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Miller Time [Quest: Hatsu, Akira, Barry]

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Miller Time [Quest: Hatsu, Akira, Barry] Empty Sun May 20, 2018 8:34 am

Barry woke up early this morning, he looked out of his window and narrowed his eyes. He was feeling funny tonight, or, more so he was feeling a bit squirmy tonight. Today seemed to be a good day to spring his idea on the kids today since he'd be needing their help. He wanted to rejoin the Knights despite all of the prejudice he had faced when they cut him. It wasn't his fault! There was evidence of that! He was a victim of circumstance or well, he was a victim of not having a good brain. He was just trying to live his dreams out here. He was a simple man and he loved two things, noodles, asura, and dance. and he was a darn good dancer.

He was doing that now in fact, decked out in his blue gi outfit and wristbands. He was going about his business as normal, in one hand a cup of noodles in the other a snapping rhythm as he danced down the street. He had a job to do today and wanted make sure he did it right but he also wanted to have a little fun so he was going to dance while he did it.


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#2Akira Shimada 

Miller Time [Quest: Hatsu, Akira, Barry] Empty Mon May 21, 2018 2:01 am

Akira Shimada
The girl preferred to work in the main town now. Who would've thought? Initially things were calmer at the event and the change of scenery had been quite enticing and pleasant in its own right. However, as the festival peaked, so did the activity and the number of people there, instantly making Akira want to slip away as often as possible. Not to mention the encounter she'd had with that vampyre, it horrified her enough to steer clear of the location where they had faced off.

So here she was, strolling through the town of Orchidia, which was rather empty. It came as no surprise that the town dwellers had packed off to attend the festival and milk it for what its worth. As she scanned the almost vacant streets, her gaze fell upon the noodle-cup wielding, Fenrir. She rolled her eyes, considering she still wasn't over the little prank he and Tsuru had played on her, but despite the reluctance, she made her way to him. 'You working too?' she asked. But before he had the chance to respond, a frantic looking man approached them in a hurry. 'Ms. Shimada and company?' he asked and without waiting he shoved an envelope towards Akira. 'Mr. Dex sent this for you.' he explained before racing off.

This day couldn't get better. Curiously, she ripped open the paper and skimmed through the letter, which gave them directions to a certain cafe again, Akira just sighed and waited for Tsuru to catch up.


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While the commoners were still having fun at the festival, it had become rather stale for the Rune Knights to be honest. They were stationed there all day, every day, and eventually, the amusement ran out. Well, at least, the vibrant flowers were never a sore sight. However, after the rather useless mission they came for the previous day, it had become very late and the duo decided to stay in the main town for the night. The original plan was to leave for the festival the next morning as soon as possible, but it would seem Akira had decided otherwise. Haru wasn’t in the mood to argue; besides, so long as they were working, it didn’t matter whether they were here or at the festival.

The hotel they were at was an old one and Haru had trouble locking the door securely. He asked Akira to go ahead and struggled an entire fifteen minutes before he gave up and slammed the door in frustration. Surprisingly, the lock clicked after that. Shaking his head in disbelief, he began walking swiftly to catch up to his partner. He hoped they find something legit and useful to do that morning, unlike the previous evening. However, considering their luck, that probably wouldn’t be the case. The red-headed Knight noticed that Akira had stopped ahead next to Fenrir. At least, things would be fun with him around, even if the job is lousy. Seeing his partner holding something, Haru slowed down once he was within earshot and inquired about it after greeting Barry. “Good morning Fenrir!” he said, and then turned to Akira. “What’s that?” he asked.

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Soon his leisure stroll would be interrupted and he would be joined by his favorite pair in Fiore. Akira and Hatsu, or well, a trio. They were soon joined by a frantic looking man and before he could speak it seemed they were being hassled. He smiled at the two and crossed his arms, this was very interesting. It seemed they were having as good a day as he was. He raised his cup to his lips and in a big gulp he swallowed it all down. Noodles were hotter than usual he loved to eat them though he couldn't do a job on an empty stomach.

Crushing his cup in his hands he sighed and dropped it. "Alright, let's get this done." he nodded, "What are we doing? Who are we going? Where are we going?" he looked between the two teens before looking back at the doctor. He wasn't ready for anything big, but in truth, he needed to get this done and over with so he could get another cup of noodles. "Alright guys come on come on come on spill your guts tell me what's up before I get hungry again" he snickered.


Miller Time [Quest: Hatsu, Akira, Barry] MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."
#5Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
When she opened the letter and read its contents she was most disappointed. So once again, the trio had nothing real to do. They were going to have to tag along with that same silly detective, who had no clue as to what he was doing. Then they'd get paid some meager amount of jewels for what? Entertaining the guy? Humoring him? Aki frankly couldn't see why they couldn't just let the man go, clearly he wasn't a real asset to his colleagues or to his team. Was this some sort of a hazing rituals for the Knights? If that was the case, it would seem the others were quite late to the party, Akira was not even a page anymore. Nope, not today, she wasn't going to waste her time on this guy today.

Now that Tsuru had caught up with her, for this once, just for the sake of convenience she decided it'd be easier just to lie. She held up a finger as she waited for Fenrir to join them too, simply so she didn't have to explain herself twice. While she waited, she neatly folded the letter and tucked it away into one of her pockets. Then the girl cleared her throat. 'Just a letter, nothing important.' She answered nonchalantly. Once Fenrir had inquired too, she sighed softly before finally mumbling something akin to the truth. 'Nothing, there is nothing for us to do here today, guess we're free... So if you're going to get hungry, we might as well as go find another nice noodle bar.' she replied and offered the healer a half smile of reassurance, hoping that'd be enough to prevent him from prodding and asking too many questions.


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Haru found it extremely weird that the Rune Knights didn’t have anything to do that morning. After all, the other Knights were complaining so much about how there were no one at the main town to take care of things. Now, here they were, and they had nothing to do? The healer scratched his head, wondering how they were going to spend the day. He really had seen every attraction possible in the main town since his arrival at Orchidia. If they were to just patrol mindlessly again, he thought it would be better to just head back to the festival. He felt a little bad for Fenrir, who seemed excited about doing some job.

Well, he knew how to cheer the guy up and it would seem Akira did too: get more noodles. It was a bit too early for noodles in the healer’s opinion, but he didn’t dare raise that point. After all, he hadn’t been eating as much as he should have as per Fenrir’s suggestion. So, there would be no talking back to his trainer. If Fenrir said they should go get more noodles, then that’s what he will do. He really needed to put on a lot more muscle if he hoped to be as strong as the lycan someday.

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