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Stop the Plague [Quest: Augusta]

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#1Augusta Rhines 

Stop the Plague [Quest: Augusta] Empty Sat May 12, 2018 12:22 am

Augusta Rhines
It was a long day, one that had been full of doing things that were centered around the idea that there would have been some resolve and solution towards ending this disease that was very quickly starting to spread into Baska Town. It had not been her first goal to have come here for this kind of operation or jo. Rather, it was one in which was so foreign to her that it felt wrong, it felt as though she had been deviated from her original task and goal at this point. What had been first a goal and intention to hunt down possible heretics had brought her into a unique scenario where there might have been a heretic plot, but it was not clear one way or the other. It was clear that there was some existing operation and level of intention that was driving this interaction and conflict that Augusta did not know about, but it was also very clear this could have as much been the reasoning and attribution of the heretics that were rumored to have been here. It was just honestly impossible to say one way or the other, and therefore, for the sake of being hopeful that things would end up yielding as she expected and hoped that they would have, she hoped that it would turn out that there weould have been heretics involved with this. But even if there were not, she could nto have bene able to just ignore this at this point. The fact was, the infection had spread into Baska Town at this point, as evident by the fact that she had noticd the same smell that she had encountered when she noticed the man who had been infected, just like how it was in the store. It was not clear as to just how it spread, though it was likelyt o have been believed that through the wildlife at least, that it could have been transferred through water, which meant that it was likely and possible that the water could be a means in which the infection could spread to humans as well, but it was not clear entirely one way or the other. It also looked to have been like there was a great deal of necrosis-like effects that were plaguing those who were infected, but it also seemed to have elements nand attributes that more were similar to that of rabies than anything else. It could have been a hbyid effect that might have elements of both diseases, and for that reason, it was something that had her worried, though it was also something that made her believe that the heretics were involved in this, because it would not have been easy for someone to have created a diseases that mirrored rabies and necrotic effects like this without the usage of Magic, and it would only have been heretics that would be looking to have create a disease of this variety. It was the only explanation.


#2Augusta Rhines 

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Augusta Rhines
She had spent the greater part of the night wandering around through Baska, there being a level of alertness to her in the events that had preceded what had been going on. It was a bit of a foolish notion, but at the same time it was one in which the people had to wonder and believe was the case, that there would be a reason and a way to handle things. She just did not feel right with going to bed, more because there was no clear idea as to who the infection spread, or how quickly. At night it was very clear that the people were going about and were quite active, and if there were a chance in which if the infection were to spread some more, the best chance of stopping it without having there becoming a huge degree of panic would be duing the night. She had barely even had a chance to walk out of the building she was staying in during her stay in Baska when there had been someone who was seen rushing towards her. She did not see who it was at frist when she realized it was the docto, having been chased by what apeparedt o have been two of the people of the city, though it was very clear that they were not the ones in which she expected to have seen given the ways in which they were walking. Though she could not say for certain, she couldn’t help but believe theyw ere also ones that were infected, given the way they moved, their functions, as well as the fact that they reeked of the smell that she had come to identify and associate everything of this infection twards them. As the doctor rushed towards her, she rushed towards one of the creatures, hitting it before it could have made any contact with her, making sure as to hit it hard enough such that the force would have kept it donw, and the for the other one as it began towards her, she would have been ready for it, delivering a quick strike to its backside as she would throw it down hard. Whether or not it were a person or infected now, the shock that it would have dealt to the human spine would have been enough to at the very least paralyze it, at the very worse cause its entire spinal structure to fail. The person, if they were to ever be bette,r would likely never be able to move again and would almost certainly die or at worst become a sacrifice for the saek of their won suffering. With both of the creature people down, August turned her attention towards the doctor, who appeared to have been in shock, not just at the fact that he was being pursued, but also the fact that Augusta had shown utterly no mercy towards either of them ,even though they had demonstrated nothing more than having been infected.


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Augusta Rhines
Listening to what the doctor had said, it appeared that the worry of the infection had become one of the past. Now, it was only a case that the Chruch would have had to be involve with all of this. According to him, the man who she had hoped to have killed in the mine a few days earlier had released more of the toxins into the water, and not just in the single water source that they had visited themselves, but rather in a bunch of them that were scattered throughout. The doctor had hoed that it would not have been the case, that there were some soures that were safe to drink form, but everything pointed to it being a different sotry, much to the dismay of the doctor and disappointment of Augusta as well. She would have hoped that there had been some chance that things would not have gone wrong, only due to the fact that it was going to heavily tax the resources of the Church, to make it such that those who were going to be involved in preventing and combating this outbreak, that it was going to have been long, costly, and while she would have loved the chance to see the bloodshed and be a part of it, it would have been more likely that she would not have been involved in it herself. It would have been a mistake if it had come to that, and she would have very likely been engaged and would have fought none the less, as after all, there were only so many who were as skilled in combat as she was, and the fact that she was there would have been a place in which she would have one of the best chances to ot only amass a large body count, but also could have spared the lives of numerous others who might have volunteered or be forced by the Church to have been engaged with. She would have, thorugh her skill at killing everyone, would have saved more lives. And according to the Doctor, there would have been no shorage of chances for her to get a chance at killing people here, as according to him, there was pretty much nobody within Baska outside of the two of them that were not infected. Everyone else, due to the numerous water sources that had been infected and also the chance at which it would have spread around and that it was already within the village before hand, it was not hard to believe tht ati was spreading. However though, the rate at which it spread, to have infected everyone, it did not seem possible. There must have been a way in which they had also spread the infection around to the other parts of the city. It had to have been the case, but the fact that it was already as aggressive as it was meant that it did not matter at this point. Nope.


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Stop the Plague [Quest: Augusta] Empty Sat May 12, 2018 12:23 am

Augusta Rhines
The doctor seemed to have realized that there was going to be a huge issue with the idea of them taking care and curing the infection. Much to Augusta’s anger, he insisted on trying to save everyone, while she believed that the only way that this infection could have been truly cured and dealt with was that they destroyed everyone who might have been infected, and perhaps even for safe measure, that they burn down the village entirely. Leave no evidence to it at all, lest there be rumors that spread as to what might have happened, but it also meant that there was another huge issue and risk associated and that were the heretics that were alive still. Not a single one of them could have been afforded the chance to live, lest they go about telling and spreading the rumors as to what might have happened. They had to die, and while the doctor might have agreed with her as far as they were concerned, the people in the village it was very clear that he did not want to kill them. If anything, he wanted to make sure that none of them were to be affected, but it was very apparent as well that he and Augsuta were not going to see eye to eye, but he did propose an idea that might have worked, though it was one in which he stressed that if they had tried to carry out this task, it would have required and demanded that it be done at once. Otherwise it would not have done anything as there would be some who were cured and others who were infected, and the latter were going to just reinfect the group that had been cured and the cycle would have just remained as bad and if not worse for whatever sort of reason that it might have been that the people develop some manner of infection protection that would have enabled them to survive another attempted cure. As well, it was probably a likely chance that if they were to have picked a fight against at any pont during which she would have tried to carry out the plan, if they were infected and those who were trying to fight against her, it might have thrown everything off. As such, it was imperative that everything be done at once, otherwise there were far too many variables in which would have made it that this rescue operation might not have worked at all. Augsuta had a good plan, and attacking and razing the village made sense, especially when considering the risk for the infection to spread even further than how ti had before, it was just too great of a risk for anyone to take. Thus, with no joy or any desire to actually go ahead and carry out the plan, Augusta found herself agreeing to the point of having to try to save everyone, even though it was very clearly not her idea.


#5Augusta Rhines 

Stop the Plague [Quest: Augusta] Empty Sat May 12, 2018 12:24 am

Augusta Rhines
She had sort of epected that it would have been just her that was going to have carried out this task, that she would have had to play the entire role of hero and the doctor would hve just done whatever it was that he would have done, which she sort of imagined that it would have been just hiding under a rock and waiting for everything to calm down and return to normal. But to her shock, it appeared that Augusta was to have followed the doctor as he planned to implement his items throughout the city of Baksa, though it was not clear exactly what it was or why it was that they would have had to go about it this way. The doctor had a strange device, one in which she had not seen before but appeared to have been one that was more for either alchemy or medicine but looking more like for miedicne purposes which only caused August to wonderf this was alchemy, medicine, or smething else that stood as more of a hybrid, as she was worried about before. IT appeared at least tha tit was far more leaning towards that of the hybrid at this point in time. He explained that it was something that he would have used tot ry to have cleared out the infection area, that it was ad evice that was set on a timer, that it with 2 other devices would have set off a blast of smoke that would have filled the air with the cure, though it was going to be one in which the timing had to be just right. He knew the distance between where it could have been that they were placed or were at the very least safe to place around, though it was still going to be a risky position that would have required that both she and he were at the right spot in the right time. Otherwise, everything was being put at risk. As far as they could have told, there were three areas, one in which was projected o have been at the greatest risk due to its location near the town center, and therefore stood the greatest risk that there would have been people who were infected or otherwise fighting. It also meant that there were no shortage of ways to evade them or cause panic if needed. The other two locations were located on the other parts of the city that were far smaller and less populated than that of the town center. It was likelyt hat there were goignt to have been some reistsance and infected there, but it would nto have been anything like what might have been at the center than anything else. With both of those areas, it was likely that Augusta was going to have fight a bit, but again, relative to what she miht have found in the center, it was going to be a cakewalk. They had to go.


#6Augusta Rhines 

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Augusta Rhines
The first location was located far to the west of the town center, a place that was going to have been one in which they were going to have to be worried about, though it would have been at a later time that they would have had to address that area. Right now, it was better to focus on this area and then the area that was to the far east of town, one that was apparently as little populated as this one, which was not that abad at all. She noticed that ther ewre only about 2 or so of the infected in the area, as she and the doctor made their way into the area, theyw ere immediately attacked with the two creatures trying to rush right at Augusta, thought hey were slow and lumbersome like how the other two she had fought had turned out to be. She was not overwlehming worried about her own safety, but rather that of the doctor who was appearing to set his thing up in the middle of town. She seriously wondere just how it was that it would have helped, but she figured to have spent and focuse don her time with distracting or taking out tehse creatures. As she had been asked of by the doctor earlier, she was not to kill any of them, and that did make it a more of a challenge to thav ebeen able to fight against them, but she would have managed. It took only a few seconds for her to have dropped the first one, aiming for the knees, kicking htem with such force that they would have caused the creature to fall to the ground, unable to move or react like that. The other one also tried to reach her, but it instead lunged at her, aiming to do what she had done to its companion. However, she had stepped out of the way well before then and was able to deliver a strong stomp to the creature’s neck, muchlike how she had dealt to the first infection person that she had fought against. With both of them down, the doctor signaled that he was done, and it just so happened that their timing could not have been any better. With this handled now, they headed towrsd the east part of the city. The center, while being closer towards their current spot, was not one in which she was was looking to take care of just yet. The time would come, but it would have to be when more thought and consideration was given towards it than anything else. Instead, the opted to head towards the east part of the city, as there would be no shortage of time and things that they could have done there instead of having to worry about going through and fighting against like instead having to only fight against someone that was of a lesser quantity that what she might have been hoping to fight.


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Augusta Rhines
The second area was one in which heavily mirrored the western location, there being only a few of the infected who were there at all, neither of which drew great worry or concern towards Augusta. Rather, she welcomed the chance to fight them as it gave them a chance to fight and grow as a person in hand to hand combat, and these creatures, although heyw ere basic and did not have any particular talents or ability in combat, it was still a great way for her to have to deal with and egage someone when left with very little time and no options. The first one rushed towards her but it had happened to trip over a body or something that was broken on the ground. She could not tell what it was that it tripped over, but it worked out perfectly for her as she made a harsh kick against the infected one’s neck, just like how it had been the case with several of the other ones that she had fought against. The other one that was still there loked to have been trapped underneath something that became dislodged. How it had happened or why it was was a mystery to her, but she did not object to this, instead taking a small metal bar and hitting the creature over the head, making sure that there were not enough force that it would have been beheaded, but that it would have suffered nonetheless. That was something that was far more enticing and exciting for her, as far as she was concerned with the whole thing. Again, once they were dealt with, the doctor indicated that he was done and that meant that they only had to deal with what was going on in the center now. As she thought it would have been, the center of the town was much heavier in terms of the people that were infected there. She could have seen easily six of them, though there might have been more. She did not imagine that she could have fought them all, but she could have istrated them, using debris pieces like rocks and other things, throwing them against the creatures and going from platform to platofm to ensure that they could not reach her. They had to go though, as time was limited, and they were both off. The doctor began to set up his device again while Augusta threw rocks and bits of stone at the infected ones, making sure that they knew she was there and atngaonzing them while at the same time being high enough up so that they could not have reached her. Yet they still tried all the same. It worked out perfectly, as she had not gone through barely half of the rocks she had picked up by the time that the doctor signaled that he was done with his device. Now, having set up all three of the devices, she believed that they were almost done.


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Augusta Rhines
Once the devices were all set, the doctor hit some sort of button, whatever it was being something that she was not sure of herself, but it was very clear that there were effects as there appeared a cloud of gas that spread through the entire area of the city, as though it were a huge, heavy wave. Augusta held her motuh more out of curiousity than anything else. This was supposed to be the thing that was going to work and fix whatever the infection was here, but she was not interested in being exposed to it if she had not been exposed to it in the first place. That was just smart thiking on her part or so how she viewed it to have been. She wondered what was going to be th reaction of the infected, if they were going to move in manners that resemble what they were going to have before. Just beneath her, there were hal fa dozen of them, and if they were going to attack, it would have bene better that she just waited to see if that was the case or not. To her surprise, it appeared at least that what the doctor had come up iwht was working, giving her the perfect view of watching the people come back to normal, not just this small group, but also that of the rest of the city that had been cured. There were no hshortage of cries of pain and agony as the people realized that they were back to normal, having fought against one another for who knows how long. Even the ones that had fought against Augsuta, it was a question as to if they were still alive or not, as she had struck them with aggressive moves that were far more indicative and ruthless than that of what anyone might have expected or would have wanted to have fight against. None of these people were soldiers, nor where they ever trained to endure the wounds that she would inflict, but right not at least that was not her problem. The main thing was that after all was said and done, she wanted to ensure that she was proepelry rewarded for the effeort she had contributed towards saving the city. There were still the hereitcs that maight have bene located all throughout the region, but it was very clear too that they had no more hands to play. Word was going to spread of what they tried to do and it would only be a short matter of time efore the full force of Baska descended upon the area, causing eveyyone that was part of the plot to have fallen one way or the other. And if the Church were to get involved themselves as well, it woul have been the perfect way for all of this to end, with nobody left to stop them, with the people having Augsuta to thank, and the Church knowing she did it all.


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