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Day Dreaming between flowers [Nastasya]

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#1Ceseria Walderkat 

Day Dreaming between flowers [Nastasya] Empty on Sun May 13, 2018 9:16 pm

Ceseria Walderkat
Ceseria was walking through the gates of Orchidia as she had finally arrived into the town.  The town was quite busy as a lot of people were presumably going to the festival of flowers. She wondered if their would be a lot of flowers or if they had use it as a word play for something else. She guessed she would soon find out as she kept walking trough the busy streets. If the crowd hand’t been here she probably would gotten lost since she doesn’t know the town at all, but now she just had to follow the stream of people and she would arrive at the flower festival.

After a while she would see the arcs of flower standing as a wall around the area where the flower festival was. Their were patches of flowers everywhere and the stalls had been placed inbetween. A lot of the stall owners where shouting to get people to see the wares they were selling or making. From flower boquets to little statues for your garden or pots to put flowers in. their were a lot of food places but she wasn’t hungry yet. She wondered what she first had to do maybe she would check out all the stalls before deciding. As she walked around she found a lot of interesting ones she wanted to check out. It seemed that one of the stalls was telling the story of the first flower festival. She sat down near it and started to listen to the story. It seemed to not be that special of a story and she got quite bored at the end. But she guessed not everything started with an exciting story. Sh stood up and looked around quite confused on what to do.

#2Nastasya Crowe 

Day Dreaming between flowers [Nastasya] Empty on Thu May 17, 2018 2:43 am

Nastasya Crowe
Her shift ended not long ago, but it was too much of a dull idea to head back to her inn and do nothing, it was in the middle of the day and she realized that without her friends it was actually quite dull to be alone. lilja didn't know well what she could do on her own, which probably explained why she had a companion before, poor Victoire, if only she knew that her companion was still alive and if only she could go to Crocus but it was too dangerous right now, so she was told not to go.

The mage walked around aimlessly, still looking like a waitress with her dress that reached up until her knees, black apart from the upper chest area which was white with little red buttons and puffy sleeves. Her wedges were dumb but she looked like the perfect innocent being that she was trying to pull off because her darker thoughts started to work again after some conversations with Kurdran and Caius, it was a good thing but a bit of a shame for the innocent being that she thought she would be. Perhaps Nastasya wasn't more fun than Lilja but at least a good thing better. Amnesia sucked though.

She walked around and looked left and right to see what there was to do. She stood next to a stand that seemed to be telling the story of the first flower festival, it sounded dull but it got her something to do in her dull Lilja live, only the next show would start within the next 30 minutes, that took too long. So she sighed and turned around to see what she would do.

#3Ceseria Walderkat 

Day Dreaming between flowers [Nastasya] Empty on Mon May 21, 2018 8:23 am

Ceseria Walderkat
Ceseria who was a bit bored from the story she just had listened too was a bit unsure on what she should do now at the festival. She wasn’t super interested in the games at this time of the day so she wasn’t going to do those things. Her stomach was grumbling slightly and she was ready for a meal before she would fall of her socks from the little amount of food she had eaten so far. She could use some steak or some big piece of bacon wrapped in cheese which was making her drool just thinking about it. she sighed and wanted to walk in a direction when she suddenly felt her body going against something hard and she hit her head on something hard as well it probably was the same object. She landed on the ground and her vision went black. She grunted for a bit before she touched with her hand and felt something soft. She squeezed a bit and got up to see a girl laying next to her. She probably walked into her. Ceseria was quite worried that she had hurt the girl and sat up quickly to check the heartbeat of the girl. ”Are you okay?”, she asked in a polite voice that had a bit of a scared tone to it. she was supposed to protect people not run them over. She sighed hopefully the girl was alright and wouldn’t be too mad about it or report it too the rune knights if she was really mad.

#4Nastasya Crowe 

Day Dreaming between flowers [Nastasya] Empty on Thu May 24, 2018 1:29 am

Nastasya Crowe
Lilja wasn't a fan of being walked over or bumped in or anything else that would relate to a heavy touch, a possible fall and so on. Especially when she was minding her own business and let's not start about the moments she would carry a tray of beer or anything else that would fall over her as well, because some jerk didn't pay attention. So her mood wasn't very well when that happened even within the quite open space of the festival, surely it was busy but there was enough space for her to tumble backwards and fall on her butt and almost hit her head too hard as she simply fell.  

This person that turned around without watching might not be the lightest person to fall on top of her and she surely didn't like it that her hands were caught up in the mess and she couldn't push her off or that she was squeezed in the left side of her left tight so she simply kicked up her legs, "Get off." she muttered, so when she could sit up straight she rubbed the back of her head, "It would be better if someone didn't just bump into me and let me hit my head." She closed her eyes as her fingertops touched the bump that would show up sooner, thank god it wasn't bleeding, the grass she fell on had no sharp edges or whatsoever.


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