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Clean up Crew (Diana Scalisi)

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#1Diana Scalisi 

Clean up Crew (Diana Scalisi) Empty on Thu May 10, 2018 12:37 am

Diana Scalisi

If there was one thing every battle shared, then it was the fact that no matter who won, there would be casualties to be found on the battlefield. It was a tragic something, and even if it was a battle between two mafia families, Diana held no pleasure in knowing that today's job involved the removal of the bodies from the scene of the conflict. Of course, there were multiple reasons behind the choice to remove the corpses. Ensuring no trace remained of the conflict, give the next of their kin a chance to proper burry their fallen, so many reasons could be added to the list and perhaps it was for that reason that Diana was soberer than usually.

Walking at Remy's side she listened to the man's explanation about how there had been a recent battle between the Martello family and an old rival of them, but while they had won the battle they still suffered quite some casualties.

Once they reached inside the building the first thing Diana saw was the fact that there were at least ten bodies, Remy explaining that the reason nothing happened to the bodies yet being that the building was under construction and that the workers didn't came until the payment was settled, so it was a perfect opportunity for the 'clean up' crew to do their work. Seven out of the Ten corpses belonged to rival members, and when she carried one of those over to Remy the man quickly pulled an axe and told her the reason behind it: they would chop up the corpses to make it easier to carry the remnants.

However, the three bodies belonging to people of the Martello family were an exception. Indeed, Remy asked her to carry those to the back of the building. While she had slung one of the corpses over her shoulder and started walking toward the back of the building she couldn't help but wonder: What did they truly fight for? Was fighting for the Martello family truly a cause worthy enough to die for? She couldn't understand such reasoning, in the end the only ones she was willing to die for was to protect her pack, and she knew Kaede wouldn't forgive her if she kicked the bucket earlier than anticipated. A playful sigh escaped her lips as she placed the first body on the ground and made her way back inside.

Seeing Remy chopping up the corpses of the enemy family made her stomach twist slightly, but she ignored the feeling and instead went to pick up the second body, slinging it over her shoulder while she started to walk back toward the spot she had left the first body.

No, she was never fond of crimes but she did know the importance of bonds, and they were always worth fighting for in her opinion. As she placed the second body beside the first she wondered if that had been the reason why those guys had kicked the bucket in that fight.

Did they not fight for fame and greed? When she inquired to Remy about the reason why those people died the man paused his work for a moment, raising a hand to his chin as he explained with a calm tone. "To them the Martello family is like an actual family, they are a true part of our group, so they would be willing to lay down their lives if it was for the sake of their family. Then again, I guess that might sound a bit weird for an outsider like you."

Diana shook her head lightly as she slinged the third body over her shoulder and started to walk out toward the back of the building again. She understood such reasoning well enough, in the end she would have felt the same if she was fighting for her sister's sake. As she lowered the third corpse onto the ground next to the remaining two the young Lycan thought back about the recent battle she had done. It was fortunate that those thugs were the worst of the worst, else she might had felt guilty at how she killed them all...

Watching Remy come outside with the large bag the man handed her a pouch full of jewels and thanked her for the job, explaining that he would be waiting for someone from the Martello family to come and pick up the bodies. In the end, they needed to be given a proper burial.

Nodding her head lightly she left the scene, walking back into the streets of Oak as she idly wondered about what to do next. Perhaps she should return to the inn and meet up with Kaede, her sister would likely be quite worried about her wellbeing right now.

"Time to return 'home' I guess~"

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