for him. "Boy, oi boy, can you hear me? Are you deaf o' something, mate?". In the next second, the ship's front side hit the docks and everyone aboard, together with the Captain and Leonard, lost their balance. Leo fell onto the deck, coming back to his senses. With one swift push, he got back on his feet and turned around to face the Captain. "Thanks for the ride, old man." said Leonard, waving his hand as a sign of gratitude. The Captain wanted to reply, but instead chose to smile and wave back.

Leonard jumped off the deck, onto the docks, thinking he would land like a superhero, but instead ended up on his knees, hurting them. As calculated as he liked to think he was, he was still a child inside, this being one of the moments when his immaturity could be seen. Without paying much attention to his bruises, he got back up and started walking towards the main street of Hargeon. The plan was to find a bar or inn of some sort and buy a drink to celebrate his own arrival, postponing the real business for later on that day or, why not, the following day.

~ Exit ~

[WC: 518/500 words]

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