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Oak > Orchidia [Foot Travel]

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Festivals were often a place of celebration, and for a young lady like Tsukiko, they were often the source of interest. It was understandable, even if she was a person with a rather unusual background, she was still a teenager at heart. Fortunately for her, her elder brother was not entirely opposed to the idea of going to a festival and with the festival at Orchidia seemingly involving some sort of flower-based festivities.

Wandering along the path leading out of Oak Tsukiko was clearly occupied enjoying the various sights on the road, disregarding the dangerous events that she had experienced recently. Her brother had warned her plenty of times already, even if she possessed an ancient mage's lifetime worth of magical research within her body, the body itself still belonged to a teenager whose abilities were quite undeveloped.

It was rather fortunate that the trip to Orchidia was only four days away from Oak itself, and that was enough cause for her to get excited at all the opportunities that could await her there.

"Tsukiko, don't forget to behave during the festival. There will be a lot of powerful mages in Orchidia, some even stronger than me, so I might be unable to protect you from the potential dangers that could await us."

A gentle sigh escaped the girl's lips as she spun around and shook her head lightly. "Hai~ Hai~ Tsukiko will make sure that Tsukiko behaves~"

A gleeful declaration followed by the girl as they had just left yet another town, the town of Baska in particular without any incidents, making the man feel a little bit reassured that things might get better soon for his little sister soon.

After several hours the lass finally found herself reaching the outskirts of the town the festival was being held at. Like she had anticipated the town of Orchidia was full life and liveliness, people were celebrating and engaging in happy small talk. However, after a moment she turned to look behind her to find her elder brother had gone missing!


How peculiar... her elder brother had gone missing? A first time for anything she guessed, but that did mean one thing: she would be able to enjoy the festival a full one hundred percent without having to worry about her elder brother trying to make sure she was staying out of troubles!

It wasn't that she minded his presence, but sometimes the constant worrying of the man tended to bother her a little. "Let's see... What shall Tsukiko do next?"

Pulling her hood up to her head she gazed around wanting to find something interesting to spectate. "Let's see what sort of fun Orchidia might have to show us this time~ Maybe Tsukiko will find someone interesting to meet today~"

Indeed, it seemed that from today onwards the girl known as Tsukiko would be participating in the event known as the 'Orchidia Flower Festival!' but only time would tell what type of misadventures she'd get herself involved in.

If thou gaze long into an abyss,
the abyss will also gaze into thee.

"Fortunately,I'm not afraid of the dark~"
- Tsukiko Himura

credit to nat of adoxography.

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