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Crash The Cash House [Quest:Andromeda]

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Crash The Cash House [Quest:Andromeda] Empty on Tue May 15, 2018 2:23 pm


Another day, another jewel to be made and some more dirty deeds to do in the town of Oak. It was a gold mine here in this town. The opportunities that opened up to her were far greater than when she just took “ good request “. The kind of request that wouldn’t get her in trouble and on the good side of the law, the kind of request that gave her fame and prettied up her name. But she didn’t care about that now it was all about the jewels and today was just another day. Andromeda decided to start her day nice and early. She had not been drinking last night like she usually did since she was doing request far into the night. She should have slept in longer considering the time she got back to her room at the inn but she just couldn’t stay asleep. For whatever reason her body was up and about putting on the same clothes she wore yesterday but this time they were cleaned thanks to the inn taking her request and running them through the wash. Placing on her clothes and tying her hair up into a bun she rushed down to the eating area of the inn and grabbed a breakfast sandwich before departing into the streets of oak. She walked slowly while she ate her sandwich. Her mind blank of any real thought outside of how nice the weather was and how glad spring had finally come after such a long and tiresome winter.

It didn’t take long for her to reach the request board. Andromeda figured at this time of the day, which was late afternoon, there was bound to be some gems as far as request went. For the past few days she had been taken on request that was her rank but those usually took all day long and she rather knock out a few of the easier ones anyway. Plucking one of the requests off the board she began to read it before heading over to the designated location which was the martello household. Once there she was given instructions and a map, she was also told she might wanna pick up some items to help burn a building down. Andromeda made her way to the destination on the map, stopping at a hardware store and buying lighter fluid and some matches. When asked what she was planning on doing with those from the nosy store owner she gave a fake ass smile and said it was for a barbeque. He didn’t question her anymore after that. Walking out of the store and carrying her items in a black bag, she would make it to the cash house in less than twenty minutes. There were a few guards around as far as she could see but not too many. As long as she was careful this would be an easy job for her to pull off cleanly. Making sure she had everything she would need for this to be a success she took off towards the building with the shadows of the night as her cover.



Crash The Cash House [Quest:Andromeda] Empty on Tue May 15, 2018 3:36 pm

She should have brought a flashlight for this kind of super dark request. Andromeda could hardly see when she walked around to the back of the building, searching for a way to get inside. She made sure to stay as quiet as she could, watching her steps, steadying her breathing, and keeping her ears open for any movements that weren't her own. Having the sneak around like this wasn't new for Andromeda but it certainly was annoying. She found herself slowing down or stopping completely to hear the sounds around her. Twice she found a way in but they weren't even accessible without making a shit ton of noise and blowing her own cover into the sky for everyone to hear and see. Had she chosen any of those ways she would have been found out for sure. Taking her time she continued to search for a way in, finding one in a window that led to the basement floor of the establishment. " Always the hard way " The words came out like a angry hiss or a nasty mutter but however it came out it was quietly. Slipping into the building she lit a match to give her some light, the basement was dark, dirty, and dusty and there was really no surprise there since the place was deserted and really only being used to store jewels. Speaking of jewels she began peeking in boxes and moving things around to search for what she came her to look for in the first place.

It took her thirty minutes before she was satisfied in knowing that no money was stashed down on this floor. Making her way up the stairs to the main floor she slowly opened the door, taking a peek around she was happy when she realized the guards were actually lazy and not doing their job. Slipping out of the basement and towards the left of the building she found herself in the kitchen of the place and started opening cabinets and drawers. Striking match after match to make sure she had enough light to see what she was doing. " This is becoming tedious.. " She was tired of straining her eyes and tried to quicken her pace, moving from the kitchen to the front of the building where tables and chairs were scattered about. She was only lucky that the windows were boarded up so no one would be able to look inside during her search. As she did her job she remembered a male of dark skin and white hair, his name slipping in and out of her mind but the thought of him put a smile on her otherwise bitch face. As she moved things about the name slowly popped up in her mind and she was reminded of a man named Teiho. Looking inside a storage room she felt a tile beneath her foot shift and she quickly picked it up looking in what seemed to be a hole and in that hole was the jewels. Taking the bag she pulled out the lighter fluid and left a trail of it going towards her exit in the basement. Emptying the bottle in the basement she lit a match, made her escape and made her way into a nearby crowd where a Martello member swiped the bag from her and let her with her payment. Andromeda didn't look back at the burning building and made her way to the Inn.



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