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Hunter-Gatherer [Quest: Tsukiko]

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Evening, the time dusk settled in and darkness started to blanket the streets of Oak. For most this either meant it was time to retreat into the comfort of one's home and enjoy the final hours of the day, for others it meant that it was time to party and celebrate that another day had gone by. For the less savory types, the night was when the day truly began for them. However, she was somewhat different from them. For Tsukiko day and night felt exactly the same, and perhaps it was for that reason that while most would be tired or exhausted the girl was happily skipping along the path leading into the woods surrounding Oak.

They had decided to accept yet another request from a past employer of them, Doctor Stephan Mabuz was in need of a rare mushroom. The mushroom itself looked quite normal, a tall and skinny one that was completely gray except for the glowing green dots that decorated it. If it was daytime one without the proper knowledge would never find them, but it was for that reason the girl had made a rather interesting suggestion: to collect the mushrooms at night.

Why exactly at night? While the mushrooms were toxic, a part of the reason why they were considered illegal, they also gave a green luminescence and as a result would be quite easy to find among the greenery.

Still, while one would likely be wondering about what purpose the doctor had for collecting she herself didn't care about such a trivial detail at all. Indeed, as she happily hummed and walked along the path leading into the wood all Tsukiko could think about was having fun on this little scavenger hunt.

She had brought along a basket full of ordinary mushrooms, a clever ploy to fool a potential guard should they find her when she went back into the town to deliver the goods. In the end, a young lady like her could make a simple mistake of collecting some poisonous mushrooms during her search for regular ones, right?

It didn't take long for Tsukiko to reach an area where several of the toxic mushrooms were growing and with a slight sway of her hand several black ribbons extended from the sleeves of her robe, coiling around the base of the mushrooms and pulling them out so that she could properly place them in the basket.

"Let's see~ Tsukiko collected ten mushrooms for the doctor, so Tsukiko believes that should be enough~" A soft hum of approval came from the girl as she turned toward the path leading back to town, and similar to a certain girl with a red hood she wandered along the forest path, blissfully oblivious of the dangers that could await her.

Indeed, for in a moonlight night, within a forest bordering a town were an infamous guild of dark mages lived one could easily say that danger lurked around every corner, or in this case, perhaps the term 'tree' could have worked better. But who would be the red riding hood of this story, and who would be the big bad wolf?

If thou gaze long into an abyss,
the abyss will also gaze into thee.

"Fortunately,I'm not afraid of the dark~"
- Tsukiko Himura

credit to nat of adoxography.


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And danger there would be. As the girl walked along the path a group of thugs emerged from their concealment of the trees, their lecherous looks clearly betraying their intentions. "What do we have here~ a young lady on a little adventure in the woods at night?"

The fools, if only they had realized the mistake they were about to make. As the leader approached the hooded lass she raised her head to look at him, the look of her red eyes and the mysterious markings on her cheek making him stagger backward in disbelief when a sudden cry came from behind him.

"Ah~ Nii-chan~"

The girl hummed happily, and when the leader of the thugs turned around he saw a figure blur through the woods, almost like a lightning bolt. Metal swept through the air as he watched one of his companions being sliced down with one well-aimed slice sideways from the neck down. Although his other comrade tried to retaliate by drawing his sword, it was simply way too slow to handle a trained samurai. The man lunged forwards, his katana impaling the thug before turning toward their leader.

"W-Who are you?!"

The samurai flourished his katana, the blood stains swept clean with a single motion as he slowly approached the thug. "The elder brother of the girl you just tried to kidnap." The samurai stated coldly. However, it was at that time the thug made the worst possible mistake when he rapidly dashed behind Tsukiko and pulled a dagger to her neck. "If you take one more step I'll kill your precious little sister!"

But little did the fool know that the true danger was not found in the presence of the samurai, but the little girl he was threatening. A sudden sharp pain was felt in his chest as he looked down to see several black spines puncturing out of the back of the girl's robe, effectively impaling him like a hedgehog would have done.

"W-What are you?"

A bloodied cough followed as the man collapsed onto his back, the last memory of his life being how he watched the girl turn to him, the black ribbons dancing around her in the air as if they had a life of their own while she answered him with an innocent smile. "Tsukiko is Tsukiko~ A pleasure to meet you Ojii-san~"

As she turned toward her brother the ribbons started to shrink back into her robe while the girl stated in a cheerful tone. "Tsukiko thinks Tsukiko and Nii-chan should return to the doctor before the doctor falls asleep."

She really seemed unaffected by the fact she had just slain someone, even if they had threatened to claim her life. It actually worried him a little as she picked up the basket and started walking along the path once more, for one thing, was clear to him. Tsukiko was clearly the big bad wolf of this story.

But at least they had finished gathering the goods that needed to get delivered to the doctor...

If thou gaze long into an abyss,
the abyss will also gaze into thee.

"Fortunately,I'm not afraid of the dark~"
- Tsukiko Himura

credit to nat of adoxography.

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