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Miracle Cure [Quest: Augusta]

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#1Augusta Rhines 

Miracle Cure [Quest: Augusta] Empty Fri May 11, 2018 8:50 pm

Augusta Rhines
Augusta had slept well that night, far better than perhaps what she had since she had arrived in Baska from the frist night. It was not so much a case of her having adapted to the area of Baska itself, as it was hardly one in which sh felt that she could wholly have been comfortable with resting at, though there was some familiarity as to where she had liveed as a young girl, but that was in a time past. She had long since been past that lifestyle and that sort of nature, having been far more acclimated to her life as a Holy Knight at this point. More, she reasoned that the likely reason for it all was actually that she was able to fight, to have drawn blood against someone in a more meaningful manner. Granted, it were not heretics or creatrues which would have been far more enjoyable for her to have slain, but none the less it was still blood shed, and there was something that was to be taken away from that which she was grateful towards. However, her job was yet done as there were still the issue of these people that were trying to infect the people of Baska, what their reasoning and justification bhind it being that a mystery to Augusta, but at this point she did not care. They had iniated the attack against her, and to her, that was all the justification that she needed in ensuring that they were dealt with, and harshly and swiftly. And of course, preferably painfully, as that was always a fun part, to see them die, the rush she would feel upon their deaths, the suffering at her hands that she would inflict upon them, all of those things were to say the least, delightful and ones in which she woul not have turned down, even if the option was presented to spare them. That might have been a consideration once upon a time, but now it was an obligation that she was going to carry out, as they had brought the first cast upon thsmeleves with trying to attack her in the first place. Now, they had sealed her fate and it was now just a case of they had to know where as to go next so that more combat and by extension, more death would take place. Once she had received the letter, at this point by courier as the expectation of it being stealthily hidden away were long past at this point, Augusta headed towards the only possible location in which she could have imagined that she was expected to meet with the doctor again, within the hospital of Baksa. She wasted no time, though was also in no huge rush as she knew that there would be little chance of there being a reason to go out and hunt these people. It was far more likely that she would be needed for some smiple kind of fetching mission.


#2Augusta Rhines 

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Augusta Rhines
At this point, Augusta had been so involved within the whole situation tat she did not need an inviation, nor did she wait for one either. Rather, she went right in side, almost a bit surprised to notice that there was indeed a scent within the area, not like what she had smelt before, but one that was different. It was then that she noticed that there stood the body of the boar that she had recoverd days earlier, now having been dissected, much of what she could still see being that the boar had indeed been infected, and severely at that as well. Any doubt that she might have had as to the impact that these creatures suffering as a result of the water was eliminated following that, but there still led the greater question of how was it and why it was causing different effects within people. The man who had had the surgery also lay there, though his condition appeared to only be getting worse as time went, the infection now being more apparent than what it was before, even before the surgery had been done. On his skin, the signs of it were becoming far more apparent, and it was only a matter of time until he would enivtably ie from the infection itself. Also laid about the area were tons of devices and instruments used in medicine and alchemy, which acaused Agusta’s blood to boil. That this man knew of these arts and was perhaps practicing them within Baska was something that would have to be answered for, but for the time being, it appeared at least if it would have resulted in there being more information regarding this ailment and the affliction that was affecting everyone, it would have to be tolerated, at least for right now. Though, that remained to be seen entirely as to if it would remain the case or not. He explained that he was able to etract a cure from the boar, although a very volatile one that was not wholly tested or verified as to if it would work or not. It posed a huge risk investing in its faith without there being some to which could have fallen back on or oterhwise been used to administer it to the people. From what he had said of his tests, the small samples of what he had used did not seem to provide any sort of aid or relief to the person who might have been infected, leaving only with the options that whomever might have bene suffering would have had to had it adminstirated to them either orally or directly upon the point of infection, which was far harder to do if it came to the point where an animal or a human infected attacked someone, the likelidhood of completeing curing the wounded area was far lower given how deep the attack or injury might have been within the body, or even how it might affect the person.


#3Augusta Rhines 

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Augusta Rhines
Augusta wanted to see this first hand, to see if it would be a case of the cure working or not, but it posed in it self two challenges, the first being having enough of the cure to test it on, and the second being someone who would be able to be tested upon. The first man, whether or not the cure would have worked, it was very clear that he was going to die at some point, and if it came to it, Augusta would have had no problem at all with slaying him, and again if needed. But before that, it would demand more action be taken as to see if it would be as she imagined it would have. She wanted the cure replicated. The other tests to see how it would react with the people, that was not her concern, nor something she put too great of an emphasis with. Rather, the main thing was only that they were to have had enough such that if an action had to be taken, it coul have been given. To prioritize people would be too long and would grossly impede any hope that they might have had at killing the infection before it became too rampant. She wanted more of it, whether or not it was entirely safe, and whilt eh doctor disagreed, it was not as though he were in a positon to argue it. The reality was that this cure was going to take a while to get to replicate, and that the infection posed a huge risk for as long as it was there and not earlier combatted. Augusta could have and perhaps should have blamed him for not acting sooner, but she declined to go that route, instead demanding that there be a way to replicate it easy and without too significant of a cost. Fortunately though, it appeared that the doctor had already considered that, having given Augsuta a small list of things that she would have had to have gotten throughout town, things that were apparently in readily available demand, but that he could not go about asking himself lest it draw up concern and panic over what the reasons might have been behind it. In stead, it meant that Augsuta was again going to have to go out into town, this time in the middle of the day to handle everything, even though she had no real desire or interest in doing that. She did not like the diea, but there was nothing more that she could do about that, as she knew a riot would stand to break out if this were not handled correctly or otherwise dealt in a manner which the doctor did not know. Because she was pretending to be a Rune Knight, there was a level of authority that she had that others did not, and because of that, and the fear that they could instill in people, even out here, it would be easy enough.


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Augusta Rhines
Augusta herself was not familiar with alchemy or the nature by which it worked entirely, thouh she did know that to a degree at least, it could be cominbed with what was more modern mdedicien to provide great effects and otherwise be used for numerous means that which could help people. The issue stood more that it wwent against God, and though the argumnts had been made withi the Church as to its value or if it should have been seen as an evil thing or not, she was not one to subscribe that to that point of view. Rather, it was something that only God coud determine an that eh Church had to determine for itself if it could have survived going against God in this case. That would be for a later time, but what was apparent right now at least to go ahead with the plan, as much as she was angry at herself for being forced to work with such a barbarian as she cam eto view him in his pursuits. There were ways of dealing with this plague, and immediately the idea of burning Baksa to the round and starting over was fresh in her mind, that he would have defied God in order to rprevent that, possibly sparing the lives of numerous sinners in the process, it angered her to no end. The first item that she was supposed to get was some sort of magic crystal in which would have been able to have helped multiple the amount of the available formula to make it to a degree where it could have been dispensed to more people than what might have been available otherwise. There was a store which sold the exact item, but the challenge came in that it was expensive, and Augusta was not going to pay, nor engage with the church funds to go and actually pay for the item. Rather, it would have been best to describe the item in amanner that was more appropriate, claiming that it was an illegal item that would have spread the infection of death, an irony given that it was going to be used to fight that ery purpose. It did not require much effort or work to make it so that this man would have surrendered the item, and quite frankly, Augusta was glad about that. It would have taken her far more time to either lie to this man further or otherwise steal an item which she could have done easily, but at least for right now the main thing was that there were enough of people who would be willing to believe her for what she was saying, and that she had the first item on the list was a welcome thing, one that she was thankful had come by without any sort of issue. The man did not even seem to want it in his sight upon learning of her lie, which she hoped would translate to the others.


#5Augusta Rhines 

Miracle Cure [Quest: Augusta] Empty Fri May 11, 2018 8:52 pm

Augusta Rhines
Augusta had gotten the first item without there being any sort of issue, but as she made her way towards the second item that she was supposed to have gotten, a large container that would be viable enough to contain a large enough amount of liquid and material to thereby enable someone to mass produce a vial or potion, which certainly had to have been more tied to alchemy than it had to be have been tied to anything else. It was something that had her wondering just what it would have been that it would be used for, the reasoning behind it, and just how much of this task was going to be attributed to alchemy versus how much of it would be relating to the medical information and sciences behind it? It was hard to say entirely, but she did at the very least imagine that there was going to be a bit of both, but likely more leaning towards the former than the latter, given not only the limited suage that she had seen of these before as well as the case of the magical item in which she had been forced to get beforehand. It was unlikely that someone who was using them for medical purposes would hae been as likely to rely on them as would an alchemist, but for the time being, the questions that she might have had would not have been something tat she woud have stressed right now. Instead, she sought to look for the item that had been missing and was located within the main shop in town, though it appeared to have been empty, a shocker given how early in the day it was and that there were nobody outside. It appeared to have been closed, judting by the people and how they were simply going about and ignoring it and otherwise not giving a huge amount of regard towards the whole thing. When she came into the building, it was indeeded quite, as though there were nobody at all inside, but the smell of something that seemed very familiar to her, the same spell of that of what she had encountered within the hostpial area. Whatever it was, whether or not it had been the person who was there or someone else or maybe something in which the infection was spread, Augusta did not waste any time to find out what was going on, choosing to just find the largest container that she possibly could, opening it up and taking it before there might have been anything or anyone within the building that might have given or been made aware that Augusta was there. She could have easily killed whatever was there, but it posed a huge level of risk that she was not interested in putting herself in, as it only would delay time and draw a risk that people would have realized what was going and thereby cause the same level of panic and worry word.


#6Augusta Rhines 

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Augusta Rhines
For the last thing in which she was expected to have gotten, Augusta was required to go out and head to the water source that she had gone and visited with the doctor a few nights earlier, hoping that they would have provided a bit more information as to the whole thing, as well as ensuring that there would be nobody of whom might have caught her. That was not al likely chance given the fact that may of the guards within that group had been wiped out by Augusta at this point. Granted, there were still some who were alive, it was a considerable total that they had suffered, and therefore it was far safer and more likely to believe that they would not have een able to guard the water source as there would not have been enough time for someone to guard a thing in which they had come to believe was already handled. It only took a short time to find the water source as it was far easier to move about and find it than compared with at night, as there were no shortage of things in which were making the movement and ability to travel through there more difficult and aggravating than perhaps it intedned to have been. It was pretty much a single shot down from the town of Baska to the water source and then she had found everything that she needed to, much to her delight, unguarded. With everything now in her possession, she headed back to the hospital so that the dotor might have done whatever it was that he was planning on in order to ensure that this job was done and in a timely enough manner to make everything ultimately worthwhile. When she got back, there were no shortage of things that were going on and many things in which that Augusta had not seen initially but was becoming more and more confident to say that she was aware that things were going not exactly as how she anticipated them to have been. There were no shortage of alchemy things that were happening, and while she did appreciate and enjoy the fact there was a cure being created, there were still the level of disgust and rage over he fact that they were orking on things that were no ti in the word of God, rather instead using magic that should not have been touched by the people. She hated what she saw, but again it was a question of would ti have been wroth it r not. The fact was, she knew that the infection was starting to spread into Baska at this point, and there was no reason tot hink that it would not have continued to spread. It were only a short matter of time from when she had first encountered the creatures that were infected, and now it had spread into the area. It was only a matter of time before it got worse.


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