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Experimental Hexes [Quest: Andromeda]

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Experimental Hexes [Quest: Andromeda] Empty on Tue May 15, 2018 7:35 pm

Why did it have to rain today? Looking out the window she slipped a hand between the thick window curtain and pushed it back to reveal the downpour of rain from the sky as if a god somewhere was angry that he wasn't inhabiting a certain someone's body. Andromeda smirked at the thought but it was wishful thinking. As annoyed as she was with the rain she had a great sleep and a wonderful dream full of a man with chocolate skin and ivory hair, and that man was Teiho. A knock on her door pulled her out of her own thoughts and gliding over to it she smiled when she was greeted by a server. She had called for her breakfast to be brought up and watched him wheel it in and leave. Pouring herself a cup of coffee she strolled her glowing self back to the window, the beating of the rain lulling her back into her thoughts while the heat of the coffee stimulated her senses. She would have to find that man eventually. The last she saw of him was in a critically wounded state and she had been with him for so long that she lost favor with her god. She waited for him to awaken from that coma but he never did and she couldn't continue to wake and so she left him. It hurt her to think about it because she never turned back, never checked to see if he came back to the world of the living.

Taking another sip of her coffee she furrowed her brow and pulled herself from the window, placing the now empty coffee cup on a table. She would make her way back to him one day, just to see if he pulled through but for now she needed to make more money, she should at least be rolling in jewels, at least say she had been doing something with her life if he had awakened. Hopping in a warm bath she let herself soak in it, let her hands and thoughts wander until her body tensed up and relaxed. This is what she needed, a release to start her day right. Slipping out of the shower and drying off, Andromeda would dry her hair and place it in it's usual ponytail. Grabbing some clothes consisting of a dark grey shirt, some black jeans, and a pair of black and white sneakers she would dress herself. Today she would try to take on at least three requests. She had been slacking recently and she needed to catch up on money that she would have earned had she been on top of things. Quickly eating a modest breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, and some more coffee she would leave her room and head out the door of the inn. Outside the rain had stopped and she was thankful for it. Now her day would go just a tad bit easier without it pouring all over her and making a wet mess of things.



Experimental Hexes [Quest: Andromeda] Empty on Tue May 15, 2018 8:38 pm

Andromeda would walk out into the sunshine with a glow on her face and a pep in her step. A night without drinking sure made for some better mornings. With all this energy and not a lick of hung over sluggishness she actually thought about putting down the bottle for a moment. The thought itself was just a fucking laugh but it popped into her head anyway. It would probably help her attitude and outlook on life if she didn't try to hide what she was feeling behind a bottle of liquid death. But what else was she gonna do? She couldn't talk to anyone about this because everyone who she was acquainted with was off doing their own thing and the one person who she called something of a friend was in a fucking coma. These thoughts muddled her good mood and soon she was at the request board plucking one off and taking a look at it. She didn't even care what it was, she was just so frustrated at that she upset her self in such a short amount of time. Everything was going great the day was just fine until her own thoughts created a raincloud over her day and turned it upside down. But she wouldn't show it, not today she wouldn't. She was gonna bite that bullet right now and head to her destination which just happen to be another trip o Doctor Stephan Mabuz.

She had met the good doctor Stephan Mabuz before and he creeped her out but that didn't matter he needed help and she needed work. Making her way to his shop she was greeted by him standing at the counter as usual. " Ah back again, you are a busy little bee aren't you miss? " He smiled widely and pulling out two pieces of paper with writing on them. " I can only assume correctly that you are here for work and if that is so I need you to test these hexes out on anyone really it matters not. Just make sure the person is in view. All you need is to say the word on the paper and watch them, see what happens, and report it to me.. Have fun. " Andromeda took the papers from the doctor and made her way out of the shop. Walking down the street she noticed a mother yelling loudly at her crying child. That didn't sit well with Andromeda and she decided she found her first test subject. " Stimuli " She would mutter the word under her breath, the woman envisioned in her mind. A few moments past but the woman stopped screaming and she looked to be very uncomfortable which kept her quiet. The next word she would mutter under her breath was "Decrepify" aiming the hex at the same woman after watching her drag her child away, walking at nearly twice the speed of the child. It took a moment but it caused the woman to limp, slowing her down significantly and bringing a smile to Andromeda's face. " That'll show you.. " With the information gathered she reported to the doctor Stephan mabuz and collected her payment.



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