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Oak to Orchidia [Foottravel]

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#1Sorcha Donovan 

Oak to Orchidia [Foottravel] Empty Fri May 25, 2018 5:10 am

Sorcha Donovan
One step for humanity and one step for finding answers. The elf had decided long ago to leave Oak but as the tree had known the answers or well a bit, she would linger around, leaving no stone unturned before she was sure her brothers were no longer here, so she would leave. Baska would be a smart option but she believed that it was better to go to a town where she got the feeling that they might be, she could also check the worth woodsea, that made sense after all it was a forest and they were still elves, on one hand maybe Hunter wanted to be more in the open sky now he could and his wind magic tempting him. She had so many thoughts going through her mind that she made sure to travel through Baska and check it out before leaving again.

I'm Sorcha, middle child of the Donovan family. I live with my uncle, my father Giomanach and my mother Moira are missing, the same as my brothers Hunter and Killian. I will find them, I'm twenty years old. And so she would go if she would lose her mind again on too many thoughts.

She would continue on to walk around, it wasn’t that far from Oak through Baska and thus she looked around a bit before following her gut feeling and leaving for the next, which made it that she would have to go around the worth woodsea first, she didn’t trust herself after the incident at the Haunted Woods in Oak, she best be out of it before she would lose her mind and be alone. It could be more because of the thoughts that she was having, too obsessed with finding her brothers, she needed to do so much more than just look around and find them, she had to train herself, look after herself and make connections was a good thing, perhaps they would know where there might be two elves that looked like her.

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Oak to Orchidia [Foottravel] WpMV1nH

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