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Dahlia to Orchidia.(Foot Travel)

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Dahlia to Orchidia.(Foot Travel) Empty on Tue May 29, 2018 5:34 am

It seemed the time had come and gone Waylon would be off again, It was a wonderful time for as grim as the place it was, It seemed Waylon would already be on the move now. He wondered where to go but his mind would settle quickly. He wanted to go home and see his mother and father for a few days and tell him he was in fact a live, He was well and mostly for the sake of at least one of them he was there in person to prove it.

Thinking to himself while on his way, was how he realize he would not miss the the odd feeling of this place, it was too grim and dark for him. But he would keep in mind the memories and well mostly one person he remembered, He would personally hope something like that could happen again eventually. he would not really think about how he went through his mind about traveling again but at least it was not as quickly as he normally went at one point.

The break was nice now that he thought about it, even if he nearly forgot and did not realize it was pretty much a break from traveling. Wondering how long he had been in Dahlia he would slowly plan out what he was doing while he was packing up and slowly getting ready to go. Being on his way and thinking to himself while he did about what else there was really to do. then again there was a few other places to explore then he would have to figure out what else to do after that as well.

While he was on his way and traveling to where he first thought he wanted to go while, he heard a few people talking about a festival of sorts in Orchidia and being the way his mind his mind kind of forgot about his plans to see his mother and father and figured it would be something else of interest that would be a bit more fun sounding to go to which would lead to mind going towards whatever town he heard of that had said festival

Keeping in mind Orchidia was now his spot to go to, slowly getting himself to the way in which it is to go to said town, wondering what all and all would be there and who would all be there as well, no doubt various other mages would be their as well since he was interested in meeting new people for the moment he would be better off heading that way.


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