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Fetch me this and that [Diana & Kaede]

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#1Kaede Scalisi 

Fetch me this and that [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 12:52 pm

Kaede Scalisi


Quest: Fetch Me This and That

Rank: D-Rank

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Serena Nightless: Serena is the infamous witch of Oak Town who is known all throughout Fiore for her nefarious deeds. She is rumored to be the leader of a dangerous cult, but nobody knows exactly where she resides or anything about her cult. If she isn't in her home, she wanders around in the form of a black cat.

Summary: Pick up the request which appears to be a scavenger hunt taking place throughout Oak Town. Bring all the missing items to the designated location, only to find out that it was a prank.

Enemies: None

Objective: Find all of the items that the request is demanding and return them to Serena Nightless.

Extra Rewards:

  • +1 Endurance


  • Create a topic in Oak Streets.
  • Proceed towards a bulletin board in Oak Town.
  • Take an apparently old request from the board which appears like a scavenger hunt-like request.
  • Begin to obtain the items that the request is asking for. An old plant, some burnt wood, and a large chunk of metal.
  • Once you've gathered everything, head to the location written on the request.
  • Speak with Serena Nightless who will tell you that the request was not real and will laugh at you.
  • Take the few jewels she tosses you and leave.

Out last mission went along swimmingly, but we were still not done. With a few good hours of daylight left, and another couple of few into the night, we still knew of plenty of money to be made, and had enough energy to make it. Though we may have energy, we still needed food in our stomach... Well, Diana needed it more than I do, that all you can eat lunch defenitely hit the spot for me, and I could have gone without mid afternoon snacks easily.

"You really couldn't resist that ice cream huh?", I ask her, hands around my own cone as i eat through the strawberry filling, calmly sitting outside under the overhang... With an impressive downpour falling down less than two meters away. I look it over warily, sure, rain won't dissolve me, but if fighting in heavy, waterlogged clothes doesn't count as a handicap, I wouldn't know what does, "Well, at least this gives us a chance to sit it out and wait for the rain to go away"

Savoring this ice cream face to face with my sister, I enjoyed this peaceful moment for what it was, unconcerned with what manner of jobs we needed to take to keep living this life, without worrying when we'd run out of money and once more need to steal to have food on the table. Sure, we still have to steal on some of these jobs, but actually having a reliable source of income feels... Safer... Somewhat.

Words: 230

#2Diana Scalisi 

Fetch me this and that [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 12:52 pm

Diana Scalisi

Ice cream was the perfect answer to cooling down from the efforts of the day, and with the two of them having finished a job a few moments ago it was to be expected that the Scalisi sisters wanted to enjoy a little break.

"Mhmm~ It is delicious and helps cool down my body~ Did you notice that despite the rain it's getting quite humid and warm during the day nowadays?"

The wolf girl asked with a sheepish smile as she took another lick of her ice cream. With the two of them able to enjoy their delicious treat under the cover of a balcony, one that kept them dry from the downpour of rain, it was during their momentary break that Diana spotted an old bulletin board next to her, and curiously enough it contained a piece of paper on it!

Grasping a hold of it with her free hand she tugged it off and started reading its contents, seemingly fascinated. "Curious request... all they want is some burnt wood, an old plant that grows near Oak's outskirts and a large chunk of metal, and they pay for it upon delivery... It's like a treasure hunt!"

The girl exclaimed with a childish grin as she looked at Kaede.

WC: 212/800 (20% adventurer discount)

#3Kaede Scalisi 

Fetch me this and that [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 12:53 pm

Kaede Scalisi
She was easy to please, thankfully. With Sera, nothing I ever did could possibly cheer her up, I guess she and I were too much alike in that regard. Dia on the other hand, cheered up with only two things, company and food. I can imagine how even the most unpleasant life might feel joyous with such a straightforward outlook. As I look at her, I find myself wondering what life might look like through her eyes...

"Yeah... I wouldn't guess we're this far up north.", i answer, my gaze lingering over the wet cobblestones further up ahead. It might be a while until the rain subsides, but then that gives us more time to look over the next contrast. I take another nibble of ice cream as pick out one of the contracts off the bulleting board. One of the reasons why I suggested picking this place for a little snack, "That's a lot of money just for a scavenger hunt... Hopefully they're trying to recruit freelancers for more important jobs."

One should always take care when choosing shady jobs. If it seems to good to be true, then there's a fair chance you might be the product and not the employee. I squint slightly as I look over the contract, just in case there's not any fine print we're not seeing... But I find none:

"Well, the rain seems like it's finally slowing...", I comment, eating my ice cream a bit faster as I look at my sister's cheery face, "We should take this chance to head out and see what we find."

Words: 420

#4Diana Scalisi 

Fetch me this and that [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 12:55 pm

Diana Scalisi

"Mhmm~ Perhaps they merely are looking to find some suitable workforce for more important work. So it's like a test?" Humming softly as she pondered about the nature of the request she took another eager lick from the ice-cream before her gaze turned sideways to Kaede, her eyes softening a little.

*Lick* It must have been a startling sensation as the Lycan leaned in and lightly licked her sister's cheek, but as she withdrawn she pointed sheepishly at her own cheek and clarified further. "You left some ice cream there~"

An innocent smile lingered on her lips as she took another lick of her own ice cream and hummed happily. "And everyone knows vanilla and strawberry make for a perfect combination~"

Once their ice creams were finished and the rain had started to subdue she stretched her arms lightly and hummed excitedly. "Time to go on a treasure hunt! I think I know where to go for the burnt wood~ a place my sister was kind enough to torch down recently."

A playful snicker escaped her lips as she seemingly made a reference toward the dinner they had recently burnt down, seemingly considering it a good place to collect some burnt wood from.

WC: 206
Total WC: 418/800

#5Kaede Scalisi 

Fetch me this and that [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 12:56 pm

Kaede Scalisi
"Pretty much. Their way of saying, 'if you can't even do this, we wont bother hiring you for more sensitive tasks'... After all, t-", I explained, raising a finger as we stepped out from under the dripping overhang, now thankfully absent that looming downpour. Though my explanation was cut off by a sudden, warm wetness on my cheek, surprising enough for my eyes to widen for a split second, "Oh...?"

I find Dia next to me with an impish smile, playfully delighted at having licked that leftover ice cream off my face. I don't really mind it, quite the opposite: I don't really if all Lycans show affection this way, after all Diana's the only one i've ever met.

Though I'm far from the most affectionate of people, I find myself smiling back as I rub my sister's head tenderly, scratching that soft spot next to her ear, "Too cute...", i mumble, irresistably petting the girl, before pulling away and tugging my scarf up when i feel that scarcely smile on my face, "A-anyway, let's take care of that mission."

It took me a while to process where she's leading us for the burnt wood, and I almost ask her if she found another of our sisters, but thankfully i curl my lip and remain silent. That... would have defenitely been embarassing:

"Good thinking.", I nod instead, and reaching the place from this morning hardly takes more than a couple of minutes. But after we collect that wood, "We can probably find the metal here too, but we'll need to head out of town for the plant."

Words: 700

#6Diana Scalisi 

Fetch me this and that [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 12:56 pm

Diana Scalisi

A soft purr escaped her lips at the gentle scratching next to her ear, the gesture of affection causing her ears to twitch lightly while her tail wagged with a bit more vigor, yet after a bit the two of them found themselves at the burnt dinner, a place that truly was filled to the brim with burnt wood, and it seemed her sister had even a clever idea to come alongside it: the could find the scrap of metal around here also, and surely nobody would end up missing it!

Nodding in approval as they had gathered the burnt wood and the scrap of metal, the former being something she was more than willing to carry for her sister so that she only needed to worry about the scrap of metal, another obstacle shown itself when they had to go to the outskirts of the town to retrieve the plant. "Hmm, they should have some nearby, but we should make sure not to enter the haunted lands, that place is dangerous, like very dangerous..."

She mumbled the last part to herself as reaffirmation while they reached the outskirts of the forest, the plant already in sight and once they collected it they would just need to deliver it at the drop-off point!

WC: 214
Total WC: 632/800

#7Kaede Scalisi 

Fetch me this and that [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 12:57 pm

Kaede Scalisi
We defenitely picked the motherlode of junk here in Oak... Well, that's probably a stretch, in a city all filled to the brim with junk here and there. The authorities do their best in keeping neat and presentable, and for the main streets they defenitely succeed. But gangsters and criminals are hardly the tidiest of people. If every piece of litter could be used as evidence of their most serious crime, then I have no doubt this city would be the tidiest place in all of Fiore.

But for people like us, this town is ripe with business, with too much offer and too little demand, and we have everything we need to line our pockets for years to come. Thus, we scavenge every bit of metal and burnt wood we can carry unencumbered. Not that the plant would be too heavy, but considering our location, we could find ourselves in dire need of a quick run back to safety:

"True, no sense sticking our heads in the cold for longer than we need to."", I agree with her immediately, and once we reach the woods i keep my eyes and ears sharp, between me and Dia we can easily catch wind of danger and get the hell outta dodge. But until we find that plant, we'll eventually need to come back. Thankfully, it doesn't take long, "This looks like the plant we're looking for.""

As we spot it, I crouch down and pick it up. Plant, wood, metal... I check everything once again, look over the contract, and once I confirm we have everything we need, we're out, back to the city... Just a wet sensation on my chilly hand alerts to a returning rain. Better hurry or we're gonna get soaked...!

Words: 900

#8Diana Scalisi 

Fetch me this and that [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 12:57 pm

Diana Scalisi

Fortunately, they didn't need to wait long for reaching the location defined in the request. A small abandoned park nearby the area they were currently in, but as they reached the area there was nobody there! Well nobody aside from a cat... "What do we have here~ took care of my super important quest didn't you?"

Wait a minute? did that cat seriously just talk? Crouching down before the cat she blinked in bewilderment. "Did that cat just talk?" But in response to those words the cat merely laughed in amusement, answering her with a smug tone. "I'm not a cat you silly pup~"

A sudden puff of smoke consumed the cat, and soon made a mysterious woman take its place. "Heh, didn't think someone would entertain me with a prank like this~ But nonetheless, you two amused me for a bit, and that deserves a reward."

Tossing two pouches full of jewels at the girls the woman turned her back toward the duo and snickered in amusement. "Hopefully you'll let me have more fun next time~"

And with those words the woman turned back into her feline form, pouncing onto a nearby branch and disappearing onto a nearby rooftop, making Diana shake her head lightly in confusion...

"Weird cat lady..."

WC: 216
Total WC: 848/800

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