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Intimidation Tactics [Quest: Tsukiko]

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There were many advantages to being a freelancer, the ability to decide what jobs you wanted, and didn't want to take is one simple example. However, at the same time, it also allows a freelancer to be free of the ties and connections one might feel when working for a faction or a guild. However, after today it was quite debatable where a certain young lady her alignment belonged to. It all started in the early afternoon of a spring morning, within one of the various bars within the castle town known as 'Oak'.

A young violet-haired lady was seated at a booth, sipping some apple juice while a  older man was conversing with their employer. "How curious..." Frankie Marino mused softly as he observed the lass who was seated next to the man across him. Of course, she was too busy enjoying her drink to be able to notice the curious look the man send her way.

"I heard some stories before about her, but I thought your sister had white hair and red eyes and had mysterious markings on her cheek and arms but..."

As she listened to the man speak the girl's cheeks flushed up lightly as she finished drinking from the straw of her drink and explained in a soft tone. "Those rumors are likely about my other self."

Noticing the man's confusion her brother decided to enlighten the man a bit further. "My sister undergoes a transformation of some sort at times, the rumors are about her when she is in that state. Either way, you mentioned a job?"

Frankie nodded his head lightly, shuffling an envelope toward her brother as Frankie continued his explanation. "There is a shopkeeper who peddles his trade in our territory, not a problem by itself but as a result, he is required to pay a certain tax, something he has refused to do lately."

So a merchant refused to pay, he could already see where this was going. "I need the two of you to convince him to pay, and for him to write it down and sign it as proof. You're allowed to use any means as long as you don't kill or severely injure him."

Noticing the little cringe of Tsukiko the man decided to ignore it for the time being and finally gave the last details of the job. "Once the two of you are done, meet me back at the bar with the written proof and you'll get paid for your work."

With her drink finished Tsukiko rose out of her seat, nodding her head lightly in acknowledgment while her brother paid the bill and started making his way outside with her.

"Do you think we'll be able to convince them?"

Her brother raised a hand to his chin, seemingly pondering about the question for a moment when he finally smiled reassuringly at her. "I'm sure we will."

And with those words, the two of them departed for the area the store belonging to the merchant they were searching for was located at.

If thou gaze long into an abyss,
the abyss will also gaze into thee.

"Fortunately,I'm not afraid of the dark~"
- Tsukiko Himura

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It didn't take long for the duo to find the store belonging to their target and taking a deep breath Tsukiko held down the door handle and entered, her brother in tow.

"Welcome miss, what can I do for you today?" the shopkeeper asked with a smile, the polite hospitality making the girl feel somewhat more comfortable as she approached the counter and shuffling on the spot she asked in a soft tone. "Umm Ojii-san? We heard you own Vincenze-san some money. Would you please be so kind to pay up?"

Hearing her request the shopkeeper's smile faded and a frown emerged on his face. "That Vincenze asks for the unreasonable! Paying ten percent of all my sales to him? I told the previous one before lassy, and I tell you the same: I won't fork over any money, now begone and let me actually work for customers who buy things."

Feeling so brutally rejected tears gathered in the girl's eyes as she took a few steps backward, seemingly about to give up when her brother lightly rested a hand on her shoulder, patting it lightly as he whispered to leave it to him.

"Say shopkeeper-dono, do you have a moment, I want to negotiate a deal." Hearing the samurai's voice the shopkeeper turned toward her brother in bewilderment as the man lightly pulled an arm around the shopkeeper's shoulder and whispered softly. "Have you heard the rumors about the monster that takes the disguise of a girl with white hair and red eyes?"

The shopkeeper nodded his head curtly, answering him calmly. "Yes, some of my clients told me recently, a demon in sheep clothes that bring suffering and misery to those that cross her path."

The man shuffled a hand into his pocket and withdrawn a small object as he whispered in return. "Did you know the demon has another form? Of a sweet violet-haired girl who transforms into a demon if she were to use her magic?"

The shopkeeper gulped lightly, looking at her brother. "Are you serious?" The samurai nodded his head in return, answering him in a serious tone. "Upon my honor as a samurai, what I told you just now is the truth."

Another gulp followed as he watched the girl again. "Would you rather have your store obliterated by a swarm of monstrous parasites? Surely a small percentage of your sales is doable then."

The shopkeeper sighed in dejection, approaching the girl as he held out a hand. "Gimme that paper little lady, as long as you don't unleash your freaking horde in my store."

Seemingly writing down and signing his agreement on paper he handed it back to her, making Tsukiko smile happily and bow toward the man. "Thank you!"

After the two of them left the store Tsukiko turned her gaze toward her brother as they returned to Marino, reporting in with the written proof. "How did you convince him Nii-chan?" The samurai merely smiled and answered her with an amused "told him an old story."

If thou gaze long into an abyss,
the abyss will also gaze into thee.

"Fortunately,I'm not afraid of the dark~"
- Tsukiko Himura

credit to nat of adoxography.

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