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Riverside Spirit [Quest | Kurdran & Sorcha]

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#1Sorcha Donovan 

Riverside Spirit [Quest | Kurdran & Sorcha]  Empty Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:39 am

Sorcha Donovan
She was not a very difficult being to remember, considering how much elves would go into the wild as she called it herself. So many things were different and yet some things were very logical as long as you stood open for either options that a person could follow. But it was not surprising that Dacol Lubex, the man that she met three times now, found her quickly in the crowd of people. He had a bit of a difficulty with pronouncing her name or perhaps he had forgotten her own name, calling her something that more looked like Sara instead of Sorcha but she let it be as she did not care much about it. It did not change that there was an issue and he seemed to be scared of something.

Sorcha remembered the same expression when that afro guy spoke to her a few weeks ago. She forgot his name but she would not forget his face, he had accussed her of some strange magic but it seemed to be a being, a spirit perhaps, she had figured that out with the dwarf, Kurdran, his name she would not forgot. He was not the same like anyone else and thus she had taken some effort. He wanted to find Kurdran too but told her a bit that he was very worried about the spirit and that it took a humanoid form now.

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#2Kurdran Briggs 

Riverside Spirit [Quest | Kurdran & Sorcha]  Empty Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:55 am

Kurdran Briggs
Kurdran had been thinking about a lot of things as of late. It was befuddling to say the least. Most of the bigger issues he had already handled before leaving orchidea. However, one much wonkier issue still remained in his thick skull: The weird sight he had seen with that weird will o wisp thing back at the lake. It had overall been a very weird job. What, with a nagging policeman who seemed nuttier than a walnut pie, and with an actually quite nice and friendly elf talking with him before he had actually found him. Honestly, it was pretty much just this ghost of a thought lingering on the back of his head. He was supposed to be leaving this town, not start looking into this stuff himself.

However, as soon as he saw the weird afroman running towards him, telling him that the spirit had somehow become a person now... well, Kurdran was pretty much as ready as anybody else to see what the heck was up with the thing. Apparently he had already told Sorcha about it, which had Kurdran a bit miffed. She had a headstart! She liked acting pretty smart, though that was with all elves.

Despite that thought, As he made it to the meeting spot, he flicked his fingers towards sorcha in a greeting fashion. "The weirdo is still at it it seems. So, ye ready to go check our aqualass out?"

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#3Sorcha Donovan 

Riverside Spirit [Quest | Kurdran & Sorcha]  Empty Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:06 am

Sorcha Donovan
As soon as Dacol noticed Kurdran in the crowd, he sprinted off to go and talk to him, while Sorcha remained a bit in the back and simply caught up with them when she arrived, as graceful as she could. She had taken quite big strides to not take too long in comparison to Dacol who had run off. She had shaken her head lightly and caught up, gaving a friendly smile to Kurdran, "Good to see you again." she said politely although the circumstances could be grim but she did not really know that really and she had wanted to say master dwarf but she refrained from saying something, she had no idea how dwarves thought and it was probably for the best not to piss Kurdran off. He already had some assumptions about her being an elf.

She gave a firm nod, "Let's see what it wants." Last time it had not really spoken so that meant that they would leave to the river of Orchidia, away from the festival and try to find the spirit at the same spot as they last had. By the time they arrived, the sun had disappeared almost completely behind the horizon, making the horizon bright red and slowly going to pink and black. The cyan coloured being was easily spotted this way above the river. Her heart immediately rang out for it as it looked like a child, so small, so fragile but only a shadow look, a spirit look of completely cyan, different from the will-o-wisp they had seen before.

She heard a soft voice like a child in her mind, begging her to come closer and she looked at Kurdran and Dacol to see if they heard it as well.


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#4Kurdran Briggs 

Riverside Spirit [Quest | Kurdran & Sorcha]  Empty Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:09 pm

Kurdran Briggs
"Nice to see ya again too. It isn`t every day you get to go and see some monster in a lake, if you catch my drift!" Kurdran was clearly excited. It was always great to see some actual monsters, and if this thing really wasn`t just a wisp... well there was bound to be SOME kind of action there, right? The elf also showed a little bit of interest in it. From what he knew about elves, that meant she was really hyped.

The sun was already setting when they finally found the earlier spot where the giant blue ball had floated... now there was an actual blue humanoid creature sitting in middle of it. "...Man, this thing never stops confusing me..." It was definitely not a wisp anymore... was it a fairy? whatever it was, something in his head really wanted him to step closer. Sorcha gave him a questioning look, and as he took a step into the water, he realized what was happening. "Oh yeah. That happened to me last time too. This thing really likes to be touched I guess." He shrugged, as his feet almost felt like they were moving on their own.

He was now standing right in front of the creature. It was still not saying anything, but his ears were ringing with some weird words, which had him curling his eyebrows in curiousity. "Powerful wizard you say?" Was it implying it was a person? It did not exactly look too human to him, and it was a tiny bit too lanky to be a dwarf. Maybe... "This guy one of em elves?" He turned and flipped his index finger towards sorcha. Maybe she would understand the thing better.

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#5Sorcha Donovan 

Riverside Spirit [Quest | Kurdran & Sorcha]  Empty Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:05 pm

Sorcha Donovan
She could not really recall what she thought of Kurdran before, apart from how it felt only natural to meet a dwarf instead of humans. She could depend on him in a way that she would be able to understand and besides he was kind of funny. She was not used to such small jokes, no elf would be talking like that. No elf that she met that is. She hid her smile with her slender hand but chuckled, "Exactly, I am rather curious instead of afraid." That was not to say about everyone, had the first guy been deadly afraid of the orb, the new guy who would take the job over from them seemed to be rather pale, have a bad hairday, possibly pulling his hair all day and now here they were. Trying to figure out what was going on.

As Kurdran explained he had heard it like last time, she took a step forward as well. Dacol seemed to be staying safely behind them. She heard the child like voice again, giggling and it sounded all so familiar to her, Sorcha tilted her head and moved her hand as if to touch. She stopped moving her hand only because she remembered herself when Kurdran did it last time and she dropped her hand immediately. "I do not think so, but perhaps, for ages to be around here to gather the strength of the forest and the river, it sounds like something my people would do." she looked shortly at Kurdran before her amber eyes turned back to the being.

She heard Dacol ask them for information and the cyan being turned to her and Kurdran, "I need something from you both, there is a danger coming, it must be stopped and if you have time would you spare it to find someone I loved dearly."

She could only nod.

"I will contact you two when the time is right."


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Riverside Spirit [Quest | Kurdran & Sorcha]  WpMV1nH

#6Kurdran Briggs 

Riverside Spirit [Quest | Kurdran & Sorcha]  Empty Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:23 am

Kurdran Briggs
Admittedly, this mystical being was definitely not the sort of creature he expected to be too dangerous. It didn`t seem to have any specifically sharp claws or teeth, and it seemed more frail than anything. Proper spirit indeed. However, it seemed like he definitely wasn`t the only one who felt the need to get closer to it again, As Sorcha quickly followed suit. "I don`t think it really wants to fight. That is a small shame I am ready to forgive, hehe." He shrugged, as their employer proceeded to ask them hurry up a bit.

Okay... How do you ask a being that talks only in thoughts about what it is doing here? He thought this in his head as he crossed his arms. "Ye saying this guy meditated a bit too much?" He shrugged. Admittedly, he had never tried meditating for such things. Usually he just ended up falling asleep.

In the end however, the creature itself proceeded to "Say" something to him. Well, to him and sorcha maybe. It seemed like the creature was talking to her at the same time. The question was pretty simple, since even sorcha just nodded to it. "Alright then. We`ll get that friend of yers back. Although, if that danger comes along, I could come to take that on too!" He said out loud almost pridefully.

Though now came the always hard part. Waiting. "Welp, looks like we will be working together for a little while longer. So, ye ready to find a ghosts significant other or something?"

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#7Sorcha Donovan 

Riverside Spirit [Quest | Kurdran & Sorcha]  Empty Tue Jul 17, 2018 6:55 am

Sorcha Donovan
Sorcha looked shortly at Kurdran as he spoke to the cyan spirit. She had simply nodded. There was not much to say as there was not much information to come around. The being only said it would contact them when the time was right and thus she looked at Kurdran as he spoke. Dwarves, she wondered if they were all the same. She had once had a spirit like him, to fight whatever she would find. As she had to fight for her way in her own little family, for the respect of her father and brothers. The last one she did receive, the first one she did not. "We will be ready."

"Meet me tomorrow." and the being disappeared into the ground or the water, the way you wanted to see it. Sorcha narrowed her eyes and wonder what kind of thing it really was, she wanted answers to calm her own curiousity but at this point, she would wait for the next day. Thank god she had no other appointments. As the being disappeared, it felt as if she returned from another realm, as if she had not felt her own body, mind and so on. Because a massive headache showed up and she couldn't help but push her right hand against her right temple. Apart from that she felt a bit dizzy and of course now Dacol dared to come close. She told him what she knew and what the being had said and he noted it down, "Call inspector Nilan when this creature shows up again, he will help." he said before telling them to rest.

"Thank you for coming along. I guess I will see you soon. I just have to rest for a few minutes now." She felt the need to meditate to get of this ridiculous headache.


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#8Kurdran Briggs 

Riverside Spirit [Quest | Kurdran & Sorcha]  Empty Tue Jul 17, 2018 10:27 am

Kurdran Briggs
"Yeah, what she said!" And with those words of acceptance of the weird beings plans, it sank back into the water, like some kind of weird beachball, as its last message told the duo to meet him the next day. For a moment he scratched his head... a weird feeling washed over him, though he had no idea what it was. But it did sure make him woozy. "Dang mind speakers. Makes me head feel dirty." It wasn`t usually an issue for him to get his point across by just saying whatever came out. Guess the creature was too weak to talk by itself. No wonder it needed help.

At this point their employer finally decided to take part in the discussion himself. "Alright then. Prepare for a good ol tussle!" He had to hope with that sort of preparation he would be a bit more useful next time.

However, in comparison, Sorcha came to actually thank him for a job well done. "Admittedly, politics with magical beings ain`t exactly my thing. But I know ye only need a bit more power behind yer words to make it work. And thats what I have!" Atleast he thought he had been helpful in this situation.

Now though, he needed to rest too. As much as he wanted to leave, those plans were on a standstill for now. Now that he thought about it, he needed to find a new place to rest at... "Sorcha wait! Ye got any free room in yer room!?" And with quick steps he started following her.

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