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Intimidation Tactics [Mission | Kaede | Diana]

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#1Kaede Scalisi 

Intimidation Tactics [Mission | Kaede | Diana] Empty on Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:38 am

Kaede Scalisi

As I held my arms tight around my sister, I could only whisper, "Stop it, Dia... Don't sully your hands.", squeezing her tightly, as if that could erase the path I was unwittingly dragging her down.

But I'd already bloodied my hands too much to be forgiven. Not that I regretted any of it... Scalisi always said I'd been exposed to this world at far too young an age. Many of my siblings had been orphaned as children, and yet Dia and I were orphaned as infants. As I grew surrounded by a society who scorned us and siblings who loathed it in turn, being indifferent to that society - to those outsiders - felt only natural, even if it meant killing them to survive.

But Diana wasn't like that. All she wanted was to live in peace with her family, while I'd do casually take on risky, shady work and inevitably force her to join in, "You don't need to come down this path.", I'd urge, peeling back to look into her eyes

After seeing the state she was in after transforming to frighten that mobster, I'd lead her away from prying eyes into a discreet corner of the nearby park, to do whatever I could to soothe and reassure her. I was hardly good at that, but for her, I'd try my best. We'd need more work, even if that work were like this or worse, but I refused to let my sister sacrifice herself for it.

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#2Diana Scalisi 

Intimidation Tactics [Mission | Kaede | Diana] Empty on Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:39 am

Diana Scalisi

Soft sobs came from the Lycan as she felt her sister's arms wrapped around her in a comforting embrace. Even as her sister tried to whisper those comforting words Diana knew she couldn't stop, tears rolling down her eyes as the girl declared sorrowfully. "I-I can't give up..." She whispered feebly as she looked up into Kaede's eyes and answered her sorrowfully. "I don't want to keep seeing you stain your hands like this."

Her hands reached feebly for Kaede's shirt as she answered her. "It hurts to see the kind and sweet sister I always admired to be forced to burden herself with this... to be forced to do those things for our sake..." She lowered her gaze, trying her utmost to gather the resolve to stand up, to walk at Kaede's side, but the haunting feeling of disgust soon overwhelmed her again. However, when Kaede told her she didn't need to come down that path her sister walked Diana quickly protested. "No! I-I rather become a monster than to let you carry this burden by yourself Kaede!"

Because that was what she was, right? she was a monster wearing a sheep's clothing, and perhaps that was why deep inside she was so terrified, terrified of the day Kaede would come to see the monster she truly was and fear her for it, or worse even reject her... Her gaze shifted back to Kaede as she whispered feebly. "Please don't leave me behind..."

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#3Kaede Scalisi 

Intimidation Tactics [Mission | Kaede | Diana] Empty on Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:02 pm

Kaede Scalisi

Those words... I should tell her it's too late, that she has nothing to worry about. I accepted this life a long time ago, accepted that I'd never value the lives of anybody but my siblings. But I just can't. Instead, I merely gulp and hold the girl close, petting her hair... I listen to her words, hanging on them as Diana peels away and I finally look into her teary eyes:

"It will be alright... No job is a burden if I'm doing for your sake.", I rarely smile, but for once, i just enough managed to force one out for her sake, gently running my fingers over her cheek, wiping away her tears, "Don't worry, You won't become a monster or anything... And even if you did...", I can't help but look away, not out of disgust, but a faint, blushing sense of embarassment at the words I'm about to stay, "...I'd still love you."

'No job was too shady when I did it for my siblings'... For a long time I unwaveringly held on to this notion, and even now it held firm. Yet seeing Diana like this... Did it really hurt her so much...? Of course it did, she's thankfully not like me. I can't suddenly bring myself to care for all those people I've hurt, but I can't really hurt Dia either. I'll have to think about this, sooner rather than later:

"One day we won't have to do this kind of work... None of us will.", this is about as reassuring as I can sound right now, no matter what I'll never make her a promise I can't keep. I hold her hand as long as it takes to reassure her, and give one final admonishment, "Now, dry your tears... We need to look strong to find work with these people."

And indeed I already have an idea where to look for work next. Once i've managed to comfort her, I guide Dia towards our next client, fully aware this work could turn out more dangerous than the last. As we enter the bar to look for that client, i remember what I read in the job description, and know I'll once again be working for enemy Mafia family to the Martello guys we worked with before.

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#4Diana Scalisi 

Intimidation Tactics [Mission | Kaede | Diana] Empty on Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:39 pm

Diana Scalisi

How could she possibly not worry, when after that promise she made to her adoptive mother, when after everything that happened Kaede was all she had left? Even if the gentle embrace and the tender petting of her hair soothed her suffering a little, it didn't banish the haunting thoughts entirely, the awareness that she was steadily succumbing more to what she considered a 'monster'. She didn't want that to happen, exactly because she believed that if she was to become one, she wouldn't have the right to be at Kaede's side anymore.

Even despite Kaede's reassuring words, the explanation that no job would be considered a burden if she was doing it for her sake, and the smile that lingered on her sister's lips, Diana still couldn't help but shake off the fear that those crimes and their involvement with those unsavory people was steadily wiping away the kindness that she knew that still existed within Diana, a kind and warm side only few would have the priveledge of seeing .

Feeling her tears wiped away as Kaede reassured her that she wouldn't become a monster, the words that followed caused the Lycan's cheeks to flush up lightly, a mixture of joy and embarrassment filling her. She would still love her, even if she was to someday succumb to the darkness inside her, even if she was to become the beast that slumbered inside each Lycan she would still be able to remain at Kaede's side.

Despite her upbringing, it didn't change the fact that Diana was a kind person, and that committing those crimes started to weight on her mind, especially since the only reason she would undertake them in the first place was to protect and aid her sister.

"Mhmm... One day we'll all be able to live peacefully together." Diana answered her softly as she gently grasped a hold of Kaede's hand and pushed her body upright, a final wipe of her jacket's sleeve following as she erased the traces of her tears, of her weakness and answered Kaede with a smile. "And on that day we'll continue from those words you said earlier."

Yes, someday when she was strong enough she would tell Kaede, tell her that she loved her also, more than just as a sibling. But that time was not now. As they made their way toward one of the bars of Oak, it seemed Kaede had already a job in mind. She couldn't help but idly wonder how in the world her sister kept finding all the information she needed to be aware of those jobs, then again perhaps that was one of the skills her sister possessed.

Still, she recognized this bar as one belonging to the rival mafia family that the Martello were at odds with, which made Diana all the more aware of the danger they could be in if their past involvement in certain tasks were revealed...

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#5Kaede Scalisi 

Intimidation Tactics [Mission | Kaede | Diana] Empty on Wed Jul 18, 2018 4:35 am

Kaede Scalisi
I can't help tilt my head at those last words, but for now I express no such confusion and instead accept Dia overcoming this momentary doubt. I take hold of her hand, letting go only as I approach the bar. Such a strong, visible bond between each other could easily turn into a weak point for enemies to exploit, and I'm not putting my sister in so much danger...

Yes, Diana understood the seriousness of the situation just as well as I did... The potentially menacing act of finding work from the same Mafia family we'd been undermining all this time. For better or worse though, Mafia families paid good money for good work, often far more than the job's difficulty. As far as I'm concerned, it's worth the risk... And keeping your composure is key. If I sweat too much, if I look too jittery... The guy will know something's up, and before we know it we'll have a bullseye on our heads. Every so often I look at Diana, the only risk I'd rather not take.

Her well being, mental and physical, matters more than anything... But we still need to put food on the table.

So when the mafioso explains he wants needs us to intimidate a shop owner into paying up, all I can think of is "Easy money". Thus, I stand upright and urge Diana after me with a simple nod:

"He'll be paying shortly.", I reassure the client, taking my sister and walking towards the shop. Unlike our last job, this one seems almost... Peaceful... By comparison at least. We'll have to shake down a shopkeeper into paying, but at least we have only to scare him. Surely Diana will deal with this one a bit better? I'd ask to come alone, but she'd never allow it. No... We're in this together, "Watch the door, Dia..."

As we enter the shop, we find ourselves alone with our target. I wasted no time pushing him around, or asking him questions when I already knew the answer. Once the man confirmed to be the shopkeeper they were looking for, I moved on instinct, striking him in the throat a silencing him. As he gasped for desperate breath, I grabbed him by the scruff and held the edge of my sword against his neck, just enough to draw a thin line of blood:

"Now, here's what you're gonna do. Your gonna reassure your creditor, and conjure up the money yesterday... Luckily for you, he doesn't care where you get it, so use your imagination.", not so much a threat or a command, but a statement as I glare into his eyes. He's in no position to disagree, and I make it quite clear I'd have no qualms cutting him before running away from the authorities, "And if I have to come here a second time, you'll get more than just a scratch."

Painful it may be, I didn't strike hard enough to kill him, and before long he could breathe properly again. The startling, frightening struggle for air might have shaved a few years off his lifespan, yet that's no concern of mine. As long as he's still alive next week, I'll have done my job. Whether he holds up the written promise he'd soon make also depends on how my client deals with this...

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#6Diana Scalisi 

Intimidation Tactics [Mission | Kaede | Diana] Empty on Fri Jan 04, 2019 7:02 pm

Diana Scalisi

A job like this never was pleasant, that was something Diana had long come to terms with, but at least it was a task that could possibly allow them to handle the job without a need of violence, without the need for to nearly kill someone just to get the job done. Although, it was pretty clear to her that Diana had best leave the 'negotiations' to Kaede, it always was a bit difficult to convince someone when they were soiling their pants because a Lycan had grabbed them by the throat, but it was what it was... The young lass watched her sister take the lead, and upon telling her to watch the door Diana obediently waited for her sister to conduct the work.

She didn't even waste a second, the moment the man revealed his identity as the one they were hired to 'remind' him of his responsibilities, Diana watched her sister threaten the man with a cold expertise that would make most people shiver, although she tried to conceal her own concern for her sister's mental wellbeing by smiling briefly as she turned back toward her. "Guess we can report that the job is done..." Diana mused quietly as the two of them left the store.

It didn't take long before they returned back to the bar to report on their assignment, and just like expected the retelling of the tale was enough to send the man grinning at the duo, praising them for a job well-done as he handed both of them the money they were promised. However, once the two of them left the area Diana quickly addressed her sister.

"How about we get some bacon straps? I'll pay for them~" The werewolf lass chimed in with a little grin on her lips in an attempt to lift the mood.

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