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Hunter - Gatherer [Quest: Diana & Kaede]

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#1Diana Scalisi 

Hunter - Gatherer [Quest: Diana & Kaede] Empty Mon May 14, 2018 12:11 pm

Diana Scalisi

If there was one thing Diana enjoyed a lot, then it was no doubt a treasure hunt. There was something about searching for something that filled her with excitement, and perhaps it was her Lycan origins, but she was often of a mindset that involved a 'finders keepers' approach, perhaps part of why she had no valuables on her aside from her knuckles, and the clothes she wore. Indeed, her treasures were all emotional in nature, like her bond with her beloved sister Kaede.

After their assignment, the duo had decided to lay down with the crimes for a bit, and by chance stumbled onto a previous employer of them who had a very tempting offer: It was a simple task that involved no crime at all. Dr. Stephan Mabuz was searching for a toxic mushroom that was considered illegal to use, and not only did the man give them the opportunity to smell the last of his batch, giving Diana the scent she needed to memorize and track down the mushroom, they also wouldn't be in troubles if they were spotted, as long as they explained being oblivious to the mushrooms' true properties.

"So basically we gather a bunch of mushrooms alongside the special gray ones with the glowing green dots, and if a Rune Knight finds us we fake ignorance and say we went mushroom gathering, so we won't look suspicious at all~"

Beaming a smile at her sister it seemed the wolf girl had at least cheered up a little in the wake of their earlier conversation.

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#2Kaede Scalisi 

Hunter - Gatherer [Quest: Diana & Kaede] Empty Mon May 14, 2018 12:12 pm

Kaede Scalisi
The next job would have us running around fetching things... Again. I dont particularly care so long as they pay as much as the other, and considering what Dia just told me, I actually prefer this for now. Taking a life will change you, for better or worse. I'm hardly the most emotional type and I still remember my first. A vicious, greedy looking merchant. I doubt anyone missed him much and if they had I don't really care... But until Diana's had her time to mull over, i'd rather avoid having enemies on her tail.

By the looks of her, she almost seems like she's over it already, but looks can decieve:

"True, people pick poisonous mushrooms by accident all the time. We'll look stupid, but innocent, and that shall keep us out of jail.", I nod, thinking at how this particular job feels just as shady as the ones preceeding it. With the air getting chillier, i tug up my scarf and slip my hands into my pockets, looking at Diana for the most part but keeping my eyes on the road ahead, just so I don't walk into a streetlamp or whatever, "So we're headed for the woodlands again, and this time we'll probably have to venutre a bit deeper. It's just more of the same though, we'll keep our eyes peeled and we'll be fine."

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#3Diana Scalisi 

Hunter - Gatherer [Quest: Diana & Kaede] Empty Mon May 14, 2018 12:13 pm

Diana Scalisi

"Mhmm~ hehe, being dumb is useful for once." Diana remarked with a sheepish smirk as they made their way toward the outskirts of the forest. It was true, while they would need to go deeper into the forest, they needed to make certain not to linger in the deeper areas too long, lest the haunted lands would start to influence them. She already started to recall her meeting with Sorcha and the peculiar properties of this forest, and gods forbid it if she allowed the forest to corrupt her sister like it had done with the elf. But what about her? Had she not nearly succumbed to the forest's taint before?

"Kae-Kae, make sure to not go too deep into the forest, there is an unnatural scent coming from those haunted lands, a corrupting presence, it drives people insane... I saw it happen before."

She explained further as she walked beside her sister and hummed softly. "The mushrooms we seek are those that have a luminescence to them, green in color so we should spot them easily. We should also collect a modest amount of other mushrooms also." She suggested, already placing some in a small basket they had borrowed from the doctor's store.

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#4Kaede Scalisi 

Hunter - Gatherer [Quest: Diana & Kaede] Empty Mon May 14, 2018 12:14 pm

Kaede Scalisi
"Indeed, though we should remember to act dumb too.", i tell her, faintly amused at the though. I dont know how much dumber a person needs to act, after being caught picking seemingly random shrooms from the woodlands under the dark of night. Everyone know you can run into a fair number of creatures - not all of them friendly - more so as day turns to night and humans are no longer in their natural envoiroment. Alas, only one of us is human, so I'm sure Dia wouldn't struggle at all, though she couldn't help issue a warning, "Oh...? Then how did you make it out alright?"

Though worried about her, I look into her eyes as I look for any hint that she might have been affected by her last journey there. But it feels like her first kill affected her far more than any journey into deep, dark woodlands. As such, I stay close to her reassuring her with a soft nod:

"Don't worry, we'll be in and out in a flash.", though I know this might be wishful thinking... As we step out of town and venture into the woods, the eerie of the wilderness immediately reaches our ears, just as the sun starts setting and nighttime arrives. Rustling of leaves all around us keeping us both on edge, the nocturnal animals only now starting their day, "These shrooms have their own light, thankfully... Or else finding them would prove troublesome."

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#5Diana Scalisi 

Hunter - Gatherer [Quest: Diana & Kaede] Empty Mon May 14, 2018 12:17 pm

Diana Scalisi

A sheepish snicker escaped her lips, clearly entertained at the thought of fooling around and acting 'even dumber'. However, as they started traversing through the forest the wolf girl mused softly. A hand raised to her cheek, tapping it lightly while she mused for a bit. "I actually barely got out of there in time. However, even I started to suffer the effects of it."

A brief pause followed as she gazed around the forest area, a hand raised to point into some of the nearby bushes while she sniffed lightly. "There is this scent lingering in the air if you go leftwards, mhmm see over there?"

Raising a finger toward the bushes she mused softly. "There are some over there, like the green luminance you notice over there?"

As she walked toward the bushes she crouched down onto the ground, scooping up one of the mushrooms and placed it in the basket. "Despite being toxic it actually has a pleasant scent."

A playful hum escaped her lips as she gazed back and forth around the area. "So Kae-Kae~ How are you feeling?" An inquiry that clearly suggested she was worried about her sister right now. "If you start feeling odd, please let me know as quickly as possible."

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#6Kaede Scalisi 

Hunter - Gatherer [Quest: Diana & Kaede] Empty Mon May 14, 2018 12:18 pm

Kaede Scalisi
The thought of acting dumb clearly amused Diana, and that both intrigued and worried me. I had no idea what manner of 'acting' she might have in mind, but I hoped she wouldn't get herself in trouble either way. Well, worst case scenario and we can just run like hell, faster than the winds themselves. Sighing as she explains she got out of the woods in time, this also guarantees we can get out in time if we feel ourselves getting affected in some way:

"Then if either of us starts acting... Different... Then the other can notice in time and drag us both out.", with my plan out there, I look to Dia in search for some manner of acknowledgement, yet she has something else on her mind entirely. With senses far sharper than mine as a human, she sniffs the air idly, and immediately glue my eyes onto her face... Like a trustworthy radar, her nose can point us where we need to do, or away from danger,"Hmmm, let's see what we find..."

As she says this, i grip my sword and nod, guiding my sister off the beaten path. For the most part we can push our way through the shrubbery, but as it gets thicker, I eventually feel the need to grab my sword, using it like a machete to cut a path through. But so far nothing... When she calls out to me, I look back straight at her, with the same plan face as always, scratching my head idly:

"Sure, but, I feel alright...", and then i turn my body left and right, as if inspecting the seemingly healthy Dia, "Everything looks alright with you too. How are you feeling?"

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#7Diana Scalisi 

Hunter - Gatherer [Quest: Diana & Kaede] Empty Mon May 14, 2018 12:27 pm

Diana Scalisi

"It's not physical Kae-Kae~" The girl explained with a smile, a hand raised to the side of her head as she pointed lightly toward it. "This forest affects people mentally. Like I saw someone hallucinate before because of this forest, they say those who stay in the Haunted Lands for too long tend to go insane."

A somber warning by the girl as she picked up spotted another of the mushrooms, harvesting it and placing it in the basket while she mused softly. "I'm fine~ Oddly enough I have a pretty decent tolerance to this influence as long as I don't stay here too long or go too deep into the woods."

Indeed, last time she did that she traversed too far and stayed too long to the point she started to feel herself slowly losing her grip on her sanity. She wasn't going to let that happen, she didn't want to worry Kaede like that.

"Do you see any mushrooms? I think we need about one or two more to have enough to get the doctor his stock refilled."

Hopefully, Kaede would be able to find the last few mushrooms they needed to complete this job. But once they were done she wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

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Hunter - Gatherer [Quest: Diana & Kaede] 04zpBZz
#8Kaede Scalisi 

Hunter - Gatherer [Quest: Diana & Kaede] Empty Mon May 14, 2018 12:29 pm

Kaede Scalisi
"What are you talking about?", I tilt my head, confused by her assumption, "Of course it's physical, if you have to drag someone against their will, even if it's for their own good..."

If I got affected and tried running off into the woods, then Diana would never get me out without putting her back to it. Unless she transformed, but I really don't see her doing that over anything but a life or death situation. Matter of fact, I don't believe I ever did. I'd never judge her for having a power that makes her that much stronger, and she knows that. ... She knows that, right? Perhaps i should make it clear one of these days.

Hearing of her tolerance reassured me so much, though i really hope she's not just acting tough. Maybe her lycan blood giver her some manner of resistance? Perhaps, but I'd rather not find that out.

"Not really...", I narrow my eyes, slashing up another shrub, as it's now getting a bit harder to see as the daylight fades. At this rate, we'll be here a while, "Oh...? How about those... Those mushrooms defenitely look shady enough to fit the job description."

I point to a luminous cluster of fungi a few meters away, with glowing green dots; all in all with a poisonous look to them. Nobody in their right mind would actually eat those, so I can't help but wonder how moronic we'll have to look if we get caught and need the guards to leave us alone.

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