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More hunting and gathering [Quest: Tsukiko]

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It seemed that in the wake of her mushroom gathering trip Doctor Stephan Mabuz was quite pleased with the results of her harvest, the toxic mushrooms she had gathered were quite high in quality, although it had all been a simple coincidence that the mushrooms she had gathered were good enough for the man to be pleased by her efforts, there was also the hexes she had experimented with so the good doctor had requested her aid once more. It appeared there was an extremely
dark green leafy fern that grew on top of a mountain that overlooked the town of Oak

As she stood before the path leading up to the mountain the young lady held a small basket in her hand, the shadowy robe fluttering around her. At first, it seemed her path was quite straightforward, a flat and direct path that was quite an overall one that didn't provide her many problems.

All in all, it was actually starting to bore her a little, causing the girl to grumble in mild annoyance. Making her way along the path she finally started to receive the point where it started to steepen, twists and turns that started to bother her quite firmly.

"Tsukiko thinks this place is starting to get dangerous." A soft mumble escaped her lips as she started to notice the darkness quickly made it difficult to keep an eye on her footing, and then a certain problem decided to show itself.

A sudden crack in the ground followed as she suddenly felt her footing disrupted, a soft cry escaping her lips when all of a sudden her eyes narrowed and the shadowy tendrils punching into the wall of the cliff, her body shifting upwards as she quickly regained her balance.

"Tsukiko feels that was quite close..." A soft sigh of relief followed as she pushed her body upright again and resumed her climb toward the cliff, her hands trailing along the walls as she tried to carefully shuffle along the path along. As she moved further upwards the girl couldn't help but wonder how far it would be till she would finally reach her destination.

The climb was truly quite tough, exhausting even as she started to pant softly, clearly exhausted at the climb. "Tsukiko is getting a bit tired..." the girl mumbled softly yet as if lady luck decided to smile upon her, she finally spotted the special dark green leafy fern growing somewhere nearby. Letting out an excited little cry she reached with a hand toward the fern, pulling it off and placing it in the basket and decided on the next course of action: she needed to climb the way downwards again.

Her climb downwards started to follow downwards, carefully in an attempt to make sure she wouldn't collapse downwards again. "Tsukiko is tired, Tsukiko wants to go home soon..." the lass sighed as she traversed along the dark path. How long would it take till she would finally get back to the town and finish up her request?

If thou gaze long into an abyss,
the abyss will also gaze into thee.

"Fortunately,I'm not afraid of the dark~"
- Tsukiko Himura

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How long had she been descending? It felt like hours had passed since she started descending to the base of the mountain. Hour after hour passed as the lass descended back, it was truly an exhausting period for her to deal with, and yet for what reason was she working so hard?

Holding the basket in her hands the lass started to finally find herself getting more closer to the ground once more. In the distance the castle town of Oak became visible, dawn starting to become noticeable as the sun started to slowly rise when all of sudden exhaustion started to settle in and the girl felt her grip on the cliff weaken and soon the poor girl tumbled down for the second time!

A soft scream escaped her lips as she started to drop toward the ground when all of a sudden a large rainbow-colored bird flown beneath her, a soft bump making her roll down the bird's back as she landed safely on a soft heap of straw on the ground.

"Tsukiko saw a weird birdie!"

The lass declared enthusiastically as she rubbed her rear and got upright, quickly looking for the basket that had, fortunately, had landed beside her!

"There you are, it looks like you had quite an adventure Tsukiko."

The doctor looked at her in bewilderment, as Tsukiko pointed at the sky once more. "Did you see that birdie Hakase?"

The doctor blinked in confusion, tilting his head slightly to the side in confusion. "What is this thing called Hakase? And where is this bird you mentioned before?"

Tsukiko's lips curved up into a bright grin as she clarified further. "Hakase is the title Tsukiko's country uses to refer to a doctor or a professor! Therefore Tsukiko thinks that it fits Hakase well."

The doctor shrugged his shoulders slightly while the lass explained further. "Tsukiko almost collapsed, but then all of a sudden Tsukiko collapsed on top of a large birdie!"

That was quite a fascinating revelation, but the doctor looked rather questionable at her as he scooped up the basket and tossed a pouch of jewels at her. With the doctor gone Tsukiko started to make her way back toward the streets of Oak, seemingly in search of her elder brother. However, as one might imagine the lass was quite tired, making her way back to the inn she and her brother were staying at.

The moment she arrived at the bed the poor lass collapsed onto the bed, yawning softly as she felt her consciousness slowly fading away.

Yet as she woke up the next morning Tsukiko found herself finding oddly energetic, an excited little yawn escaping her lips as she rose from her bed. Now it would just be a bit longer till she would be able to enjoy yet another little misadventure. However, she couldn't help but wonder about the identity of that mysterious bird she had encountered. Why did it save her, what was it and why did nobody ever see it also?

If thou gaze long into an abyss,
the abyss will also gaze into thee.

"Fortunately,I'm not afraid of the dark~"
- Tsukiko Himura

credit to nat of adoxography.

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