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Disenchanted Potion I [Quest: Galaxy]

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Disenchanted Potion I [Quest: Galaxy] Empty on Sat May 12, 2018 12:34 am

The word of the day was Jewels! And lots of them. After last night's little game of murder, Andromeda decided it was best to start tackling bigger fish as far as request went. She also decided that as much fun as it was to take request with others, it was much faster to do them alone or at least she wouldn't have to rush anyone to get things done. Rolling out of bed she felt a crippling blow to her head, or at least what felt like one. She found herself laying on the cool ground of the inn room she bought. Andromeda didn't want to leave her room now, not with a hangover that was crippling her. The guildless mage closed her eyes and willed the pain away like the mighty force she was raised to be. It really didn't take away the pain but it helped her trick her mind into getting up and dragging herself to the shower and then downstairs to grab some lunch. Yes lunch, Andromeda had awoken in the late afternoon like some lazy no good waste of space. But to be fair being up in the middle of the day after a long night of murder was quite a feat. With her day going smoothly, having a modest breakfast of fried eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage, toast, cereal, toast, orange juice, apple juice, and an apple. Andromeda was quite ready to go and found herself picking up a quest from the request board she made her way to the location printed on it.

She almost missed it. It was a small hole in the wall sort of shop. Something easily looked over and would be missed if an individual wasn't looking for it specifically. Luckily for her she was looking for this shop and pushing the door in she made her way inside. Walking in the shop and taking a look around it, Andromeda found it was nice and quaint. Bottles of potions were neatly placed on shelves, books were stacked  perfectly in book cases and it smelled of something earthy and rich. It honestly took her by surprise. " Hello dear, you must be here for the request I sent out. " Snapping her head towards the voice she found herself staring at a man behind the counter in the back of the store. She hadn't noticed him before and maybe he wasn't there when she walked in, but he was there now and talking directly to her. Walking up the counter she placed the request on the table, turning it so the words faced the man. " Yea I'm here for it... So what do you need me to do exactly? " Andromeda spoke clearly but forcefully as if she weren't going to back down in his presence. " I need a young and willing mage to... Obtain something for me. A lizard you see that's very rare and well protected by Fiore because it's quite endangered. It looks like this. Kill it or bring it back alive it matters not to me but make sure you get the tail of this precious little critter. "



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Andromeda had enough killing for one day but if the little lizard gave her more problems than it was worth, she would be more than happy to cut it down to size, literally. " Oh look at me all business, my name is Dr. Stephan Mabuz, here is a picture of the Green Spined Lizard. It's an interesting creature. It can grow to the size of an newborn baby and some people eat it as it's been called a rare delicacy. Not only that but it has some extraordinarily potent parts of it's body that are essential for creating certain potions. Take the picture with you, it'll be easier to find with it trust me on that. It'll be in the forest outside of oak, try not to get caught because then both of us lose out." Andromeda took the picture from the good doctor Stephan Mabuz and got a long look at it before folding it up neatly and putting in her pants. She was about to get paid a lot for doing almost nothing. She thanked her lucky self that the request she plucked off that board would be an easy one. " So to be clear and so I don't make any mistakes that would cause me to lose out on my payment. You want me to go to outside of oak in the forest to find a lizard and either kill it or bring it back alive? Am I getting that right? "

Andromeda wanted to make sure no nonsense would happen once she was out in those forest, no ambush being set up because of this damn lizard. " Anything you might be leaving out? Anything that might be of importance? Any dangers I should be fully aware of before going to get a harmless lizard? " Her questions were pressing as she raised an eyebrow and folded her arms over her chest, straitening her back in a show of control. She was all about the money but she wasn't about to risk her life for a damn lizard. " Oh no. The lizard itself is quite harmless, it is fast as most lizards are but you don't need to worry about any harm coming from it. As I stated before the Green Spined Lizard is an endangered one and therefore protected by the rune knights of Fiore. The only thing you really have to worry about as far as your safety goes are other dangerous creatures that do naturally inhabit the forest and of course the stray wandering rune knight on patrol, if they go on patrol in the forest. Other than that you are safe and as a mage can defend yourself. " Andromeda gave the good doctor Stephen Mabuz a look over and nodded her head. " Alright then, Time to go get us a lizard. " Turning away from the doctor she went for the door but before she could leave she could hear his voice call out to her. " Oh deary? Please don't damage the tail on that creature. It's the most important part.. It is the only important part. " Andromeda would look back and give a gesture  that meant she understood.



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Once Andromeda was out the door and on the streets of oak she would make her way towards the forest. Oak was lively today and there was still plenty of sunlight out, which was good in her case because she would need to see the damn lizard and be out of the usual chaos that came with being out during the night in oak. As she walked she passed a few shops and thought about picking up some traps or something that would help her catch this damn thing. Traps would be extremely helpful but if she didn't get the right one it could really mess up the tail that the good doctor Stephen Mabuz was so fond of. In the end Andromeda decided against it and would hatch a plan as she went along. It took her a little while to make it to the forest and when she did she realized just how much of a task she had ahead of her. " Oh come on... " Did she just forget what a forest even was? It was going to take all damn day to find this lizard and the good doctor Stephen mabuz didn't even give her a hint about where these rare ass lizards nest. She really didn't want to continue forward but she found herself pushing braches from in front of her face and climbing over rotting logs. The sound of crunching dead leaves could be heard as she moved about the forest, her golden orbs scanning the ground around her with each step.

" This is the worst... And I just had to take this quest alone. It would be faster I said. So much quicker without help. Yea I took on the quest that needed the most damn help. " Making a sort of " pfft " sound she began kicking up the leaves around her, doing so very carefully so that she could look under them. As she looked under every rock and leaf, into every tree hole, and into the nook and cranny of rocks and fallen tree logs Andromeda could feel herself lose hope on finding this thing. Hope, she could remember when she was filled to the brim with that, when she had a purpose and a goal in her life, all that came crashing right the fuck down around her as if she were living in a glass house. She could remember the time were her verdant locks shone a golden blond and her golden eyes shimmered a clear blue and enticing green. Yea, Andromeda could still remember when she allowed a god to control every aspect in her life and in return for that kind of control he gave her power, power that she never thought she would lose. So much for wishful thinking, now that everything that made her who she was stripped away she could hardly care about anything but money and drinking nowadays. Coming to a babbling brook Andromeda bent down to splash some water on her face and hopefully renew some sort of hope in this search.



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With the nerves on her face getting a wake up call from the cool waters of the brook, Andromeda had a renewed sense of hope for finding this Green Spined Lizard. Cupping some water in her hands she splashed in on her hair while pulling it up into a high ponytail to get the emerald locks out of her face. It was time to get down to business. She was thankful that her attire was comfortable or this task would be nothing but harder than it was. Today Andromeda wore a white and blue shirt with short sleeves, a dark hoodie over that shirt that protected her arms, black pants that hugged her subtle curves but protected her legs from the scratch brush and bushes she had to walk by, on her feet her some black sneakers that were good for running in the dirt and real slip resistant when it came to mud and environmental hazards of that nature. Yup she was prepared to work and as she placed her hair in a tight, neat, bun while adding the finishing touches to the style to keep and strays out of her way her golden orbs spotted exactly what she came here looking for. The Green Spined Lizard sat on the other side of the brook sipping up water while keep and eye on Andromeda. Once he was spotted he stopped dead and a eye lock battle between the two began.

" There you are! Lucky! Now.. Come to me ya little critter, I won't hurt you.. Oh no I. WONT! " With that last word she attempted to jump over the brook to catch the lizard, but he was faster than she was and off he went deeper into the forest towards the east. Andromeda wouldn't be bamboozled by a god damn lizard, not today, not in this lifetime, and not in the next either. Picking up her feet she began to hunt it down, her eyes following it and when she lost she followed the sounds of its scurry and the little movements of the leaves until it ran up a tree to tall for her to climb. Frowning Andromeda looked around for something to give her a little extra height to reach the first branch, that way she at least had a chance to follow it up the damn tree. " You ain't getting away, you might as well give up lizard. " As she looked around she heard just the faintest of movements causing her to turn her head around and spot the lizard running away from the tree. " HEY! Get back here. " Andromeda was seething as she was losing light as the day slipped into late afternoon without her even realizing it. Her feet did it's best to keep up with the creature but she lost it's trail. Annoyed she reset her search and when all hope seemed lost she spotted it, maybe it was a different one, maybe the same but there it was sunbathing on a rock. With the stealth of someone super determined she captured the lizard in her bare hands, careful not to crush it. " Gotcha. " Quickly she returned to the good doctor and dropped the lizard in his hand. Accepting payment she quickly left the shop, tired and annoyed.



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