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Oak To Orchidia [Foot Travel]

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#1Asura Nightshade 

Oak To Orchidia [Foot Travel] Empty Tue May 29, 2018 12:30 am

Asura Nightshade
It had been quite a well since the battle against Phantom Lord had ended and throughout the entirety of the time, Asura had chosen to stay within Oak. The rest of the Knights had all left to Orchidia quite a while ago to partake in the Spring Festival but Asura had chosen to stay back. Or, more the fact that she was asked to stay back. For what reason, the woman had no idea considering that she'd been here ever since and there was absolutely no word from the Council as to why they asked her to stay here.

She couldn't believe that she had given up the chance to go to the festival because they requested her to stay back only to not give her any work and abandon her there. Asura had merely been stuck inside the walls of her motel room along with Rei, awaiting for orders or roaming the streets almost every night. And, now she'd finally had enough.

So, deciding to not waste her time anymore, the blonde set off towards Orchidia. As far as she knew, the festival was still going on and if the Council thought she would miss it just because they left her in Oak to rot, well, they had other news to come back to.

"Come on, Rei. Let's hurry up." The Umbreon wagged his tail as they scampered out of their motel and set on their way towards Orchdia. It would take them a few days to reach however, as far as she knew, the festival was going to go on for some time so even if she was late, at least she'd be able to see some of it.

For a fleeting moment, she wondered how the rest of her teammates and the other Knights were doing. How were they coping up after the battle? For Asura, she had just tried to not think about it too much. What happened had happened. In the end, it turned out that they were sent as pawns by the council and if Dante hadn't interrupted, they probably wouldn't have escaped alive. Or, they might have, she didn't know. What she did know was that a new age was coming very soon, not only for them but for the whole of Fiore.

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