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Remove The Drunk | Quest | Solo

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Remove The Drunk | Quest | Solo Empty Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:40 pm

So early in the morning, Shinko is already sitting in Enil’s bar alone. She didn’t really have any plans today, but she did plan on drinking a cherry vodka with little amount of liquor, but then she really had to wait and meet Mitya in the same bar for some specific reason. Shinko messes with the cherry that was floating in the vodka with her hand under her chin, supporting her head as she stares blankly into place. Then she sips some vodka and puts it back into the table quickly. Right when she decided to eat the cherry, someone else took it and ate it in Shinko’s place. With an agitated look, she stares at the person who ate the cherry she was supposed to partake. It was just Mitya, he grinned at how he acted and walked away to start a loud scene with some of the people who came with him. Shinko pouted and Enil walked towards her, “Get used to it.” He says, staring somewhere else as he talks to Shinko, “But if he makes a scene, just make him leave.” He cleans the glasses with a towel, and then walks away.

Still upset about the cherry, Shinko sits somewhere in the corner as she crosses her arms and pouts. The loud Mitya quite annoyed Shinko, and her day has been quite blue. Today is the first day Shinko hasn’t talked much, or even acted with a loud and emotional mouth. She watches Mitya drink liquor with one go as he shouts with his friends and laughs a lot. Watching this makes Shinko want to puke, had Mitya’s actions disgust her. Shinko looks at her wrist, but she realizes she forgot to wear her watch today and was annoyed than ever. She continues to glare at Mitya, coming to the point he talks about his lovelife and dating. Upon hearing the words that come from his mouth, Shinko’s eyes widened and she walked upon Mitya and tapped his shoulder. “What’daya want, lass?” he asks, still so drunk. Shinko’s arms are on her hips, “Hey man, I don’t think it’s good to play with someone’s feelings.” She felt like she taught him a lesson, but then he only laughed at what she said.

Mitya almost ignored Shinko when he faced his friends and they all laugh at her, but he pointed at Shinko with his thumb, “Hear that? Lass are takin’ love too seriously!” and they laugh again, which made Shinko even angrier and her eyes are starting to become teary. She backs off a little and starts to cover her nose as the smell of alcohol is getting stronger. Then Mitya glared at someone and points a bottle at him, “What? Why aren’t you agreein’ with me? Huh?” it felt like he threatened the other person, but they continue to laugh. Mitya walked towards him with his legs a little wobbly, then he fell to the ground, accidentally hitting someone’s head with the bottle he is holding. “Hey man,” calls one of them, “that hurt, y’know? Where’s your dignity to your elder?” These drunk men’s argument had looked like a stage play, and Shinko chuckled a bit after she got her imagination working well.

“What dignity? Nobody ‘ere talks about y’er dignity, lad!” Mitya obviously did not know what he is talking about, until they started pulling each other’s ears and started punching themselves lightly because of drunkenness. Shinko knew she had to make Mitya leave, although she could’ve done that already. So she pulls Mitya away, “Get out of here, you stupid jerk!” she shouts in a small voice. And there, she realizes that she, as well, has become quite drunk. Her arms are weak and she couldn’t pull Mitya away. “Get oooouuuuut!” she grunts, and eventually pulling him away with first. After being pulled, he faces Shinko with his back slightly arched, and he falls down. “Why’re you gettin’ in the way, huh? Girl?” he points at her with his voice mumbly, then Shinko points at him as well.

“First off! You’re an ugly guy who doesn’t know what ‘love’ means!” Shinko responds, stomping her feet on the ground. Instead of only Mitya causing a scene, Shinko had as well, made the ‘scene’ worse. “Shut up, woman! You’re underage, get outta here!” provoked Mitya, and Shinko’s voice became louder, “I’m nineteen years old, you son of a gun!” she pulls Mitya’s foot and pulls him out of the bar and also falling down. One man who isn’t as drunk confronted Shinko, “You’re thankful he’s drunk, he couldn’t put much of a fight when he is.” Shinko didn’t hear him enough due to drunkenness, but she was able to push Mitya away with her foot when he was supposed to go inside once again. But then Enil pulled Shinko on her shoulder, “I’ll take it from here, thanks for your help, lass.” He told her, then continuous to put Mitya away. But Shinko didn’t feel enough, “Yeah! Get outta here, you ain’t welcome! You fool!” she shouts, showing her tongue and pulling her own cheek. This made Mitya a bit more agitated, “What?! You…!” he tries to push Shinko when he was pushed by Enil first. He ends up being carried away, and Shinko walks herself home, feeling a bit grumpy. As she finally reaches home, she falls asleep on the end of her bed when she wasn’t able to reach the whole bed. The moment she woke up, she realizes everything she has done, “That was super childish of me!” she shouts, her hands on her head and she stares at the wall, remembering everything she said. She kicks the bed and dumps her faces under a stack of fluffy pillows, shaking her head. She stops with a pout, almost crying because of embarrassment, but then she remembered that Mitya was wrong, and everything she said was technically correct. She went to the bathroom and took a bath, swearing that she will never drink liquor ever again.


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