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Medicare [Quest: Augusta]

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#1Augusta Rhines 

Medicare [Quest: Augusta] Empty Fri May 11, 2018 5:15 pm

Augusta Rhines
Augusta had arrived within Baksa during the night, it having provided more than a sufficient cover to allow her to investigate for herself just what it had been that she was doing there. There had been no shortage of rumors, talk amongst the guards, however unfounded or otherwise, of renegades who had moved through the lands nearby the province, enough for her to warrant an investigation out there. At the very least, it was better that it were put in her hands than that of someone else. Foolish people might have otherwise believed themselves to be in a situation safe enough or otherwise warranted enough that they might have been able to do what they could not, what she knew she could. It was the strength that she had over the others, the reality in which she would have been better capable of handling than that of others. She had arrived at nightfall, late enough to divert away suspicion of those who might have known of her or may have otherwise spoiled her arrival, and it was enough such that anyone who might have known of her arrival, a number that equated to nobody at all, lest there be any stragglers or people who may have suspected something from her sudden departure, it would not be sufficient or capable that they might have been able to recognize just what was going on or the motivations behind her leaving. At least, that was what she aimed to achieve by arriving as she did, as late as she did.

Her arrival was not as skillful as she might have hoped it to have been, within a mere moments of her arrival, it being interrupted by an individual who made a quick and smart determination to identify himself as a doctor. Though leery about providing any sort of information regarding just who she was or anything to that nature, she lied and gave the identity of a Rune Knight, a fallen Knight of whom she had killed a long while ago, but had kept and retained the name and credentials for the sake of maintaining her cover. She was in foreign lands as far as she was concerned, the presence and very existence of these people being allowed to live her, although much akin to her own past, was not something that she had since come to admire or feel permissible. That was the greater change in her since in the past, the refusal to accept her own past as acceptable within the world that she had now come to know and hold more precious and important than anything else. At the insistence of the doctor, Augusta complied only to the most minimal degree, not allowing the full check up that the man believed may have been of value. Doing so would have put her at a greater risk than what he may have even realized, and therefore, it was reason enough to ensure that such a position would not have been possible.


#2Augusta Rhines 

Medicare [Quest: Augusta] Empty Fri May 11, 2018 5:16 pm

Augusta Rhines
Following what would have had to amount to a quick inspection as the doctor might have put it, clearly upset at being so limited into what he might have known of Augusta, he called to her and asked for a favor. Augusta was not known for doing favors at a whim, nor did she have any interest in doing just that if the implication was going to be only out of the goodness of in her heart. She had arrived here with an intentional goal and an aim, to determine what proof if any of the validity to the claims of rogue mages and those who may have been practicing ritualistic manners that went against the Church. Unless he were to provide her with information on that subject, she had no interest in assisting him, even when given the details of what was required, the lack of time to which the job allowed for, and the urgency of the matter. She was steadfast, not going to go ahead with this unless the concession she demanded was made, and although the man had hoped to appeal to her being a member of the Rune Knights, Augusta grew far more irate, angry even that the man would attempt to invoke some moral code that he might have thought she was obligated to uphold. Knowing that this escalation of Augusta’s rage would only have negative implications on him, he conceded, promising to provide the woman with whatever information he could once the job was done.

The task was simple, though it made her wonder just why it was that she was being sent on such a mudane task. It was not as though this were something which would have required or otherwise demanded a great deal of effort on her part, but rather involved more menial labor, which though she was not opposed to the execution and carrying out of such a job, it was not as though this were a thing in which she actively sought out or otherwise believed herself to need to worry about. After a very short walk across the small village to a hut which seemed to have been barely in standing condition, Augusta deposited the package that she was asked to deliver just within the door, cracking open the door just enough such that she could fit the parcel through, as well as to ensure that those inside would not see her. Whether or not the roof gave in from the poor structure or not, it was not her concern, nor was it something in which she felt had to garner more information or a reaction than which she had already done. Her task had been to deliver the medication that these two needed. There were no conditions set as to how she went about it, and therefore used that as the authority to go ahead and carry out this job in the manner that she saw fit, one in which was the most efficient and secretive.


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