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Friend Ore Foe [Quest: Augusta]

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#1Augusta Rhines 

Friend Ore Foe [Quest: Augusta] Empty Mon May 21, 2018 2:13 pm

Augusta Rhines
Unlike last time around when she had been in Baska, there was a bit of an uneasiness to everything. She could not have been afforded the luxury of simply just appreciating what there was of the city of Baska, and now that Augusta was able to this time around, it was a welcome change of things. However long it was going to last, that remained to have been seen, but it was quite apparent though that there was a far more welcoming period of time here. Perhaps it had been the fact that she had been as motivated as she was to have found some evidence that the Church was going to be able to take care of and deal with everything that had been going on with the apparent infection that was plaguing the town, and therefore there was a level of fear and worry that had caused her to believe for as nice as things might have been, there might have been an underlying cloud of worry. This time though, there was none of that, and for the first time seemingly, she was in a position to actually enjoy what was going on, to not have to think and be concerned with the fact that there might have been something terrile that would affect the people. Instead, it gave her a chance to see what it was like within a place that was not as invested into the loyalty and service of the Church as it perhaps deserved to have been or should have been.

Like last time, she had gotten another letter, and part of her was infirurated that things did not at the very least appear like they were going to have learned. The first time that she had met with them, there was a level of tolerance to the poor conditions of the small group of bandit miners, but after returning there again, it was clear that they did not recognize things of how things were meant to have worked. The reality was, both times she had been forced to sit back on a large crate of wood that had a few other pieces of wood there to provide some level of comfort, and she swore that if there were no better chairs there, she would make sure as to kill every last one of them. When she arrived, she had expected that there was going to have been blood spilled, but instead she found that they had done exactly as what she had wanted, having bought what appeared to be a small group of new chairs, all of them looking far better than that of what she had seen the first time that she had arrived there, and even there appeared to have been a small table that was laid out. To say that she was impressed would be an understatement, though at the same time, the fact that it was the threat of their deaths to cause them to buy chairs was disappointing.


#2Augusta Rhines 

Friend Ore Foe [Quest: Augusta] Empty Mon May 21, 2018 2:13 pm

Augusta Rhines
She took a seat in one of the chairs, having wanted to believe that there might have been a dream, that for once, they might have given some degree of indication or reason to elieve that they might have begun to learn things, she almost hoped that when she would take a seat, she would feel the hard wooden feeling of the makeshift chair that she had been exposed to the past two times. Feeling her behind press against the leather bottom of the chair, she could not help but breathe both a sigh of relief and of disappointment. To have killed someone would have been a nice change form things compared to what might have been the case otherwise, and though it would have been something that might have been too great of a delight or opportunity to have the chance to accomplish, it would have been at the very least something that she hoped would be the case, eventually if nothing else. As she got herself adjusted to the chance to sit someplace nice for a change, she looked around and listened just a little bit as the man explained that after her previous success, they were hoping that she would be willing to continue helping, to ensure that of what they had begun to start doing, that they were going to be able to continue their relationship, as well as give Augusta a chance to earn the profits alongside the rest of them. And perhaps, they would be willing to work out a deal with the Church, once Augusta would eventually demand of it.

As the man began to explain, what he had come to figure out with the information provided by Augusta was that at least one of them is guilty of having been engaged in affairs and using underhanded tactics to force the hands of those who are setting the terms for the new mines. The issue stands though, it was impossible to say just who it was of the three, at least with what infomraiton that they have right now. They knew it was one of them, but it made it a challenge as it could not have been a case where one could have been blackmailed without complete and utter certainty in the matter. To have done so otherwise would mean that they stood the risk of being alienated entirely, being forced to go elsewhere in Fiore to work, and right now the mining boom was within Baska. To go anywhere else, it would have been damn near impossible to build up any sort of reputation and trust to secure a contract like that of what might be available here. It was why that they had to know for certain just who it was and where it was that the guilty party was. To have their ability to leverage the contract in their favor, it would mean that they stood the chance to make more money than they had ever believed was possible.


#3Augusta Rhines 

Friend Ore Foe [Quest: Augusta] Empty Mon May 21, 2018 2:14 pm

Augusta Rhines
Having been given the address of one of the people who was most involved in the discussion process regarding these mines, Augusta proceeded there, knowing that there was a level of security and safety that she did not have to worry about. The fact was, the man was not in town, nor was he expected to be back anytime soon after having left the other day, after the contract talks began to start. Augusta knew that this was likely going to be at least some sort of information within there as to tell her just who it was that she was going to be looking for. There even stood the possibility that he was the man that shew as interested in, but for that to be the case, it would have meant that his departure would mean that the talks would stall entirely, but it was far more likely that it would not be him, but rather instead that there was a chance that he was going to be involved in some manner or another. Getting to his place, she did notice that it was not one in which currently occupied, and instead it was just one that appeared to have been left by anyone else who might have been on vacation. Being mindful of the risk that was posed with her being out there in broad daylight, Augusta made sure as to ensure that she was not seen, lest there be other concerns as to why she might have been wandering about through the area.

Looking around the small building, it was surprisingly littered for as much as what appeared to have been going on at this point. Papers were littered about, things were thrown around just enough to give it the impression that things were a bit messy, but at the same time, it was impossible to say either way entirely. However, what was clear was that this was an effort to try to make things look a bit less dirty, a bit more so that someone, anyone, who might have come around here would not have noticed things. Looking around after about an hour or so, she came to find some sort of documents which appeared o have told that at least one of the contractors had been involved in the matters that were being supposedly regarded. There were no shortage of things that one could have suspected regarding this whole thing, and while one might have thought that this was more something in which the group who had hired Augusta might have thought this to be nothing more than a big conspiracy to make it appear as though there some justification as to why they were struggling to get work. Looking at the paper now though, it was becoming a bit clearer as to that there were maybe things in which were actually true, like this appeared to have been. What was clear was that there were contractors involved in this, but others were still unknown.


#4Augusta Rhines 

Friend Ore Foe [Quest: Augusta] Empty Mon May 21, 2018 2:14 pm

Augusta Rhines
From what Augusta had already known of this contractor, there was no reason to have believed that he had any residence within Baska, that this one had made it a habit of traveling rather than settling down. It was not an uncommon course of action, preferring at times to go about and travel rather than settling down, as it also enabled for someone not be accused of favoring one person than the other. A contractor who might be associated with Baska might be forced to pay more for a job in Crocus or a place like marigold, but if it was clear that things were fair and the individual did not live anywhere, there was a reason to believe that they might have been more trustwhorthy and willing to do contract work towards. After a short time, Augusta had managed to find this person that she was looking for and it did not take very long before he began to reveal everything it was that she had been wondering, everything in which this gang seemed to have been conveying as part of their originally suspected conspiracy. Something else that she was not expecting to have gotten though, was the fact that this man seemed o know even more about the other two contractors than that of what anyone might have thought, being able to actually provide Augusta with the exact time tables as to when it was that the other two contractors were set to return back to Baska.

To have gotten all of htat infomraiton was nothing short of great. It was a reason enough to make it believe that this was going to be something far more enticing, far more exciting, and wroth far more than it seemed to have been that a time it was going to have been worth. It was great, a chance to get a huge deal of pay and wealth, far more than what she might have ever suspected that it was that they might have gotten than in the past. At first, this was nothing more than some foolhardy job, being carried out by a group that was too cheap to even be able to afford a simple chair, let alone run any sort of operation, but now there appeared to be a real reason as to all of that. It seemed at least that this was a group that was good enough to warrant a conspiracy against them, and if it was revealed and perhaps if Augusta would be able to reverse their fortunes and make them some profit, it would not only mean great things for them, but also for her, as well as for the Church, as she had full intentions of making sure that that wealth would end up going right to them. It was a very true and sad fact that the Church was not as involved in the affairs of Baska as it should have been, and perhaps this was what was needed to change that.


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