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Chaos in the streets, phantoms in the sheets [Open]

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Chaos in the streets, phantoms in the sheets [Open] Empty on Tue May 15, 2018 4:32 pm


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Where the hell had her elder brother gone to? Ever since they arrived at Orchidia she had found herself separated from him but this obviously meant she was about to enjoy the festivities to its fullest. To others, it might have looked odd, the sight of all those people wearing the festive outfits while she was wearing her traveler coat. It was mildly annoying that her brother often reminded her to wear the coat, mostly because her appearance made it so easy to draw her attention. The whole red markings that pulsed on her cheek, arms and legs the white hair and her red eyes... to say that she stood out among a crowd would have been quite an understatement.

Passing several vendor stalls a bunch of snacks and fruits were being sold currently, but one, in particular, had drawn her attention. A man was selling fruit-shaped sweets, candy apples perhaps? Judging from how many people were eagerly gathering around to buy food made her think it was quite delicious, and obviously, she wanted to try one herself also.

Allowing a shadowy tendril to lower beneath her cloak she walked past the vendor stand while the tendril shifted among the edge of the crowd, a nimble sweep of the shadowy tendril grasping a candy apple when all of a sudden the merchant noticed an apple was missing, causing him to look around in bewilderment before he exclaimed loudly. "Who stole that candy apple?!"

Hearing his bewilderment as she walked past the crowd the moment the candy apple emerged in her coat she raised it to her mouth and took a soft chew from it, the taste of it making her cheeks flush lightly while she whispered excitedly.
"Tsukiko thinks this apple is the best apple Tsukiko ever sampled~"

Or perhaps she was merely enjoying the fact she had done a little sleight of hand trick with her magic? Of course, an observant mage might have noticed her actions, but for a simple ordinary merchant, it was way too much.

"Tsukiko wonders if Tsukiko will find anyone interesting today. According to the rumors, Fiore is a place full of interesting groups and people, but Tsukiko has yet to meet one..."

Another little chew followed of the apple as she looked around, seemingly wanting to figure out if there was anything worthwhile to pursue. Then again, considering there was a hooded figure walking among the crowds might have made her rather easy to spot, especially when a wind breeze briefly blew her hood backward, revealing the white-haired girl was enjoying the little treat she had snatched from the candy merchant but mere moments earlier.

"Hmm, Tsukiko wonders where Nii-chan disappeared to this time... Maybe Nii-chan found a rare sword and is arguing with the merchant that a katana is too precious to be hung on a wall for some noble to enjoy. That sounds quite a lot like him."

It certainly sounded a lot like him, but perhaps his absence would be the reason she would be able to meet some interesting people today.

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#2Ri Brighte 

Chaos in the streets, phantoms in the sheets [Open] Empty on Wed May 16, 2018 11:49 am

Ri Brighte
As the mage walked through the faire gates, once again, he couldn't help but think about the days that have passed. For a few solid days, he didn't do absolutely nothing. No quests, no festival, and no socialization. Blasphemous, right? This being- created for the sole purpose to speak, was not in the mood for such.

Instead, he read. And for the couple of days that he was stuck inside his room, he had finished about four books, and started another one. It was when he started looking for other ones, that he realized that he needs to exit his room. He didn't mind. The whole reason he remained inside was that he forgot he had to get out. He didn't feel alone, not when he read, no. He got to meet new characters- characters which he could then impersonate, and bring his favorite fantastical book to life.

But, with all of that said, he decided that today was the day when he'd finally go back to the festival, with the aim of A) acquiring a few more books, and B) trying some new sweets. And, maybe, see the fireworks. He hadn't had the time to see any, really. He either left too early, or wasn't there at all. Well, not today! Today is the day that he sees the fireworks.

Is what he thought, before his eyes snapped to a random shop. Around it, there were many people gathered, of all ages. His own attention set on the fabled candied apples, which he had a small love for. If done right, the apple's coat wouldn't be too hard to bite through, a feat Ri had no idea how to achieve.

Then again, he was no cook.

Once the sudden shout was heard, he glanced at the shopkeeper, and then to the people around him. All normal. They all seemed as alarmed as the others around them. But, what truly caught his attention was the hooded figure, walking away from the crime scene, as if nothing had happened.

The kimono-clad young man walked forwards, the wooden sandals clapping against his feet. He didn't want to confront them yet. Instead, a determined gaze was set for their back, as he merely followed, waiting to see what else they'll do.

But, he was no sneaky assassin, his stance showing that clearly. He walked a bit hunched over, as if he'd try to blend in with the crowd. But, a tall man such as him, in a blue kimono wouldn't be that hard to spot, given that the streets' crowd was not as thick as the one sitting near the shop.


Chaos in the streets, phantoms in the sheets [Open] Empty on Thu May 17, 2018 3:25 am


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There was something about the taste of this treat that had enamored her. Perhaps it was the flavor or the fact it reminded her of apples, a fruit that she was quite fond of. The girl had absent-mindedly been enjoying the sweet she had snatched when after a moment her gaze softened slightly. "hmm... What to do next?" A soft hum escaped her lips as the white-haired girl thought about her next course of action, the fact she was pulling up her hood might have idly suggested she had not spotted the man that was trailing her. However, was that truly the case? Or did she simply not care? Only time would tell, and it seemed like the answer would be given quite soon.

She had decided on where to go next, seemingly walking past a few vendor stands, and soon turned around a corner. If her pursuer would have chased after her he would find that the alley she had walked into was one with a dead-end, for a large wall obstructed the path, and it seemed she had not anticipated it either, for the hooded figure had been standing before the wall, her back facing the man.

However, should he decide to approach her a soft feminine voice would call out to him, a playfulness in her tone that might remind one of a child. "Are we playing a game Oji-san?

If he had tried to reach for the hooded figure he would no doubt notice that there had no longer been anyone beneath it, instead, a shadowy mannequin was holding the cloak. Whether he had already caught on about her little prank or not, the white-haired girl would have been seated on a railing a few meters above him, swaying her legs back and forth while nibbling softly at the sweet she had snatched earlier.

"If it's hide and seek then congratulations~ You found me." A little giggle followed as she leaned over the railing, and at that point, the man would likely notice the ribbon-like appendages attached to her dress that wrapped around the railings to keep her from falling as she waved the candy apple she had been enjoying before him. "But if it's a game of tag then you are still it~"

An innocent little smile lingered on her lips as she brought the candy apple back to her mouth and allowed her red-colored eyes to take in the stranger's looks.

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the abyss will also gaze into thee.

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#4Ri Brighte 

Chaos in the streets, phantoms in the sheets [Open] Empty on Thu May 17, 2018 9:35 pm

Ri Brighte
Suffice to say, Ri was quite proud of himself. The girl hadn't even noticed him! Or, so he thought. He continued to follow her, 'hot on her trail', as the saying went. Was that how it went? Well, it didn't matter. The girl took a right, and the mage followed, soon finding himself in a closed-off street, with the girl's back towards him. "Hey." He called out, as his steps carried him forwards, to the figure's hood. The girl's words made him stop only briefly, before his hand took hold of the hood, and yanked it back, to reveal her face.

Or, the shadow that replaced her, that is. He took a step back, as it dispersed, his eyes now focusing on the shorter girl above him.

"I"m not old."
Was the only thing he said, as a small frown formed on his face. He didn't speak as she did, but his frown never disappeared. A game, she described this as. Now, he was no Rune Knight, or some law man, but even he didn't like petty theft. Especially when it's done for amusement, and not out of need. This was a chase, not a game. Cat and mouse. And he will soon become the cat, given that he does intend to indulge her.

With that said, the mage threw his wooden sandals to the side, to be able to run without breaking any of his ankles, before turning his eyes back to the girl, "Let's make a bet." He began, "If I win, no more theft from you." A smile spread on his frowny features, as his arms crossed, "But, if -you- win, consider me gone."

The mage stepped forwards, before leaping upwards. With a small thud, he landed on the same railing as the girl, a friendly grin now spread across his face. "The race starts now. And it ends at sunset." With one hand he pointed towards the sun's position, which was right above them. Theoretically, they should have at least four to five hours, but knowing Ri, it might as well take more.

He knew this won't be easy, but just to start the game off, he began walking towards the girl, and as soon as he reached arm's distance, extended his hand to touch her.


Chaos in the streets, phantoms in the sheets [Open] Empty on Fri May 18, 2018 6:20 am


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"Hey there~" The girl answered his greeting with a playful wave of her hand, but when he remarked about not being old the lass giggled softly, clearly amused that he had understood the meaning of her words. "I'm sorry, I tend to call any male whose name I don't know that, it's a habit~ So what's your name?" She inquired with a sheepish grin yet as they continued speaking it seemed he was quickly drawing her attention further with his words. "A bet?" She asked, a slight tilt of her head sideways and the look of curiosity on her face clearly suggesting she was interested.

"Hmm..." The lass raised a hand to her chin as she swayed back and forth on the railing, seemingly trying to decide on what to do. Of course, the young man couldn't have been aware that she didn't simply steal because of greed, in the end, she could care anything less if it was a candy apple or an expensive jewel. No, she had snatched that candy apple for different reasons, one of them being that the girl wanted to be caught so that someone would play around with her, so when the man suggested a game of tag? She obviously was more than willing to agree.

Already he was approaching her, hand reaching toward her but at the last moment, the girl pulled herself backwards upwards. Two large ribbons rose from the back of her dress, coiling around some of the railings while she giggled in amusement. "So close~"

Yet as the ribbons carried her higher and sideways the girl landed on the wall that had blocked their path earlier. The red markings on her cheek, arms, and legs pulsed lightly while her red eyes gazed in amusement at the young man. "Kotchi kotchi~ Over here mister!" She said with childish glee as she waited to see how he would handle this.

The wall was fairly tall, about six meters to be exact so climbing it would prove to be his first challenge. "At this rate, you'll never catch Tsukiko~" She hummed teasingly as she finished the candy apple and spun the stick around in her hand. Fortunately for him, it wasn't an entirely hopeless situation, considering there were some crates nearby and maybe if he searched well enough he would spot that there was actually a ladder behind them! Or perhaps jumping was a daring option?

"Hehe~" It was odd, but despite the fact he might have identified her as a thief the smile lingering on her lips could not have been more pure or innocent, as if she was a child that had merely been happy that someone was paying attention to her.

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the abyss will also gaze into thee.

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#6Ri Brighte 

Chaos in the streets, phantoms in the sheets [Open] Empty on Sat May 19, 2018 1:37 am

Ri Brighte
The mage knew he wouldn't be able to win so easily. The girl wanted a game, after all. And when one wants to win, they do anything in their power to do so. Or, that's what Ri thinks. As his hand grasped at only air, he righted himself, and watched the girl's actions with a smile spread on his face, "You can call me Ri." He simply spoke, to answer her earlier question.

His eyes then set on the tall wall she seemed to have been able to scale with no problem whatsoever. On one hand, he was quite amazed. A short girl such as her could do such acrobatic feats. On the other, he knew he was stupid for just thinking that, since magic was a real and true thing in their world.

He then looked around him. He knew he could easily scale that wall himself, given his own magical properties, but he debated whether to play the girl's game or not. He chose not to, just as a way to make himself look 'cooler'. With that thought in mind, he began walking forwards, before his foot slammed into the ground, and he was sent upwards, five of the six meters already traversed. His hands then reached for the wall's edge, to grab onto it, and not fall to his doom. That was that challenge done, he would have thought, as he pulled himself up, in a few seconds then standing near the girl, on the same wall, "Giving me tall walls won't win you anything, you know." He spoke, while keeping his own child-like smile.

"I think I'll be the one winning this bet." He continued, while stepping forwards, yet again, and reaching for the girl, to tag her. He knew she wasn't going to let him that easy, but truth be told, he was having his own fun as well right now. The only kind of action he had gotten these past days was one told in his books, and damned be if he didn't want to make the most out of this day.


Chaos in the streets, phantoms in the sheets [Open] Empty on Sat May 19, 2018 4:55 am


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While most people would play a game with the intention to win, it was somewhat different for the white-haired lass. To her winning or losing was just a conclusion, it was all about how much fun she could have during the game. It was clear that she was quite interested in seeing how Ri would overcome the obstacle, perhaps because she had anticipated that he would likely descend and try to grab the ladder or use magic to reach her. However, it seemed he had planned to go for an entirely different option.

When the young man ran forwards and jumped off the balcony Tsukiko's eyes widened for a moment, a little "Oooh~" of amazement escaping her lips as she watched him jump straight toward the wall. It was rather fortunate that the wall was within reach so that even if he couldn't cross it in one go, the fact his hand held onto the ledge allowed him to climb up and be near his target one more. Upon hearing his words the girl playfully wagged a finger at his direction, as if to playfully scold him for his overconfidence while she exclaimed with a grin lingering upon her lips. "Tall walls make for an excellent first obstacle in a game, right?"

Yet as he tried to tag her the girl took a step backward and spread her arms, allowing her body to topple backward off the wall and soon the black ribbons around her robe started to come to life once more, spreads around her body to take the form of a kite as she glides down across the alleyway. It was a modest distance, but enough to get her back out of reach as the girl gestured at the alleyway. "You might want to be careful jumping Ri~"

Because as she gestured at the alleyway the man would no doubt notice that the alley was filled with all sorts of materials that had been used to set up the vendor booths, to the point it was almost like a maze of its own. About ten meters full of obstacles awaited him, from tables to crates and rolled up banners. However, it seemed the girl was quite confident in his ability to catch up with her, for she had already started moving toward the street behind her, on the verge of blending in with the crowd!

"It wouldn't be a game if it wasn't fun~" the lass hummed happily.

If thou gaze long into an abyss,
the abyss will also gaze into thee.

"Fortunately,I'm not afraid of the dark~"
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#8Ri Brighte 

Chaos in the streets, phantoms in the sheets [Open] Empty on Sat May 19, 2018 2:20 pm

Ri Brighte
When the girl fell off the tall wall, Ri quickly rushed to its edge, to see in what state she was. A sigh of relief would have escaped him, as soon as he saw that she was quite well and alive, even doing a fancy trick to make him follow her. And follow her, he will, for if he didn't move fast enough, he'd lose her trail. His eyes switched between the various obstacles, silently muttering about how he'd be able to pass by them. Why did people leave all of their junk wherever they could, again? Ah, yes. Because they're lazy. That was fair. After all, Ri cleaned his hotel room only when he had to leave.

The wind blew through his yukata, as he stood on the tall structure, silently thinking about how he'd jump down without breaking any of his bones. He had never tried any type of artistic-running before, so he didn't know any trick to lessen the fall, but he had to get down somehow. If he did, he'd be able to easily follow her, given his speed while running. Now -that- was a thing he was confident in.

He sucked in a sharp breath, mentally preparing himself for the next ordeal: Actually getting down. He squatted, and took hold of the edge of the of wall, -slowly- turning around, and letting his whole body dangle. Well. That was almost two meters gone. Five to go. Another sharp breath, as he raised his foot to prop it on the wall, and pushed himself forwards. His aim was to get more speed, and actually roll- like someone who knew what he was doing- when he landed.

His plan didn't work, for as soon as he let go of the safe wall, he yelled, clearly scared out of his mind by the height he was at. He landed, first on his feet, and then- copying what he saw others do- he threw himself to the ground, rolling on his side, until he slammed into one of the stacked benches.

The mage groaned, and brought a hand to his head, to try and stop both the pain and the dizziness from completely delaying him in his chase. He then slowly stood, and looked around, a groan escaping him. A broken bottle there, a broken chair over there, and about fifty carpets somehow stacked upon each other were just the start of his nightmare. Why did he accept the bet? Why was he this stupid?

Ri walked forwards, making sure to not step in any broken glass. He was a mage, but even he couldn't heal wounds. After all, he 'wasn't a miracle worker'.

It took him close to five minutes to even exit the alley, and by that time, the girl would most likely be long gone. Another groan, as he began walking forwards, silently muttering curses to himself as he looked left and right.

With a slightly louder grunt, he began jogging, despite the weird looks he was getting. Jogging was one thing. But jogging in a yukata, and bare foot was another.

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Chaos in the streets, phantoms in the sheets [Open] Empty

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