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Gang Tension [Quest: Tsukiko]

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Standing in front of the Martello family their residence a small hooded figure was happily swinging around a pair of closed buckets she carried in each arm. While as typical she was quite cheerful and easygoing right now, the samurai at her side was clearly of a different opinion.

"Do you realize the significance of this request Tsukiko?" The man's voice made the hooded girl cease the playful swaying of the buckets, turning her attention toward her elder brother as she hummed playfully. "Tsukiko knows~ Tsukiko heard it loud and clear! Spray graffiti on rival property~ Spray and pray!"

The girl declared with a mischievous grin as if she was about to carry out a prank, but her brother shook his head lightly in disapproval. "There are multiple ways to fight a war Tsukiko. The mafia fight their battles in the shadows."

Hearing those words the girl hummed lightly in understanding. "Like the Shinobi at home?" The man knew it wasn't exactly the same, but it was a close comparison.

"Close, but either way. They do not only engage in direct conflict. Intimidation, blackmail, territory aggression. To dishonor the territory of an enemy is akin to openly provoke them, to slap them in the face."

Surely if they were to be uncovered the rival family would attack them without mercy, so he could only hope that they didn't uncover their presence during this assignment. At least for their enemy's sake...

"Tsukiko believes Tsukiko should be really quiet then when spraying." Hearing her giggle like that he groaned briefly while looking at the list of buildings they would be able to target for this assignment.

There was a small bar nearby, one that would prove to be a good target since nearly nobody visited a bar during the day. A shop that specialized in magical tools. A fine and classy restaurant, that one seemed more dangerous because it might end up making his little sister get tempted to stop for a quick lunch at the enemy's establishment!

Then there was a grocery store, another good target since those weren't visited that often. A jewelry store that would be problematic due to it being rumored to have a discount sale ongoing currently. A tattoo parlor, a bank, a casino, a horse race site, an apothecary, a pharmacy and finally a safehouse.

Three of those from the list had to be properly defaced, upon which they had to report back to Remy and receive their reward. Of course, it seemed he had little time to get an opportunity to provide some feedback himself because his little sister was already walking away from the house!

"Where are you planning to go first Tsu-chan?" In response to the question, the girl hummed happily. "The bar~ Tsukiko believes nobody will be getting a drink at the bar already, so Tsukiko can safely spray without concerns."

At least she was being careful enough to consider her targets, that by itself was at least a bit more reassuring. Nonetheless, would it be enough to keep them out of danger?

If thou gaze long into an abyss,
the abyss will also gaze into thee.

"Fortunately,I'm not afraid of the dark~"
- Tsukiko Himura

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It was only a short walk till they reached the bar, and just as the girl had deducted not a single soul was inside, in fact, it looked like the place was currently closed what worked well in her favor. Watching Tsukiko unfold the template against the front of the bar and shake the spray paint the samurai couldn't help but wonder what was possibly going on through the mind of the girl. Although her appearance suggested she was currently being possessed by the parasite, she retained a certain adorable playfulness to her that reminded him of the real Tsukiko.

Could it be possible that she was steadily merging with the parasite? Wasn't that a cause for concern then? It was pretty annoying for him to feel so helpless, in the end, the doctors had never seen this type of curse before, it was so deeply rooted in her body and so complex that they simply didn't know of any solution short of killing her, and he'd rather die first before letting that happen. "Nii-chan?" Hearing Tsukiko call out to him the man's thoughts snapped back to reality as he watched her smile at him and resume her little trip. But where would they go to next?

It seemed the girl had made her choice, a grocery store, and with the same childish glee as before she was eagerly spraying the paint on the walls, and secretly he had to admit that he was curious to see the faces of the Martello's rival faction when they saw what had happened to their buildings.

Still, there was one more building they needed to deface before they could reap the rewards, and it appeared Tsukiko had made her choice: a tattoo parlor. Their walk didn't take long, and yet as the samurai peeked inside to see that the owner had gone to the back of the building, perhaps to enjoy a break Tsukiko herself had already started spraying the paint on the walls, humming a familiar melody.

"Dango~ Dango~ Dango~ Dango~ Dango Daikazoku~" It was a song the girl was quite fond of as a child, and even now she still seemed to be singing it with such childish affection that it briefly expelled his concerns and made him smile warmly. Even if she was infected by that wicked dark magic, beneath the shadows and darkness she was still that lovely little girl he had known all those years ago.

As the two of them returned to the Martello residence Remy seemed quite pleased with the results, thanking the duo for their work and handed them a pouch full of jewels. It was fortunate that the two of them had not encountered any hostile forces during their trip, but he knew that it was just a matter of time before Tsukiko would be exposed to danger, and what then? Would he be able to keep her safe? What sort of question was that... As her elder brother it was his duty to keep her safe, and a samurai always upholds his duty.

If thou gaze long into an abyss,
the abyss will also gaze into thee.

"Fortunately,I'm not afraid of the dark~"
- Tsukiko Himura

credit to nat of adoxography.

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