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Fetch Me This and That [Quest: Andromeda]

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Fetch Me This and That [Quest: Andromeda] Empty on Thu May 17, 2018 2:23 pm

Laughter filled the bar as Andromeda downed a beer, listening to the town drunk as he spun a story about a golden haired lass that could take down ten sharks while wearing high heels and a dress. His delivery of the story was what made it a treasure. She found herself chuckling along with the rest of the folks in the bar and having a merry old time as the drinks were flowing and everyone was just having a good time. The weather as of late had been messy, too messy to do any real work without being soaked to the bone. That didn't stop Andromeda on most cases, even today she would find herself eventually at the request board if the rain let up just a little bit. " Spring showers eh? " A voice pulled her attention and she nodded when she recognized that it belonged to Maria. Maria was someone who hung around the inn's bar and drank with Andromeda, kept her company. At first Andromeda wouldn't give her the time or the day but the blue haired girl grew on her. " Yea, just wish it was a little less shower and maybe a bit more sprinkle. " The two shared a laugh and spoke on the festival that everyone seemed to be talking about.

" I'm thinking of making a trip to orchidia, just for the festival. I hear they are selling some great food and top shelf booze. Maybe I'll pick up on of those festival kimonos. You should join me. You can't stay cooped up in oak, it's bad for your mental health I'm tellin ya. " Maria's voice sounded genuine in it's concern but Andromeda didn't have time for fun and games, she needed to make this money and start prepping herself for a one way trip out of fiore. She had come to terms that she needed to fully leave her life behind. She had lost her family, didn't have any real friends or anyone she particularly loved, and she lost the grace of her god which was the only thing that kept her going in the happy way that she was. Fiore was just a waste land to her, a place for her to drink her problems away. She couldn't pick up the pieces and move on from what happened to her. She wasn't strong enough to do that and she knew it. Andromeda figured that if she started a new life elsewhere she could at least live more peacefully than she was now. Looking out the window of the bar she noticed the rains had stopped. Finishing off the rest of her beer she paid her tab and told Maria she would see her later on tonight. Walking out the bar she made her way to the request board. The roads were slick with rainwater and everything took on a shiny, clean look. The board was full as usual and Andromeda picked the first thing her hand touched. Looking at the request it looked to have been there for awhile as the paper was browned slightly and looked worn. But what was on the paper caused Andromeda to really question if she wanted to take it.



Fetch Me This and That [Quest: Andromeda] Empty on Thu May 17, 2018 3:05 pm

The request that she happen to pluck off the board didn't have a name, or rather there wasn't anyone she could identify as the maker of this request. The request was also more of a scavenger hunt type of thing or like a list of just things being asked of her to find. It was sketchy, she could have looked for all these things and not even be paid. Did she really have time to take a gamble? Did she really wanna follow a rabbit down a seemingly endless hole that could possibly lead to nowhere? " I guess I should start with the light stuff first.. " Even if she would come up empty handed she could at least attempt to sell some of the stuff that she was about to " find " but really she was just gonna steal it. The first thing she was being asked to get was an old plant. It was vague at most and she had many questions. Should the plant be potted? What kind of plant? Did it even matter at this point? She was making this far harder than it needed it to be. She needed to move before that damn rain came back and made this request harder than it should be. Stuffing the list in her jacket pocket she began walking down the street, looking around toward windows and stores as if she wasn't up to something dubious. Her wanderings led her to a alleyway and in that alleyway she eyed a potted plant sitting outside of a window. It would take a little foot work but she was able to grab the plant. It was a nice little plant that seemed to be taken well care of and she was almost a little sad to take it from its owner but she did it anyway.

Next on the list was some burnt wood. That was easy, she could burn wood on her own and off she went to do just that. Andromeda would find herself in the forest pulling some branches and the like into a pile to burn. It didn't take long for her to have some freshly burnt wood but it did dawn on her that she wasn't gonna be able to carry her next item unless she had something to carry it in. Once the wood was nice and burned she put out the fire waited for the wood to cool and collected it. Taking her haul back to town she found herself trading a few jewels for a wheel barrel to hold all the things she collected it. She knew where to get the last item which was a large chunk of metal and soon found that it lay in the garbage area of a blacksmith. Now she had all the items on the list and made haste to the location of delivery. She would find a woman there who didn't believe anyone was stupid enough to take up the request. Andromeda was informed that it wasn't even a real request but threw some jewels her way anyway for the effort and the entertainment. Andromeda didn't care, she was paid.

- exit -

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