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No Stone Unturned [Quest: Augusta]

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#1Augusta Rhines 

No Stone Unturned [Quest: Augusta] Empty Mon May 21, 2018 9:12 am

Augusta Rhines
The aftermath of the previous job that Augusta had done was not one that had been lost upon the people of Baska, nor the influence or change as to how it appeared at least that things were now moving. Trade was surprisingly enough growing, to the point where at least that it was reasonable to believe it might have been out of fear, worry that after the events of what Augusta had orchestrated last time around but had managed to evade any sort of punishment for, that this might have been the end of all things that the people might have well known. Perhaps it was the fact this was a designed effort to at the very least appear that there were going to be more mreaningful reasons as to think that this was going to improve the situation, which was more of what Augusta was tending to believe. Right now, it stood that amongst those who were most interested in what had happened were those who were involved within the mining industry and those that in some way or another had been affected by it. Jewelers, blacksmith, armorsmith, masonry, there were no shortage of businesses and individuals who would be interested in just what was going on within Baska, especially if what she suspected was tending to be more accurate than not. If it were truly that she were responsible for the creation of a new mine, or at the very least trying to hinder the production and success of another one, there were no shortages of people who would be interested to see how that would ultimately play out.

She was going to quickly figure just what it were that everyone was so interested in after a short time, when to her suprises, there had appeared to have been someone who was a repsrensetative of the man who had initially contracted out Augusta to deal with the mine. It was not hard to believe, as after all, to go forward with something like that was something that was not only going to require an extensive amount of time, but also one in which would have forced more action than simply just detonating a mine. Anyone could have done that, and for a s easily and simply as the man could have just gone forward and had one of his subordinates take care of the whole thing, it was very clear that there was a greater endgame to all of this, one that was only further realized and seemed to be the case as she recognized just what it was that they were apparently using as their base of operations. It was indeed, another run down shed, one that instilled no reason to believe that this was a group that knew how to operate things or at the very least, were in a position to handle things. It was clear, even before Augusta made her way into the door, that she was going tob e someone forced to help.


#2Augusta Rhines 

No Stone Unturned [Quest: Augusta] Empty Mon May 21, 2018 9:12 am

Augusta Rhines
She sat there, on a small makeshift chair that was more composed of a few pieces of wood stacked together on what appeared to have been an old crate. Hardly a selling endorsement of what this place might have been, of what these people might have been or however capable they might have been. In all likelihood, it was more that she was nothing more wasting her time with this meeting, as what point had there actually been for her being there? She had done the first job, given the a position to have created a huge deal of jobs, to build themselves up from nothing, but as she quickly came to realize, that was something that they would also need help with. She was upset, annoyed at the fact that she was someone who was being forced into such a position, but she simply accepted it, unfortunately having to go ahead with it, not out of any personal desire, but knowing that even though these people were pitiful, it was at least somewhat easy to believe that they had some idea of what they were doing. They had the foresight to set the mine to detonate, and to reach out to Augusta again, but as o just how far they had thought again, it remained too early to be sure.

The task that they had asked that she carry out now at this point were going about and finding the location of several contractors who were set to arrive within Baska. Apparently word of the mine creation had spread well throughout Fiore in the days that had initially passed, and now everyone was trying o get a hand in the investment and ventures towards that of making a profit off of the mine’s success. These people were determined to ensure that they were going to have been the ones that did so. As they discussed the details of things, Augusta came to more understand who she was to find out about and gather information on, and though it would have taken a considerable amount of time, far more than anything in which she had figured to over a period of nearly three days, she did eventually find out exactly what she wanted to about them. There were certainly 3 contractors who were set to work and propose bids on the mine, though there was no indication or clear apparent value as to whether or not it was going to have been that they would have won it out. With what information she had managed to get on them, she returned to the men again in their poor shack, disappointed that even after all of the time that she had been there and them knowing that she was going to be back, that they could not have gotten an actual chair for her. Disappointed in their lack of foresight, she gave them what information she had and then intended on leaving, only to return if they got a better chair.


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