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A New Mine [Quest: Augusta]

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#1Augusta Rhines 

A New Mine [Quest: Augusta] Empty Sun May 20, 2018 2:44 pm

Augusta Rhines
Augusta had not planned on returning again to Baska, certainly not in such a short amount of time since when she had last been there. By all rights, it was far too soon, too early for her to have dared showed her face again within the area of Baska, though at this point, after everything that had happened, that as she had ventured from Crocus, the rumors spreading about the plague that was rumored to have originated on behalf of the doctor, the man who in all truth had been assisting Augusta with the survival and refuge of the place. That the tides and fortunes of the two had changed in such a dramatic and overwhelming manner, and that Augusta had managed to escape through the entire process without having been exposed or otherwise struck by the recognition of the people who were still there within Baska and trying to make amends to what was going on, it was a welcome change. It granted her a level of luxury and promise that she might not have had otherwise, a risk that she might have had to regard for herself but now at this point being in a position where she could have just gone about and not worried about things of that nature. Instead, she was able to simply engage herself and operate as though nothing was different, like there were no changes nor anything that in the past at least she might have had to worry about. Instead, she were just like everyone else, a simple woman who had ventured back into a city for the first time, unworried or concerned as to what she might have encountered or had to deal with.

The fact that she had gotten a request to be seen as easily and as quickly as she ultimately did while within Baska was something that she did not expect, even though she knew that there might have been at least some who may have been more engaged and otherwise aware of what had happened, of the role that Augusta played in the earlier affairs and instances in which affected not just the people who were here, but also those that might have had vested interests throughout Baska, that were affected. It was very likely that throughout all of those parties that might have in some manner or another been affected by Augusta, whether for the betterment or for the worst, it was very clear that someone had come to August in the hopes of capitalizing on what she had managed to do prior, having completely destabilized the area at least with respects to those that had sought – or at least as she had believed that she might have been the case – who were plotting to stand against God. As it turned out, it was not the case, and it angered her, making her believe that there was no reason to return to Baska, but now as fate would have it, she were back there again.


#2Augusta Rhines 

A New Mine [Quest: Augusta] Empty Sun May 20, 2018 2:44 pm

Augusta Rhines
The man was hardly one who was anything impressive, nor anyone who Augusta would have gone out of her way to remember. It was clear enough by his appearance, by the presence of the abandoned shack in which they had met, that there was no sort of association between him and the Church, as evident by the shack, and there was very clear that there was no association with the Church, given the type of meeting that this was in the first place. The Church, for as much and as devoted as Augusta was towards the idea of the Church having become something of glory and greatness, had seemed at the very least to have failed in that belief. They would not have operated within the shadows, regardless of the matter or of how much justification and righteousness in which the people would have regarded towards the Church for their actions. However, it was clear enough that thwas not the case anymore, that instead it was simply a matter that they had to appear as though they were all righteous and glorious, though it was very clear too that there were only so many layers to the truthfulness of this. But even as far as Augusta could tell, it was not likely that the Church was interested in throwing any sort of support behind this kind of operation.

Planting explosives. It was a hard cry from that of what she had dealt with and interacted with in the last time that she was there in Baska, and to be honest, it was far less exciting backt hen the first time, but this time, even though she was again given foolish orders of ensuring that thtere were no way for to allow anyone to be hurt, it was still something htat would e a bit more exicting. Though it were not an easy task to take care of, not due to the actual goal or task that was before her, but rather the amount of people who also occupied the area that she was destined and dtemrined to strike at. It took a great while, and though a huge deal of strain on her part, she was finally able to make some headway and begin to set the explosives. After a long while, it appeared that she was finally done with everything, she barely made it a short distance before there was a detonation where the first explosive had been struck, making Augusta realize that what she was working with were not nearly as stable as she had been led to believe, nor was there any way to tell if the reaction as the blast echoed throught he tunnel if it would affect others bombs as well that it would be safe or not. She hoped that at the very least that she would be in a position that she could have gotten out, and though it was for a moment something that seemed to have been dicey, she did escape.


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