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Magnolia to Orchidia

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#1Ceseria Walderkat 

Magnolia to Orchidia  Empty Sat May 12, 2018 10:11 am

Ceseria Walderkat
The days flew by like a no tomorrow and before ceseria knew a month had gone by and still she had heard nothing from Snow. She wondered if the girl had lied to her and had kidnapped her brother! She was very worried now and had to travel behind her as fast as she could so that she could free her brother from the clutches of that nice lady. It was a bit weird she had to say it like that but she didn’t really had much choice in it did she. Maybe they had to leave in a hurry she shouldn’t jump to conclusions to fast either she should take one step at a time and just travel after them so that she would find out the truth herself without putting snow as a suspect yet. She quickly ran to her apartment that she was hiring with the small amount of money that she had left. She really should start doing jobs if she wanted to continue live in places that are nice to live in or she would soon find herself sleeping in some stable to cut expenses. Not that she wanted to do that but if she had no other choice she wouldn’t mind it either. It was something you had to do in troubling times she thought to herself.

She sighed as she was starting to pack all her clothes and armor into her bags. It wasn’t that much too pack but it still took a bit of time to do it and it was slowing her travel down as time was ticking away. She had asked people around town where the girl had went since she was quite the beauty too behold so most males of the town remembered seeing her. it seemed she was heading for orchidia and that’s where she was going too now. She also heard that their was a flower festival going on something she didn’t know but she had quite the intrest into it now. Maybe she could have some fun with her brother at that festival since they would be reunited soon or atleast that’s what she was hoping for. She zipped up the bags and threw it over her shoulder and went out of the door slamming it close and closing the chapter of her journey. Time for new adventures she thought too herself and started to walk down the street.


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