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The Golden Wedding [Invite Only]

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The sun shone brightly from above while birds flew freely throughout the area as the Holy Knight, Konstantin Sokolov left his blind mount and planted his feet hard against the wet ground sending dirt onto his pants and hiking boots. Swearing under his breath he looked down and pushed off the mud that clung to his clothes. While it was just his daily wear, he was not fond of having his clothes being in a such dirty state. Looking towards what would perhaps be the most important event of his life, he ensured that nothing would throw him off. Having the foresight to see such events, he had left his formal attire hanging up inside a small tent along with his unwieldy cross. Ignoring his dirty clothes for now, he drew up his gaze.

His golden eye sparkled in the harsh light as he cast his observant eyes around the area revealing a glaring problem that would prevent the success of their big day. Workers seemed to be completely incompetent with a group of them being strung up together around a tree by ropes needed for the raising of the tent. Shaking his head, he marched over to the trio of fools, breathed in deeply before speaking to them through clenched teeth. “Mind explaining yourself?, This tent was suppose to have been raised at least an hour ago.”

The eldest of the group responded meekly as the other two hid their faces in their work. “Sorry, sir, my deepest apologies, the tent hasn’t been used for awhile and this ropes are rather difficult to use.” Rather than complaining any further, he let out a heavy sigh and removed his jacket placing it on a nearby stump, to aid the workers in raising the tent. Today was the day, their day. It would be on this very ground that the Holy Knight duo, Alice and Konstantin would be bound together in marriage. Surely, something as simple as a tent would not get in the way. Much to his surprise the tent took far longer then he had initially anticipated with him needing more hands to raise the tent completely.

With the task completed, Kon retrieved his jacket as the rest of the preparation took place, Burly men came in carrying thick carpets over to the flat grassy plain before rolling them out carefully while the waiting staff organised the seating and food. Though he would have liked to oversee the laying out of the tables and other affairs for the party he would need to leave that in the capable hands of the staff they had employed. The wedding itself had been in the works for months now. They were forced to organise things for themselves lacking the familial support to help them in the process.

Throughout their journeys as knights, they had become deeply connected and associated with a diverse group of individuals including his best man, Lucifer, an interesting individual to say the least. He was not just Konstantin’s friend, but also the owner and publican of his own tavern but perhaps more importantly a lich of all things. His presence within the wedding was not just due to the significance of his role as the best man but he was also primarily responsible for the food and drink of the big day. Because of their friends assistance, Kon would be able to change into his wedding attire and have enough time to socialise before the wedding itself began.

Swiftly making his way to his tent just to the side of the larger one, he weaved his way around the waiters still busily setting up chairs and decorators tending to the ornaments that would litter the interior and exterior of the tent. Entering the tent for the second time today, he swiftly closed the fabric entrance. Now isolated from the outside, he could finally relax, lowering himself to the ground, legs drawn up, hands resting on his knees and back resting against a chair sitting in front of a mirrored dresser. Rifling through his jacket he withdrew a lighter and a single cigarette. With a quick and simple flick of the wrist, a flame was made casting a crimson light to fill the tent before smoke began to plume from the cigarette. Drawing up and clutching the cigarette between his lips as he opened and closed his lighter thoughtlessly. “So today is the day hmm?” He said to himself questioning what changes will be brought up by their marriage.

What would happen is something that could be dealt with in the future, what was happening here and now was something to address immediately. Rising from his resting position, he stamped out his cigarette having only used half of it as he mulled over the future onto a nearby ashtray. Flicking the lighter up once more he used its flame to light a lamp that hung over him giving off a healthy glow. The light had also revealed the presence of his wedding attire.

His medals adorned upon his uniform and his firearm had been polished to a mirror finish which blinded to the unexpecting. Kon was fortunate in that he was looking away from them as he first lit the lamp. Turning slowly as his eyes adapted to the harsh light, Kon smiled with a slight sadness lingering over him. A sense of longingness suddenly took hold of him, never would his parents be able to offer support, which was finally made apparent to the man with the absence of his father or mother. A single tear left his right eye from the losses that he had suffered. In spite of the hardships that had fallen upon him and those yet to come, he was there and ready for any challenges that came his way. Wanting to prove himself to the world he swept away the tear with a flick of the wrist.  

His hand-tailored clothes had a simple, yet pure design with light undertones consisting of a plain cream suit, a thin golden tie, black dress shoes. Silver-gold cufflinks were worn while his pants held a black leather belt. Though the uniform was simple, Kon wasted no time in stripping his existing attire and donning first the pants, inner shirt, tie before the remainder of the uniform.

Satisfied with his suit he walked over to the mirrored dresser and took a long hard look of himself, straightening up parts that had snagged on him. Finally opening the tent, the lingering smoke weaved into the sky disappearing without a trace. Although there was little chance for them to be attacked on such a festive day with so many powerful people being invited, Kon was never one to leave himself vulnerable. As a result before departing the tent and attending to any of the guests he drew up his symbolic weapon of mass destruction and slung it upon his back using the belt which had recently affixed to the cross-like firearm.

Ready to attend to their guests, Kon made his way over to entrance where he hope to greet himself while the waiters made the finishing touches on the seating and guests already present focused on preparing the food and drink. It would be interesting, to say the least,  seeing everyones reactions to one another with various individuals likely having their own biased opinions towards each-other purely from their race.

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The Golden Wedding [Invite Only] League-of-legends-image-league-of-legends-36418964-500-549

It seemed that the big day had finally arrived. Not for Odin of course. Today was just a warm summers day for Odin, where he'd be working, giving a speech and then probably drinking. It wasn't all that different from other days, except perhaps he was slightly better dressed today than others. Today was, however, the big day for man whom Odin called his best friend, yet could have easily been his enemy had things been different. Konstantin Sokolov, Holy Knight and purger of dark races, which technically included Odin. Had they left any other day, any other place, or even when Odin had already transformed, things would've likely ended up different from how they were. And Odin was damn glad that they had worked out this way. His best friend was about to get married, and Odin was to be the best man.

The day, however, wasn't without its complications, as any big event would be. Odin was in charge of preparing the food, the drink, effectively anything that would be sampled by the guests was his department. Being the best man was the easy part of his day, making sure the wedding went smoothly was the hard part. As he walked around the area of the wedding, having arrived much earlier to start the preparations, Odin noted that the man of the hour himself was helping around, erecting one of the tents that the workers were unable to manage. Odin breathed a sigh of relief, as the tents were not his department.

He had made a point of providing enough food and drink for the event, bringing some delicacies from Kon's homeland, which made up the starter for the wedding reception. Barszcz Zurek, that's what  Kon had called it, and Odin hadn't forgotten their conversation in Baska. Moments after asking Odin to be the best man, Kon had requested this dish, but he hadn't known any recipe. It had taken Odin a ridiculous length of time, and more than one person had to lose fingers, but Odin finally found a source to provide him with the recipe for the fermented soup. He hadn't told Kon that he had managed it, and had hidden the fact that it was present, as he wished to surprise his friend with the dish. After all, this was to be a special day.

However, there were a lot more issues with the wedding that Odin hadn't addressed, or mentioned to his friend, not wanting to worry him on his big day. Well, there were at least two more, but they were both people, one of whom being the bride herself, and the other being her maid of honour. Alice Baskerville, a name she wouldn't have for much longer, sister to Lacie Eventide. You see, Odin held the soul of Lacie Eventide, as she sold it to the Lich as a deposit for the completion of a certain task: to kill Alice Baskerville. So Odin was the best man to his best friend's wedding, and yet had sworn a sacred oath to murder the bride. And if that wasn't bad enough, Alisa Vollan was the maid of honour, and she wasn't overly fond of Odin either, not since he tried to burn down her guild. Overall, this was going to be an interesting day.

Eventually Kon appeared, fully dressed and looking like the powerful man Odin knew him to be. A feeling of pride blossomed from within the Lich: pride at the fact that this man, who for all intents should have tried to kill Odin the moment they met, a man who saw past the looks and befriended the man inside, he was getting married today to the woman he loved more than anything in the world. Odin entered the venue, giving a cursory nod to his friend as he did so, and sought about making sure everything was right and everyone was happy. Once that was the case, he'd take his seat at the table, his eyes constantly scanning the area to make sure nothing went wrong on his end.


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With the day finally upon them, Alisa couldn't help but smile as she looked over the altar in her prettiest blue dress, awaiting the bride's impending arrival. Chosen specifically to outshine anybody but Alice, the sculptress wore a short and flowing, knee length garment: tight around her bust for support, it flaunted an eye catching cleavage, even without the aid of the pure white flower right at the front. As the slightest breeze sent the loose skirt fluttering about, the tall woman spent a fair bit of time tucking what few locks of hair came loose, while her ruby wine gaze shifted between her surroundings to where the groom and best man would soon stand, on the other side.

For a long time she didn't really associate the man she met during the battle against Zade with one she'd fought beside against that demon in Era. For a long time, she associated the latter's appearance with the one who would marry Alice. Despite not knowing his change in appearance, she suspected the two to be one and the same - for no reason other than his angel summoning magic - but only truly realized this after meeting him again a few days back.

After all the turmoil between the initial annoucement and the chosen date, the two lovebirds had plentiful reasons to feel proud of such a lovely sumptuous party. The sculptress lent a hand wherever needed, wherever she could really, but in the end most of her assistance revolved around the bachelorette party two nights ago. Merely struggling to recall the events of that night had her rub her temple with a scarcely noticeable, painful wince.

Good thing she figured she'd best arrange that party two days before the wedding instead of the day before. They wound up needing a fair number of hours to kick the worst of that hangover, and Alisa, for one, came back with a simple notion bouncing around her head, "Totally worth it~", she mused with a sly smile, wondering how much longer would Alice need to make her appearance.

She could spot the groom on the other side, completely swarmed with guests, and so far remained unaware of the best man's identity. Who was he really...? Alisa had yet to see him, or, at least, she'd yet to recognize him. She'd seen the lich walking around, not that she cared much for the man's appearance. She was no longer the kind of woman to judge another for their race, and even if she knew who this person really was, she had no intention of making her friend's wedding into a royal mess.

After so long helping her set everything up, she now strolled gracefully around the tent - smiling and greeting the other guests - taking in every detail, ensuring everything met Alice's plans down to the smallest chair. Even now, she had yet to spot her own plus one, and most importantly, had yet to see the bride:

"She should have been ready a while ago...", with this realization, Alisa headed elsewhere. Slipping indoors and away from the crowd, the sculptess disappeared from sight, not the slightest bit concerned about her own absence. As her maid of honor, Alice needed her support far more than the other guests needed her presence. Stepping outide calm but resolutely, she made her way for the bride's chambers and knocked on the door. Well, the other tent didn't really have a door, but it got the point across, and the redhead should easily hear the rustling at the entrance, "Alice?", she called out, a calm and collected voice to help ease away any pressure she may feel under, "How are you doing in there? Your husband-to-be looks dying to see you~"

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"Love blooms brightest in spring~"
- Alisa Vollan

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Daiko Flayme
Huh. A rather flat and wide plain he found himself at. But the Fire Wizard was sure that the wedding would be held here… if he remembered correctly. Yes. It would be held here - he could eye the large tent from the small road where he stood now, and there seemed to be a few other tents nearby. It was one of those ‘first time for everything’ moments for him, because he and Coda had never attended a wedding before. It was to be expected if you asked him, but he was more than eager to approach this traditional celebration. It would be easy to reach the tent without ruining his new clothes, anyway, so before looking lost, he sped up his steps and approached the tent.

For the occasion, Daiko wore a black suit with a deep-red shirt under, black leggings and leather shoes as well as an even blacker necktie. Screw his clothes, Coda looked much fancier with her hilariously adorable, red bowtie tied on a white cloth collar. Her claws weren’t harming his clothes this time as Daiko wore a hard leather wrist bracer on his left arm to hold Coda on. Even his hair was taken good care of, as pitch-black as a black hole and emitting a fragrant scent of musk. He shouldn’t let anyone know how much trouble and stress that he went through to fulfil this outfit and appearance… he was too proud of having succeeded in the end, and he wanted to uphold that pride without the memory of all the obstacles and how many times he had to start over.

“… Alice, I hope that we share at least some familiar faces,” he prayed under his breath as he stood in front of the larger tent. His head spun to the left and to the right, hoping that he wasn’t the very first guest to arrive. His best chance at fulfilling the rights of every wedding was to draw inspiration from the people around him. With that in mind, he calmly entered the larger tent and was amazed at the space the tent had inside - it could fill a good bunch of people, or rather a very large bunch.

“Hmh…” he hummed in his state of curiosity. He wasn’t exactly alone at the whole place as he heard guests and workers’ noise inside and outside and other things. The new experience didn’t stress him nonetheless, unlike Coda. He had to stroke her forehead quite a lot to make her calm her bouncy head down. “There, there… you’ll get used to it. I might find myself here again in the future…” He would do smart in finding a seat among the lines and treat Coda a coconut seed to calm her veined temples…

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Zhu-Lin Feng
Name: "Haruna" Zhu-Lin Feng
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Zhu-Lin's eyes were filled with happiness today as she looked at what she had received. It had seemed to be a wedding invite, and not to just any wedding. It was a wedding invite to the Rune Knight's Alice and Konstantin wedding, and being invited seemed like a huge honor in her eyes. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and she would definitely be attending. The girl ran back inside and threw on her traditional colorful clothing, and made sure Venus was around, now braiding her hair. "Oh man, this is going to be so fun! I can't wait to get to do this myself someday..." she said to herself as she finished up her hair. She hoped that today would be filled with love, and she was almost positive that nothing could ruin it. She slipped on her shoes and started walking to the destination listed, her vulpix by her side. It was kind of odd that the vulpix liked to stay so close to her all the time, but then again, considering it lost its owner, it made a bit more sense than you may think.

Her shoes clacked against the floor as she walked, and it actually hadn't taken her too long to get there. The venue was closer than she had expected, and it had seemed things were almost done getting set up. Of course, she wasn't going to be rude and just come in and eat all their food just to be a pest, and she actually wanted to meet the bride and groom once this was all over. She's been looking up to them for a while now, and actually being able to meet them was a dream come true. She smiled at the thought and walked through the gates, seeing food being set up, chairs and decorations being placed, and a few tents up. Things seemed to be coming together nicely, and as she had seen Kon walk by, she merely looked down. "What am I doing?! I should be trying to talk! Then again he seems pretty busy... I guess I'll just stay quiet for now..." she said to herself as she lifted her head back up. She couldn't be messing around like this, and she was sure she would build up the courage to talk to them sometime today.

Her neko ears twitched as she had heard something or someone fall into a pile of leaves, but because she was so focused on not being nervous she didn't even turn around to see what it was. She hated sometimes how her senses would just go wild and she would smell things that she wasn't trying to smell or hear something she didn't need her to hear even though she was clearly listening for something else. She would just have to grow used to it eventually, and as she finished her thought, there was a butterfly that landed on her nose. She sneezed and it flew away, then she turned around to see Kon talking to a swarm of guests "Well alright then, I'll just wait to get my turn," she said, and as she finished, she had spotted Venus going towards the food table that was being run by... a lich? She had never seen one before, and before her pet got too close, she ran over and tackled it, now on the floor looking up at the lich. She had only awkwardly waved as she stood up, now holding the small animal. "I apologize for disturbing," she said to the lich, now bowing as a sign of apology. She knew she screwed up, and she was spending too much time thinking about things, and she would just have to let things play out.
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A wedding, the sacred vow where two individuals would promise to remain at each other's side for eternity. For someone like Esperia who had a rather naive and hopelessly romantic view on the act of marriage a wedding was as exciting as a festival, so obviously she was looking forward immensely to the day a friend of hers was about to marry. And who could blame her? In a year or two it would be her turn, and she would be marrying the very same woman who was accompanying her today. Of course, Esperia was in the greatest mood possibly, humming happily as her hand held Fia's own and she explained the nature of their visit.

"You see~ Alice is a friend of mine, she actually was part of the reason the Lycan pack didn't decide to retaliate after you taught them not to hurt me~" An innocent smile lingered upon the girl's lips as they approached the festival area where the wedding would be held. Both familiar and unfamiliar faces were present, however, she felt her body jolt for a moment when she saw a sight that would make most people freeze up. "Oho~" Asmodeus hummed with a clear hint of fascination. Manifesting as an ethereal image only she could see the Demon Lord of Lust patted the girl's shoulder and smirked at the sight before her. "A lich with a sense of fashion, reminds me of a certain Overlord... I'd likely be fangirling if not for the fact..." Her gaze shifted along the avenue as she spotted Alisa leaving to check on something or someone, leaving her to declare in amusement. "A certain sculptress already drew my attention."

A soft groan escaped the girl's lips as she mentally expressed a concern that had been haunting her for hours prior to the event. You're going to behave Asmodeus. It already makes me nervous leaving Sebastian outside the tent, and we're not going to ruin Alice her big day. The demon lord pouted in faux offense as they took looked around, yet she was quick to make a playful jab. "Sebastian could just teleport in here the moment you get into troubles, but anyways... see that handsome man over there?"

Esperia tilted her head slightly to the side in confusion, wondering what had caught the playful trickster her attention this time. "You mean the one in the suit?" Of course, there was just one problem about that description: "All men are supposed to be wearing suits right now my dear~ but yeah I mean the lucky one who gets to put a ring on our dear friend~"

A light tap of her forehead followed while she shook her head in disbelief. Don't be looking too much now, you might make Alice angry. Still, Asmodeus was clearly not done with her playful banter, a hand raised in the air as she tried to wave at the groom. "Oooy~ Congratulations on the marriage! Actually... the Lich is more my type..."

Huh, wait what? Looking up at Asmodeus in bewilderment she listened to the demon lord's musings. "That aura of power and danger, the polished look of his bones, the shape of his skull.... how can you not call that the embodiment of masculinity? He's what all guys should strive to be."

Wait, if all men strived to be like him then the human population would decline faster than she could get perverted, and that was saying a lot. "I wonder where Alice is..." Perhaps she was nervous about entering the avenue? Maybe making some final preparations? "I'm sure she is just preparing herself mentally. She doesn't need to worry about looks, I'm sure white will look great on her."

But Esperia couldn't help but smile weakly at that remark, sensing the playful nature of the demon's words. I can't help but wonder if you're having a perverted intention with those words. But Asmodeus quickly shook her head and smirked in return. "Nope, a genuine compliment for once."

This was going to be quite an eventful day, wouldn't it? Gently squeezing her fiance's hand Esperia asked her with a smile. "Just a bit longer and it will be our turn Fia~"

To be a classy lewdling you got to be:

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"And a hopeless little pervert~"
- Esperia & Asmodeus

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It has seem a day she nearly forgotten about had arrived, a time of joy and happiness much other then the many other things in life she had never expected after all a lady like Judina never really learned and knew what to do at a wedding so while her mother was in time and was around she asked for advise and would almost try to follow it to a key, Even asking for an outfit and how to keep her hair.

Judina felt out of place here but arrived nonetheless she was true to her word to Alice she invited her and by her word and honor she was here, putting on a smile and being as peacefull as she could. The face of many where interesting she would judge none of them because she had to have it in her mind each person was here for a reason, so she while she knew and so far enjoyed the day it seemed like even then emotions would get to her mind as well it was human to feel emotions of such.

Judina would look a lot different then her normal outfit. She just wore a light blue dress with very small sleeves to just cover them and anything she really just did not want see, Her hair normally tied back into a pony tail was styled to run along her back and untied neatly like if anything of note only thing of difference would be a tiny white flower she found and put into a part of her hair just by her right ear topping it off with a pair of black dress shoes her mother gave her simply because Judina refused heels.

She had taken her time to just keep her mind in a one place she felt nervous here because the experience was something different to her, the clothing was different, all of the things she had gotten use too was different in a very new thing to her. quietly speaking to herself about the situation."You will be fine Judina, You just have never been to a wedding before, This is nothing to be nervous about." She said kind of calming herself down a bit but the edge was there.

Eventually  a smile would arise from this, Judina sure might have that on edge nerveousness but could easily deal with it at this point now, Soe quietly from where she peacefully hide herself away she would slowly go to where she was told to join all of the other guests.

It were was interesting people around that is for sure,Judina even had to have a double take being sure her eyes weren't playing tricks on her upon seeing a skeleton. What did such do? it was interesting to her, She had question that she would not ask. For the moment she would focuse on finding a place to settle and wait for what was to come. she was still trying to keep it in mind and learn on the go.

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Nastasya Crowe
There were already some people showing up and she better pretend to be the waitress that she was not. Surely she got the job a couple of weeks ago to stay near Odin his side but that didn't matter, she plucked on her green mint coloured dress as she felt a bit too much lovely in this thing. She prevered dark colours, dark red, black, gray or dark blue but at this point this mint colour felt like she stood out. Her short gray hair was tied up in a knot and she would have to make sure that she would be okay with the waiting stuff, this uniform felt weird. But the thing was that it was in the colours of apparently the wedding, light colours, flowerly colours.

Marriage, pathetic as it was, it simply happened and she would have to let it be and see simply what would happen. There was this bar on the side of the chair shwere she kept an eye on everything and everyone. She had to wait for the party to really start before she would actually be able to serve drinks, now she could simply give some of the fruity water or whatever wine and such there would be and of course better alcholic drinks for the people that wanted to stay sober to view the wedding or people that were so desperate that could only view the wedding drunk or tipsy. She hummed a little while keeping an eye on everything for as far as she could.

Mostly she watched Odin but as he had another job for today, she was rather alone, but it was better than walking around serving trays of drinks and food as the groom would want it, he was hard to miss in the crowd, but she didn't know him and that was fine like this, she would simply wait and view a wedding, she wished she could drink because that would be rather pleasant to get through today.


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The Nature's Bonder
It was nerve-wracking to say the least. First time attending to a wedding and to add, most of the people present in it would be completely unknown of her, just as she would of them. The engaged couple wasn't an exception. Though, there was a good reason for her to have come here. Both because she was brought along by friends and due to the great opportunity of meeting people who are friends with her closest friends. It was surely the best chance she had to get to know new faces, to build new bonds and relationships. Staying in contact with many different kinds of people was just another important aspect of being an adventurer. And knowing all of that made her heart thump with adrenaline.

Behind the hand-holding couple of Esperia and Fia would be the elf, carefully taking her own steps behind them as they moved through the tenting area, where the main scene would occur. She firstly looked around, noticing how preparations were still being made, but especially taking sight of at least one familiar figure. That of Alisa. Of course she'd be around, after all, she's very well-known in all of Fiore and to be friends with a lot of people wasn't a surprise to her. She might as well have told the young Sylvaine that she was going to attend the wedding anyway. Sadly, she wouldn't have yet been able to approach her teacher, as she left seconds afterwards, to seemingly head somewhere.

For now, Liana decided to stay near her friends, those that had brought her along. If she didn't, she would have to spend an entire day all alone and that surely didn't sound good. More of the surroundings were captured by her glimmering, yet nervous emerald gaze, noticing just now that the wedding wasn't composed of only humans, but other races and creatures. Be it companions of the ones invited or actual individuals. That didn't make her think too much though. So far, she hasn't had any issue with being an elf to others. No one has insulted or discriminated her for being who she is. Sure, she might not have been born like that, though little did the others know that such was the case.

"It's a really beautiful atmosphere, isn't it, girls?" Liana asked the two as she followed them around, clearly not even thinking about the fact that she might as well be a third wheel in-between them. Probably wasn't a term she even had any knowledge of either way. "The preparations aren't even over, yet everything already looks pretty promising." She chimes, directly glancing over at Esperia with a pleased smile on her face, no more so overly nervous, before adding. "You know the bride, don't you? What is she like?" The elf inquires curiously. It was always good to know who the main personas of the wedding were. For when she gets to meet them, if so, then Liana will be better prepared.
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The Golden Wedding [Invite Only] Weddin11
Dear Trucel De Mont,

Have the package immediately delivered to the wedding in Orchidia. Careful with the dress as it's worth more than your life. Most likely. It's to directly go to Alice. You'll know what she looks like with the picture of her that was sent with the package and papers that you have to sign beforehand.

Sincerly, Káilètte josé de la Phinê Reyfère.

The letter and everything with it was processed, sent and received as she was currently at the wedding. Where was her dear friend Alice? Who was all here? Arisa's golden mirror eyes gazed upon the people that were invited as well. She decided to where a light - almost white - pink dress that showed off her hourglass-like figure. The mermaid style of dresses were great for such things and since she was tall, the dress was made for specifically herself. Being six foot four made it almost impossible to find great clothes and styles in her own size. Sadly, she hasn't seen signs of Noel, making it hard to think a reason he'd be here in the first place. Her blonde hair that was put up bounced upon each step as her chest was snuggled within the cups of the dress, making it so that they won't bounce.

Arisa wondered who the best man and best lady will be. She wasn't one nor any, but she was proud to be one of the most important things in the wedding... The one who made the wedding dress. Her large hips swayed as she walked passed people and with hope no one around really knew her. She was here for Alice, not to make more friends even though it couldn't hurt. With a calm expression she walked towards the tables to see a figure she was happy to see, Lucifer. Her hand grasped onto her small purse and walked to him till she was by an empty chair. ''Greetings, my dear friend.~ Do you mind if I take a seat by you.'' she spoke softly with her foreign accent. She felt happy around him and truthfully, she felt like she could trust him. Mostly after the camp night they had together. He looked so nice in a suit, even for someone who was all skeletal, but even before that happened he did look good in one.
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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was running through his apartment as he needed to get ready fast. It was a big day and Snow had already left to the wedding. He had told her he would be a bit later since he still needed to take a shower before he would leave. He put on his most traditional and nicest outfit. It was a kimono with the symbols of his god on it purely white with the symbols in gold. He would only wear this on special occasions so it would show the hosts that he was there with respect and dignity. He didn’t like parties like these that much since it was all so formal but it was a special day for Kon and Alice two friends of his so he would stick with it. sometimes you just had to bite down and get it over with. He found it a very special day since they would bind themselves forever together and they wouldn’t leave each other’s side anymore. It was a very sared and holy bond between a couple and he hoped he could share it one day with Snow. When she would be ready for it he thought to himself. Once he was done he rushed out of the door towards the party.

The Place was quite nice as tents were pulled up and a lot of people were already walking around the field. He didn’t mind the crowd that much for today but he needed to find Snow between all these people. Most of which he didn’t recognize, although he caught glimpses of Esperia and Alisa two of his guild companions. He knew them well and should talk to them. They both were lovely dressed as well as most other people in the party. Although there was a sore thumb sticking out and that was a lich who was standing in the middle of the party. He looked at it and was quite questioning if he had gone mad or that he was just getting pranked for some practical joke. Who would invite an evil to a glorious wedding? One thing for sure he wouldn’t start a scene on a wedding but he would keep that evil in check just to be sure. If it would try anything it would be dead before it could lift a finger. He should inform snow about this too so that she could prepare herself. He had a hard time finding her, however he wouldn't give up so easily.


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Haru woke up believing it to be yet another day in the flower festival, dreading the repetitive patrolling that he would have to do. However, when he finally put off the alarm and pulled his small notebook to see the schedule, his eyes shot wide open in excitement and merry. It was the day his mentor, Alice Baskerville, was getting married; and it was right there at the festival. Haru had marked the date with a large green marker with the wedding invitation and the subsequent note he received pinned on the side.

Now, he had something to look forward to that day. Moving to his partner’s side of the tent, the healer yelled with child-like enthusiasm. “Hey! Wake up. It’s Alice’s wedding today,” he said, tapping the thick fabric that defined the end of his side and beginning of hers. Once he got some kind of confirmation that she heard him, he would begin to get ready.

He knew going to a wedding wearing his black cloak was not ideal. When he discussed the expected decorum with some of the fellow Rune Knights, he had received a multitude of suggestions, but all of them seemed to agree that black cloak was a bad idea. They told him simple formal attire would do, which was basically what he wore all the time anyway. However, to make it special, he decided to wear a different colour than what he usually did. Luckily, there were several stalls from Joya that sold formal Joyan attire. He had picked up a vibrant purple Kimono, simple grey Hakama and a white Haori to go with it. The set was new, and the crease was crisp; it brought a smile to his face as he felt the soft fabric.

It took him longer than usual to get ready, but in less than an hour, he was set to go. He hoped Akira was ready too and wasn’t still sleeping; that would make them terribly late. Before he exited the tent, he looked around one last time to see if he hadn’t forgotten anything. His eyes fell upon the silver hilt that was next to his bed. He really didn’t wish to carry the wretched weapon to a wedding, but the tent wasn’t the most secure location to leave something dangerous unattended. The last thing he wanted was for some curious kid to come in, pick up the hilt and press the button while looking down into the hilt. That… wouldn’t be pleasant. With a soft sigh, he pointed his hand towards it and the weapon flew to his hand. Guess I can hide it under the belt, he thought as he tucked the hilt under his grey cloth belt. Hopefully the Haori will aid in keeping it hidden and no one would be weirded out that he walked into a wedding, equipped.

It was time to check if Akira was ready and rush her if she wasn’t. “Come on! Don’t tell me you are sleeping still,” he said, desperation obvious his voice. Once she was ready, he would walk with her to the centre of the festival where the event was being held.

It would seem the large tents were still not completely decorated, but they looked fabulous already. There were several guests there already; he didn’t recognize almost any of them, but that was expected. One particular individual caught him completely off guard, however. Haru stopped in his tracks as he shook his head and looked at the skeleton in a suit… It would seem he really wasn’t dreaming. He had heard of the undead, but had never seen one before. At first, he was alarmed at the man’s presence, but after seeing that he was in fact helping with the preparations, he wasn’t sure what to think. Besides, everyone else seemed pretty calm; so, while he was wary, he didn’t wish to make things awkward. One thing was certain, however. He wasn’t going to be sitting next to that one.

At the entrance of the biggest tent stood an exceptionally well-dressed man who had something huge that hung on his back. While Haru had never met the groom before, if he had to take a guess on who it might be, he would have picked this man. He wondered if Akira knew for sure. “Is that the groom?” he asked her.

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Akira Shimada
Days and nights had blurred into one another ever since their departure from the capital. Between all that, they'd hopped across several cities in Fiore, which was apparently a way to ensure there was going to be no major backlash when the undertook the task of rattling the Phantom Lord guild... With that whole ordeal behind them, they were quickly hauled off to the Orchidia festival. Aki had hoped she wouldn't have any real duties to attend to and that she could just relax and use this as a hard-earned vacation, but unfortunately, that wasn't the case... At all.

Between all of these things, she had quite entirely forgotten about the wedding that Alice had in fact mentioned to her, the last time they crossed paths in Crocus. While that encounter had not exactly been pleasant, Aki was wiser now and wasn't holding needless grudges any more, so of course, she did want to go congratulate the woman on finally getting married. The Knights had exchanged stories and Alice had shared a few of the special moments between her and her intended, that were going to lead up to the beautiful union today. Today!

Late nights made for late mornings. She pulled a pillow over her head to ignore the vociferous and insistent eagerness her partner displayed. The Shimada went as far as groaning into the pillow, mumbling that she couldn't give a crap about anyone's wedding or whatever it was. She didn't mean that, sleep was just a rarity these days, between the nightmares and her general tendency to being nocturnal, she slept best in the wee hours of the morning and occasionally into the afternoon, so needless to say, she didn't take kindly to being disturbed. Finally when she stirred and rehashed the information Tsuru had provided, her eyes widened. 'Oh damn, that's today?' she asked rhetorically as she fought with the quilt and sat up.

The young girl was a little grateful that she'd recently visited that tent that had performed a sort of make-over on her. The idea had been to make her look more presentable, to accentuate her natural beauty and such. The people that had fussed over her, were mighty displeased at the way Akira shrouded her features and figure with all that darkness. Once they were done with her, she looked much more... delicate. The stall owner had left her with tips and tricks to look her best when opportunity arose and picked out a few traditional attires for Akira to purchase. Simply unwilling to get into an argument with the lot, she'd complied. While she'd cursed her decision to go in there, it saved her a lot of time today. 'I'm awake, I'm awake, almost ready!'

Akira picked out a deep red dress, with thin golden flowers embroidered on it and a thick black ribbon that went around her waist to accentuate her gentle curve. It still took her a little longer than the healer to get dressed, but to be fair she'd also started later than he had. The two accompanied each other to the wedding, walking side by side to the designated location. Akira was hardly even aware of how substantial the concept of attending an event like this one with someone else was, till they got there. A gentle blush crept up on her cheeks as she realized there were quite a few couples. Tsuru drew attention to the groom, his attire and manner probably gave him up. Upon following the healer's gaze, she nodded in response. Akira had predicted as much upon his introduction when she'd run into the man at the cathedral, in addition to that, she recognized the cross on his back... Perhaps it was a good way to add the concept of faith to their spring wedding, it was still strange that he was carrying the gift here as well.  

Her eyes raked the crowd for other familiar faces. The first person? creature? being? that stole her attention was the dark skeleton with greenish hues around him. A spear of discomfort ran through her heart, but he was seemingly causing no trouble, the least Aki could do was live by her own philosophy and not attach labels to appearances. She had to admit, this was much tougher than most other occasions. Forcefully tearing her gaze away from the lich, she went on to notice Fiammetta walking hand in hand with a smaller woman, she assumed the woman to be Fia's intended and noted to try get a better look later. Right behind the titan, Aki noticed the elf, Liana. She wondered if they'd get a chance to run into them all later on, since she had no intentions of diving into the crowd at the moment. As her gaze roved over the tents, she spotted Liana's mentor, Alisa ducking into one. 'Do you think they need any more help?' she asked, hoping Tsuru would say no. 'I doubt it... Let's just wait for the bride, I guess we shouldn't miss her entrance.' she added, in hopes to encourage agreement.


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Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

Yesterday, at lamplight, Snowflake received a letter. And this wasn’t just any letter, but sealed with a golden stamp. It was dancing idly across the gloved hand of a silver haired woman and more so, it had a familiar name scrawled across the front. Even without having read the letter, the woman seemed to know what was written on the brittle sheet of paper; the invitation to a wedding. Eyes darted across the page as she addressed the message properly and she’d neatly fold it between her fingers once done. Finally—the day has arrived.


The frosty beauty would stare at the mirror and brushed the tangles out of her white silks on her head, gradually learning how to braid it for who knows why. Dawn had long since passed and the young maiden was still not done with her own preparations. With her thumb pressed over her chin, she struggled to decide which dress she should wear for the event. ”Black or white? spoke the female to no one in particular as her eyes flickered back and forth between the two dresses that were hung up in front of her. Her lover had been busy getting ready as well, although he’d informed her before to depart without him.

With an indecisive sign, Snowflake finally settled with the black dress and took no time to ease herself into the clothing. It was apparent that she was content with her own choice, as could be seen from the small smile growing upon her lips while she took a small twirl in front of the mirror. She loved how the colours black and white complimented her well, despite how her favourite tones tend to be earthy or pastel. The dress she’d particularly chosen was flowy; elegant and classy at the same time with her pale shoulders exposed and the slit along the side of the dress accentuated her porcelain legs. When it comes to accessories, Snowflake kept it simple with a choker of the same colour as her dress, paired up with some silver earrings.

Heels clacked against the cold hard ground as the snowy maiden strutted down the hallway. She’d lift up her skirt, careful not to trip on the hem of her clothing whilst it fluttered every step she took. The dresses she owns are her treasures and gold, after all.

”I suppose this is the location.”

The woman glanced beyond her and was greeted by the sight of verdant greenery and numerous tents distributed over the vicinity while the sun shone its golden rays down upon them. Already, she was enjoying the event, especially when she was provided with a nice view of such. It was then she began to notice that quite a number of people have gathered already, which made her wonder if the wedding had begun. Her eyes would instinctively search among the crowds of any familiar face, particularly her lover. In a short distance, she’d catch him wandering aimlessly as she quickly made her way towards him.

”Glad you made it on time. I thought you were going to be late,” she uttered, hoping that it would catch his attention. When he turned around, she’d eye him from head to toe, observing his choice of outfit before nodding in approval. ”You look good.” Everything about his clothing screamed that it was Chelvaric, and though she’d originally been worried that both the pair’s attires might not look well together, she was wrong. While one wore a white kimono embedded with gold ornaments, the other chose the colour of contrast; the most compatible colours of all. She’d hook her hand onto her lover’s arm, while she waited for the bride’s arrival and during that time, all that filled her mind was the unknown groom.  

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Adelaide Sokolov
To be perfectly honest, Alice didn’t like what she saw in the mirror, it was the pale expression that made her look sick, she was probably exaggerating but well that happens when you were afraid of looking sick and that not everything was perfect. Which was mostly in her mind, she was sure that as soon as she stepped out and would see Kon, everything would be forgotten. Probably or something along the lines. It was a couple of days ago that she told herself to relax and that everything would be fine but that didn’t work if you were not ready or well she felt not ready. Her dress had arrived in a perfect state and she was still believing that it looked perfect after her first fitting. Arisa had done a wonderful job and she patted the little white and blue flowers that were on her dress. Her orange hair had been lightly curled and simply draped over her back. It would be a good thing if the first part was just over, she had no idea if she could fix herself well enough and if she was looking good enough but it were just the nerves and everything as well. She looked through the reflection at Hecate who sat on a couch behind her playing with both of the twins while Ceres was there as well. Everything would be fine but Hecate caught her eye and smiled, reassuring her that indeed everything was fine. That’s when the door opened and she heard her maid of honour, thank god Alisa was here. ”I think I’m too nervous, I feel like the minute I stand up, I would fall over again.” But she was dying to see Kon as well, she had not seen him in two days and she had arrived here very early so she wouldn’t see him, she had only comment on the workers to please fix the flowers but well she had not laid her eyes on it yet. It could only go well, right? ”How does it look? Is everything fine? I mean..” She took a deep breath and gave Alisa an apologetic smile, everything would be fine.

Soon enough she would calm down and get a hand to fix her veil before she would be completely ready to go. They allowed no one else but Hecate, Ceres, the twins and of course Alisa in here but they had to make an exception as Hecate couldn’t take care of two babies at the same time. At first she had wondered if it was smart to bring her children but it had to be a happy memory and they needed to be there. So with his eyes closed Jupiter was allowed to come in shortly, take Anton and leave again with Ceres, where after shortly Hecate left with Tanya to get a seat in the crowd, somewhere in the front row. Perhaps it had been not all too smart to invite multiple knights, Rune Knight or Holy but she was sure it was busy and she felt the courage sink even lower in her shoes. Normally she never even had a problem with this but so many things could go wrong. She wanted to see the tent, the flower arrangements, the people but most of all her husband-to-be.

Finally she heard the music and let Alisa see if everything was ready for her, if people sat down and waiters or waitresses were on the side, she felt afraid she would stumble, thank god she had not picked a dress with a train so that made it easier, the veil was simply lace so it wouldn’t be that difficult and her tiara made out of pearls, beads and little white flowers was fine holding up too. She took the bouquet. Gave Alisa one last look and finally a smile before she would get out of her tent and walk towards the altar. Where she saw Kon and she couldn’t stop grinning. She walked alone, no one to give her away, they had not found her father, nor her sister or Selena but she wasn’t alone, she had her family, her own family waiting for her right there. She actually had no eyes for anyone else but Kon. Where she had wanted to see the flower arrangement, the people there, she would see it later, when she could focus on anything else. Until she finally arrived at the altar herself, she could look at the priest, which she recognized from Magnolia, as that was per her request, so Jerad would marry them.

Wedding dress:

Made by Arisa <3
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At a steady pace guests arrived to the wedding. There were some that he knew, others he did not. All seemed well however as he past his gaze towards each of the newcomers entering the tent. None had shown outward hostility towards his best man, the lich whom he saw as a friend while others saw a monster. While he would have liked to greet each of them individually a simple glance towards them and a casual nod to each of them would have to suffice for now instance. The change of his initial plan to greet each of them had been brought about by the priest who would be presiding over the wedding ceremony whom appeared flustered and otherwise downright nervous.

The holy figure could be seen twisting on his collar looking around visible all from across the tent. It was clear that something was a problem, wanting to reassure the man he pardon himself from the guests he was talking to before strolling down towards the altar. “Something the matter, Father?” He softly said wishing to aid the man of any problem. “Ah, good it’s you, Oh no, there’s no problem, I was just hoping you’d be here before the bride showed up.” The religious figure responded nervously.

Though he would have liked to follow up by what the priest had meant exactly, his voice became drowned out by the choir positioned to his right. The start of the music had begun something that would have no chance of stopping, the wedding itself. As the bride herself was yet to be seen and wanting to ensure an honourable presence rather than that of a religious zealot Kon removed the cross from his back and planted it behind the priest. While neither of them were heavily religious such prominent symbolism of a gigantic silver cross towering over them would be something that could not be overlooked.

With the Cross secured behind the priest, He moved towards the predefined location before giving himself a final pat down and readjustment. It was at this point with his fists wrapped around one another in front of him with legs wide apart he looked up to see a crowd of both familiar and unknown faces who should be all sitting down in front of him as prompted by the music itself and his presence at the front of the altar. It was no long until the distinct crimson hair only found on Alice and her sister could be seen bouncing behind the heads of the crowd sitting down to his right. Her entire stunning appearance only took moments to come into his view causing a glowing smile to grow upon his face.

In that very moment her beauty was his only focus ignoring even the music from his senses. It was only until she came into reach that the realisation truly struck him, he would be marrying the love of his life. Time appeared to have slowed down as the choir diminished in volume until but a small child remained ended on a low note. This would mark the beginning of the vows to be taken between the couple and the priest.

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Despite being sat relatively close to the altar itself: on one of the first rows due to his importance in the event, Odin's body was constantly on a swivel. He was making his presence known, not necessarily staying in his seat as he made sure everything was running smoothly. His eyes followed everyone who entered the main tent, mostly to see who was familiar to him and who wasn't. For the longest time, there was only one who's face he knew, although she wouldn't know his. Not having changed at all, Alisa was still as beautiful as the day Odin had met her, and her dress only amplified that natural beauty. Despite not being one for attraction, seeing little reason for it in his current state, Odin could say with certainty that she was beautiful. And she would have no idea who he was, which was honestly the best way it count be at this stage. Perhaps she'd find out later on over the course of the day, but the longer she didn't, the less time Odin had to worry about being stabbed with tiny crystal shards over and over again.

After some time spent moving through the guest, Alisa left, reducing the number of faces Odin knew to simply Kon's, and of course Lilja's, who was working at the nearby bar, ready to serve the guests as they came to her. Honestly, Odin didn't know if she cared for weddings or events such as these, but this was the easiest way to keep an eye on her. After all, she was technically an employed member of the Swineherd Pub, might as well earn her keep during her tenure, however long it would be.

The guests all came in varying outfits, from suits to dresses to some in kimonos and other such fancy garbs. One such fancily dressed individual, wearing pinks and blues, seemed to basically fall directly in front of Odin, who was at this moment checking on the food tables to make sure everything was prepared and neatly sitting. The girl seemed to be collecting her companion, who had beelined directly towards the food. Realising her folly, she apologised for the disturbance and bowed, causing Odin to say the first proper words to any of the guests that he had so far, in his deep, hollow voice, "No harm done, don't worry about it. Enjoy your day." Part of him couldn't help but add in the last part as he made his way back to his seat, as he was still technically working for the event.

As he manoeuvred his way through the crowds, his eyes spotted and made note of the interesting people who entered the tent. For one, it seemed as though he could see some elves walking around. A male and a female, both slightly taller than the average men and women walking around. He couldn't catch their faces, as they were lost in the sea of people, but their ears certainly captured his attention, if only to make a mental note of the kinds of people he'd likely have to interact with. After all, elves weren't overly fond of darkness, so it was unlikely any of them would want to converse with a being that personified it.

Finally, a welcome face appeared in the form of Arisa, who approached as if from out of nowhere to request the seat next to Odin's, which he was more than happy to give, "Of course Arisa, looking radiant as always." His choice of radiant, given Arisa's race as a literal fucking angel, made Odin chuckle slightly, as he felt slightly more relaxed by Arisa's presence. Finally, someone here that doesn't want to kill me, he thought, unable to help himself. While he doubted Kon or Alice would try it, the fact that Odin was a contract killer with Alice being his target made the whole dynamic slightly awkward, if only to the one who knew all the secrets.

The brief silence, and the music that followed, signified the beginning of the proceedings. Kon stood at the front of the altar, amusingly in front of a priest that Odin knew only too well: Father Jerad from Magnolia, likely a friend to whoever it was that Odin had brutally murdered during a sermon in the very same church. Having worked for Jerad once before, the two were acquainted, if by acquainted Odin admitted that Jerad effectively soiled himself upon their first meeting. Currently, whether it was because he was distracted or because he hadn't actually seen the Lich yet, he was calm, but Odin suspected that would change eventually.

Another thing that Odin noted was the big, fuck off cross that stood behind the priest: an ominous if somewhat appropriate item for the wedding. The cross was a weapon of Kon's, who had slung it over his back before now. If he hadn't taken that damn cross off his back already, by god I would've punched him so hard... His mind trailed off for a moment, as he then noticed the bride herself approaching the altar, looking dazzling in a white dress, which contrasted heavily with her long auburn hair. By this point, the wedding had begun in earnest, with everyone taking their seats to hear the exchange of vows, or whatever it was people did at these events.


Spotted Alisa
Interacted with Zhu-Lin briefly
Allowed Arisa to sit with him
Noticed the elves present (Liana and Chel)
Thought that Kon getting married with Punisher on his back was something Odin would slap the bitch for even attempting if he had


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WORDS: 740 | TAG: @alice, @esperia | MAID OF HONOR | LUMEN

Alice allowed her entry, and indeed not many people had this previlege. To see Alice before the grand presentation, to see this proud, confident woman in an understandably - if endearing - nervous wreck in the wake of the brightest moment of her life... Few had the chance to see and sympathize with her, and do their best to bring out her A-game. She'd fret over every little crease in her dress for the next few moments to come, but Alisa had confidence, the moment she saw the father of her children all smooth handsome in his stylish suit, she'd have eyes for nobody else but him:

"You have nothing to worry about, everything's just perfect. And everything will stay perfect~", reassured the maid of honor with a little understanding nod, winking playful and lightheartedly, "You look ravishing; When he sees you, he'll most certainly fall in love all over again~"

She doubted anybody would have the gall to try and ruin her friend's wedding on purpose, but Alisa kept her eyes peeled for those who might do so accidentally. At least until the most critical part of the ceremony had passed successfully, everything ought remain impeccable, absolutely flawless. Alisa shouldered half the burden of that responsibility, whereas the best man bore the other half. Speaking of whom, Alisa had yet to even meet this best man or even learn of his identity. Surely when he stood up to take the groom's side just as she would the bride's, they would finally get a chance at a somewhat formal introduction.

With everything seemingly alright on the bride's end, Alisa's next mission gave her the simple objective of checking if everything looked perfect to welcome her.

Quite a couple of new arrivals had shown up since her minute absence, familiar faces such as Snowflake and Esperia, Liana and Akira... She even spotted Arisa speaking to the skeleton man, and Hyoen tending to his bird. Clearly she'd need to mingle sooner rather than later, find out what all of her friends had gotten up to since she'd last seen them... For now though, Alisa greeted them in the only way her more pressing role allowed: Smile and wave. She'd leave it to Lumen to carry out that part, and the little lamp creature turned late teenager quickly drifted over to Esperia's location with a girly cheer in her step, promptly greeting the girl with a friendly hug. Fia and Liana - whoever stood nearby to be identified as Espy's close friends - would get a hug as well.

After having a little chuckle at her partner's expense, Alisa considered this brief scouting mission a dashing success. She retreated just enough to ensure she'd be the first person to see Alice and how the bride would see her maid of honor first and foremost... All so she could flash the girl her brightest smile, giving her one final thumbs up before finally returning to the room in earnest.

Before the bride made her appearance though, Alisa needed the first row seats her position entitled her to...

With the absence of her plus one and her own role as the maid of honor, she wound up taking the seat closest to the altar, gracefully crossing her legs and resting her hands over her lap. Now, for the first time since hearing about this wedding, did Alisa truly see the answer to that second mystery, right as it unveiled itself before her. Or rather, he sat beside her, right across the isle. Who was the best man? She'd never seen him before, had she? Surely she'd remember meeting someone so... Bony...

She knew not the man's real identity, but even if she did she'd never stoop so low as judging him by his race as opposed to the his character. Thus, she simply flashed that charming smile as she turned his way, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear as it came loose. Just like the rest of her friends and acquaintances, she'd have a proper chance to speak to him soon. For now though, she kept her eyes firmly set on the altar, just as the bride soon presented herself before the crowd, stunningly clad in pure white.

That look suited a family woman like herself, perhaps far more than she'd give herself credit for.

Strength is also Beauty

"Love blooms brightest in spring~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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Noel Raion


A dark visage of a man appeared within the small crowd that had gathered within the area. A man draped in a shroud of darkness made himself visible to others. Not by choice of course, but it was his height that made him stand out. His height caused all eyes across the room to focus on him. They didn't know that it wasn't his intention to stand out, this day wasn't about him, but about another couple. One that he had met a few years ago, during an adventure. His memories of that day were foggy, but simple details allowed him to be aware of this wedding happening. Mainly from Arisa reminding him every other day.

Since he's heard the name Konstantin before, he gave in and decided to visit. Of course, the hero of our story had forgotten about this wedding until he stumbled upon it. A quick visit to a nearby thrift store allowed him to enter the party wearing a fancy fur coat. His clothes under the coat were black, as were his pants. His large muscles couldn't be hid under the coat of course, he could make his pecs dance if he wanted to, and rip out of his shirt with relative ease. Amidst the crowd he could hear the blood from his coat drip on the floor. Hoping that nobody will notice, Noel made his way into a bathroom and cleaned the blood of his newly acquired fur coat. That was after greeting the oh-so many guard dogs that were around.

Roughly twenty wolves were skinned in order to make his coat, it'd surely be a waste if he allowed blood to soak into it. He took it off, and started to wash it in the bathroom sink. Noel noticed a window to his left before after he entered from the right.

Some pro animal organisation splashed a bucket of blood at his fur coat when his arrival at the marriage location. This complemented Noels cigarette, and cognac stench that practically held him hostage from social contact.

It wasn't going to be too surprising to find out that someone had followed him to the bathroom, security perhaps. If that was the case, he'd explain the situation and return to the party if they let him. Not after causing a large ruckus about his ruined coat however...

#20Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
”Heh. My prayers were heard,” he mumbled to himself as he saw more and more people arrive at the tent. Apart from the groom - the blonde knight Kon - and the soon-to-arrive bride, he spotted a floating skeleton somewhere. It was likely attached to a skeleton body wearing a nice suit like him, but was it empowered magically? Was it a living being or was he hallucinating? “They have some funny friends, eh,” he commented as a finger stroked across Coda’s forehead, “But still a good amount that I recognize.” He would wave over at Alisa with her adorable, bluish dress, and for a brief moment, he also saw an even more familiar face - it was Arisa, and truth be told, he hadn’t seen her in quite a while. What a merry opportunity it was to gather old and new friends to such an event.

Now… she, who invited him in the first place, finally made her presence known. It was likely one of the highlights of this wedding - to see the bride make her way to the altar where Kon was waiting for her. Daiko did his best to memorize the traditions that he was able to summarize during what he saw and experienced… was he supposed to wear that huge thing on his back, though?

He would have either gone and greet some of his friends, but anxiety mixed with excitement kept him from even standing up. It was probably considered rude given that Alice was making her way now. And uh, surprisingly, Coda was even calmer than him now. The feathery creature could fathom the meaning of this day, what it meant for her favorite pet owner and for the lucky knight with the weird, large object on his back…

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone was a fish out of water.

She had, in all of her twenty years, only been to one other wedding in her life. A friend of her surrogate father had decided to settle down and marry, so in the interest of showing a much younger Fia a spectacle that - surely - every young girl would adore, Baldo had taken his eldest daughter to the event. Fiammetta remembered little of it, but new she'd found it boring as anything and had set out to be a little menace to the wedding on the day. To conclude, given that Fia's only experience with the pinnacle of romantic affairs was when she was a dumb little brat, she wasn't feeling too comfortable at this grandiose function.

Yet, it was probably still a good idea for her to get used to them.

"Alice, huh? Wait, ain't I already met - Nah, shit, that was Alisa... Damn Princess, ya sure as hell ain't short on friends, are ya?" Fia replied to her lover as they wandered toward the grounds, wondering how many of these people Esperia already knew. And how many would be attending their own upcoming wedding, which they had yet to even begin planning.

Her eyes hurriedly swept over the guests, feeling her nerves intensify with every spiff suit or gorgeous gown she spotted. Fanciful events like this were far from Fia's scene, and an odd sense of dread began to rise inside her as she pondered on if she'd even be ready for something like this on her own big day. All the glimmering jewels and decorations, all the flashy guests, all the delicate food... It was almost overwhelming to the simple Barone lass. How amusing it was, that a girl who'd looked demons in the face and thought to crush them beneath her boot, was more intimidated by the thought of her own wedding.

She took a deep breath to calm herself, before raising her eyes to once again look through the guests, hoping to see somebody she knew to remind herself that this wasn't as big a deal as she was making it be in her mind. In her scanning, Fia found her eyes stopping on a certain bony guest. "Huh... Ain't ever seen one of those before..." She huffed in amusement. Fia would've thought her first time seeing a lich would be a bit scarier, but really, the sight of a skeleton in a nice suit just kind of tickled her.

Glancing to her side, it seemed Esperia was dealing with Asmodeus, from what Fia could tell, so the Barone girl did not interfere. She wasn't particularly fond of the demon who inhabited her fiance, after all. The Titaness was starting to hope she had her own companion there. Even if Salem was a colossal jackass, at least his commentary would be amusing.

A squeeze against her hand preceded Esperia pointing it was their turn next. That eager smile of hers alone was enough to alleviate some of Fiammetta's nerves. "Better make sure ya catch that bouquet then, else someone else might sneak in before us." Fia joked, though did wonder if any of their other acquaintances might be tying the knot anytime soon.

Behind them, their elven friend spoke up, pointing out the atmosphere. Fia wasn't at all surprised to see Liana enjoying the function with innocent wonder. "I'll admit, it's kinda impressive... Shit, how long did this all take to plan?" Fia groaned, her mind once again drifting to her own big day, distant thought it might have been. Liana inquired about this 'Alice', and while Esperia answered, Fia looked to the crowds again, spotting other friends among them.

And lo and behold, there was Fia's favorite tactician couple attending. Fia didn't actually know if they were a couple, but was pretty damn certain they were meant for one another. Two nerds in a pod, they were. If she caught their gaze, Fia raised a hand to wave to them, smiling heartily.

There was also Esperia's senior, Alisa. A woman toward whom Fia held great gratitude for dealing with hellspawn that dwelled within Esperia. Nodding in her direction, Fia would soon spot Alisa's companion bounding over to them, shortly before awkward hugs of greeting would be shared.

Moments later, music cued the beginning of the ceremonies, and Fiammetta looked to Esperia, holding her hand tightly as she let herself be guided to wherever it was they should be seated. Fia didn't know much about the processions, after all, so would leave that to her lover. Regardless, they'd doubtlessly soon find their seats, where they'd watch as the bride revealed herself in stunning pure white.

All Fia could think of was how the hell she was gonna pull off that look when her own day came...

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Zhu-Lin Feng
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The girl had only stared as the lich had spoken a few words to her in his deep voice, and she hadn't really been expecting him to respond. Things seemed to be going according to plan, and as she had finally gotten a firm grasp on her companion, she had started looking for a place to sit. It would be quite rude to be wandering around and not paying attention during this big day, and she needed to figure out what she was going to do before all of the seats were taken. She looked around for a moment before seeing an open seat next to a darker skinned man. She made sure that the seat hadn't been reserved for someone else before sitting down, then turning to him and giving a bright warm smile. She set Venus down on her lap and he laid down comfortably, getting snuggled up and ready to sleep. She didn't have any problem with him going to sleep, as it would mean that he wouldn't cause trouble and embarrass his owner the way he normally did. She really did need to find his real owner soon, as he was way too much to handle. She waited and watched as everything was falling into place, and things were going to start soon. "Oh my gosh I'm so excited to see this," she said in Sinese just loud enough for only the closest to hear. She didn't really want anyone to hear her childish remarks but it was always too hard for her to stay quiet, considering she was a performer.
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Theo Kaguya
TK wasn't really sure what to do when he arrived at the wedding as it was his first one attending but by the group of people that have gathered seemed like he wouldn't be a blip on the radar but then again with the number of people that where already here things could get really loud once things began. He played with his navy blue tie as he stood against the wall Everyone looks so cool and awesome in their suites and dresses I can only image what Alice and her Husband looks like he thought trying to ease his nerves. The young knight walked around for a bit as some of the guests looked rather frightening compared to that well still had their skin and stuff but hey everyone is different well that's what his mother and father told him growing up. There didn't seem to be anyone that he knew was around or was invited anyway but that wouldn't stop him from meeting some new people even if most of them seemed a tad intimidating to be around or just creepy to be around.

TK pulled out his notepad and started to write down everyone and everything that he saw around him down to the last chair. I still haven't seen Alice's husband I hope he's not scary or anything, he thought writing down his thoughts. Even though he didn't really know anyone that was there the odd feeling that someone was watching him was which had started to become a common thing when he gets into his writer zone. "Oh no I forgot a gift for them! What should I do...Oh I got it!" he muttered while still writing things down.


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They certainly had gone all out to transform the large tent into a grand stage for the wedding, something the obsidian-haired trickster could admire, for when Liana commented about the place looking beautiful she nodded her head in agreement, a soft hum escaping her lips. "It certainly looks really pretty~"

Meanwhile her fiance commented on the bride's identity, the fact she had nearly mistaken Alice for Alisa earning a chuckle out of the girl. She couldn't blame her for making that mistake, in the end, there were Alice, Alisa and Arisa... just those three names would already confuse anyone out there! However, in a rather adorable gesture the girl raised her free hand and used her fingers to count something, but when she reached five she grinned sheepishly and declared in amusement. "Let's say I have a lot of friends~"

However, on the subject of Odin it seemed Fia shared the same amusement as Asmodeus, unlike the obsidian-haired trickster who felt her body still shaking slightly as it was trying to come to terms with the fact such a powerful undead being was among them. No doubt the result of her origins and upbringing.

Still, Fia's playful remark about catching the bouquet made the girl's eyes go alit with a blaze of excitement, declaring with a grin. "I'll catch it! I might be short but I can jump really high when needed!" Of course, she couldn't help but sneak a bit closer to Fia and whisper in a more mischievous tone. "Or I can climb on top of you~ Or do you prefer the other way I climb onto you? Sadly that has to wait till later~"

Nonetheless, when Liana suddenly asked about the bride Esperia raised a hand to her cheek and pondered for a moment. "Alice? Well let's see..." She thought back about their first meeting, how she was rather kind yet stubborn back then. "She's a kind person, but also really stubborn! She also is a bit crazy, because she was still doing her duties as a knight even while being pregnant! I'm surprised she got away with that, did her subordinates think she became fat instead?"

The girl mused softly, a bit confused on the matter. "But she is also a pretty just person who fights for what she believes in." A sheepish grin lingered on her lips, clearly not the best person to describe others when finally another greeting happened. "Lumy incoming!"

The girl declared playfully as Alisa's companion arrived to happily give the three of them a hug. "I'm glad to see you again Lumy~" Of course, she knew Lumen didn't actually speak like a human did, but she still was fond of this affectionate greeting. Raising her free hand she ruffled the shapeshifted girl's head gently right before they were led toward their seats for the start of the ceremony.

Just as expected: Alice did truly look great in white. Although Esperia had to admit that she was feeling guilty about something: as the ceremony began she couldn't help but snuggle closer against her fiance and daydream about the day it would be their turn. Would white look just as amazing on them as it did on Alice?

To be a classy lewdling you got to be:

Elegant, Tempting, Adorable.

"And a hopeless little pervert~"
- Esperia & Asmodeus

credit to nat of adoxography.


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It seemed slowly she would gain her thoughts and composure to how to deal with this situation personally. settling to remember to just stay calm and just be herself after all was not much else she could do in a group of people whom she did not know and really did not seem too bothered in with remembering that she was here in the end mostly under the request of one and everyone else was most likely the same so there was some common ground in mind.

So with that now in mind she would finally go find a place to sit with the battle of her thoughts over realizing she had just been standing still for no reason at all but it seemed no one had noticed her or had spoken to her that Judina had noticed.

Aside from the skeleton man it seemed more and more people were staring to come in. All that were equally as interesting, Even Arisa herself was here. Showed that people she knew could be the same as her but never taken into account to herself personally with it, Even if that in the end she did feel ready and in fact her mind pointed it out ot her now.

Such attire to her was still weird for her to wear she felt strange, like a vastly different person then she normally was, quickly getting over and dealing with that Judina would slowly move on to where she would settle and go do as such. The steps would be slow because such the outfit was a bit longer then her robe, Judina was more worried she would maybe catch a part of her dress some where and maybe either tear it, trip herself or a few various other thoughts upon her mind that she had in her mind while she was walking slowly.

She was considering her options of where to sit, does she risk her paranoid thoughts of walking and maybe embarrassing herself in some almost impossible manner that she realize was her just over thinking it. While the only person she knew in range was busy talking to skeleton man Judina figured maybe she would find a place maybe close by a few people she did not know but enough space that if she was alone by herself it would not be a problem, a mix of both just to seem like it was not overly sad manner sitting alone.

It had not been too much longer in her mind and in reality time wise for Judina to make up her mind on where to sit, Just one spot that was empty row just behind some people but she had not taken note of whom they where, mostly because she was trying to think out how comfortable sitting in this simple dress was and what else was going to happen, She was still clueless to a wedding only one she heard off with in her family she was never around for.

But none the less she still managed to just simply sit quietly and sitting with her arms crossed and one of her legs on top of the other she slowly settled and for now waited for what else was to come into her path.

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