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We both have weird ears! [Sorcha]

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#26Sorcha Donovan 

We both have weird ears! [Sorcha] - Page 2 Empty Fri May 11, 2018 2:00 am

Sorcha Donovan
Well lets say that even in her weird forest like state, Sorcha was still Sorcha and that meant a prude. She was a gentle being but fierce when it came to inequality because her father always pointed to that one and with that she had tried to fight as bad as she could but fighting with elves had of course always been different than fighting with Lycans or any other being. She had no weapons, her magic didn't react in this forest and there were plenty more reasons to why the elf didn't feel comfertable but she couldn't remember.

She couldn't even remember to why they were fighting as the forest had simply given her a hallucination, pinched her brain in a way and wanted to let her die. Perhaps it was that instinct or sense that she was fighting and that the foret made it so that it seemed Diana her doing, Sorcha wouldn't know, Sorcha was influenced, hurt and angry. They took her brothers and they might be dead now. But let's be fair, she was a prude and a prod against her breast made her immediately sit up straight away from Diana and holding her left arm in front of her chest; mistake number one.

But a blush again crept up on her cheekbones as well the tip of her pointy ears and she stared at Diana, "Why did you do that?" No idea having that it was a mistake, she was than pushed off, which made a lot of sense as she held on to nothing and turned on her own back, still protecting her upper body with her left arm. If only she had a dagger but she realized she didn't want to hurt Diana with a dagger, she had just wanted to stay here but why?

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#27Diana Scalisi 

We both have weird ears! [Sorcha] - Page 2 Empty Fri May 11, 2018 2:36 am

Diana Scalisi

The Lycan blinked in bewilderment at the change of demeanor of the elf. The way she sat up straight and used her left arm to protect her chest, the blush on her cheeks, it all had thrown the Lycan off-course mentally due to her combative instincts, and when she finally flipped the elf onto her back and still didn't receive an attempted attack Diana replied in bewilderment. "I was trying to get you off me..."

Sitting upright so that she was now straddling the elf Diana raised her hand absent-mindedly upwards toward her face, trying to think of something. It wasn't like she didn't knew what breasts were, and the fact that they were usually only touched when washing or showing a special sort of affection, so why did it cause such a strong reaction from the elf?

Could it be... that the special sort of affection was causing the haunted lands their influence on Sorcha to lessen? Was that the reason why her behavior was changing? If that was the case then perhaps that... might had been the answer she sought! The way to save Sorcha!

Her ears twitched slightly at the sudden realization, and deciding to take the gamble she swiftly moved in for her attack. Her hands moved to the shoulders of the elf, hoping to keep her pinned down onto the ground while she did the most unthinkable action one might have expected in a fight: She tried to kiss the elf!

It was an innocent kiss, just a mere brushing of the lips but if her assumption was right.. After the attempted kiss she leaned back and inquired with a surprisingly serious tone. "Did you snap out of it yet? Please tell me you did, because else I'm going to have to manhandle you to take you back to safety..."

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#28Sorcha Donovan 

We both have weird ears! [Sorcha] - Page 2 Empty Fri May 11, 2018 3:33 am

Sorcha Donovan
She was definitely not comfortable with her back on the ground and Diana sitting on top of her. She tried to squirm her way out of it but as that felt worse, she decided to stop moving, she didn't know what to do, it wouldn't have bothered her at first with the prob against her breast but now, she still had not lost the red bright colour on her cheeks.

While trying to figure out a way to get out of here, she felt the push on her shoulders and looked up at Diana, "he." she said softly as she not really understood what kind of attack would happen because of that, she had thought now to kick Diana off her by moving her right leg quickly up, but she couldn't hit Diana before she gave Sorcha a..

a kiss...

The elf stared with big amber eyes at the lycan, unmovable at first, she heard the girl speak to her about snapping out of it, she had no idea out of what, she had actually no idea how it came to the point that she was on the ground and that she was getting a soft peck on her lips. So it took a while before Sorcha was able to answer, "Get off!" When Diana did she set up straight, moving her legs close to her body and staring at her surroundings, it probably had to do with the woods and they must have influenced Diana too, "What's going on?" She turned her face again, and moving her braid over her shoulder to pluck the little leaves and grass out of it. Her breath stopped as her eyes saw the corpses, no longer did the halucination work on her but it always did hurt her to see a dead elf, the beauty stolen from it and the time catching up. She stood up and walked towards the elf, "Your fight is over. Let the earth welcome you back." she said as what her mother had learned her various ways of their elven beings. She no longer saw her brother and turned around, "I think you indeed have to get me out of here." Where she believed to be stronger against it, she might even be weaker considering her thoughs and prayers and the weakness of her race; nature.

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#29Diana Scalisi 

We both have weird ears! [Sorcha] - Page 2 Empty Fri May 11, 2018 4:09 am

Diana Scalisi

Seeing that Sorcha was finally calming down the Lycan let out a long sigh of relief, yet the flustered exclamation made her blink in confusion for a moment before replying calmly. "Right~ Right~" Climbing back on her feet the wolf girl brushed off the dirt and looked at Sorcha in bewilderment. "You forgot already? You got affected by the forest, started to hallucinate and wanted to spend the rest of your life babysitting a corpse. Had to go as far as trying to force you to go back with me."

The Lycan watched quietly as she allowed Sorcha to give her last rights to the fallen elf, upon which Sorcha mentioned that she wanted to leave this place.

"Good decision, best one I heard today." The Lycan exclaimed as she turned to face the elf and continued her explanation. "We should go back now, before the corruption gets back to---"

Yet mid-sentence she suddenly started coughing, her eyes narrowing as she felt her canines growing longer, a hand raised to her mouth as beneath her attire she felt her lean and lithe frame starting to grow larger, a sign her body was starting to change.

It took all of her willpower not to give in right there and then, her body returning back to normal as she mumbled softly. "Let's go back."

And with that, she started to march back toward the outskirts of Oak, every now and then glancing at the elf.

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#30Sorcha Donovan 

We both have weird ears! [Sorcha] - Page 2 Empty Tue May 15, 2018 3:27 am

Sorcha Donovan
She sat herself upright and brushed the mud and leaves out of her hair, she had no idea what just happened, something the haunted lands had done, a fair calculating mistake, she was more vunerable than anyone else. As an elf that is, even humans were after her. It was stupid from her. She listened, and after that she would say goodbye to the corpse as the healing verse they would use, or that her mother tought her, she wasn't sure if it was lost on other beings. Sorcha made sure that it was gone right, it was not her brother, not any of them or her parents. There was still something left, some hope that would tell her it was possible to find them. Sorcha would never give up.

Sorcha lowered her eyes as she turned back to Diana, it had been a weird tingling sensation in her mind as she had no idea what now happened but indeed, they had to get back before the corruption would start again. But she looked up as Diana stopped mid sentence and she heard the Lycan cough, "Diana? Are you alright?" She had to put her hearing on sharp as she heard Diana say something softly and she nodded, "Yes, yes let's walk on." She had never seen a lycan transformation and as much as Sorcha liked to learn, she wouldn't want to figure it out in the haunted lands. She took if possible Diana her upper arm to lead her on, to walk as fast as she could.

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#31Sorcha Donovan 

We both have weird ears! [Sorcha] - Page 2 Empty Fri May 25, 2018 2:04 am

Sorcha Donovan
It was actually quite a walk and she tried to tell herself again how she was bad for losing her mind. Jian had told her that her brothers had been here, that meant they were alive and perhaps out of Oak already and that meant that she should leave as well, the forest wouldn't leave an elf or any other being alive and she couldn't and wouldn't believe that her brothers would have joined Phantom Lord to avoid that pain. No, if she was already so desperate to find any woods where they might be staying, she should really check out the green town of Orchidia and go there, but for now she had to get Diana out of the woods too.

She supported her new friend to carry her out with a quicker step, the forest should not get a hold on her friend especially not after saving Sorcha herself. All was good as soon as they would get the fresh air, and even if they were at the edge of the forest or just out of it, she walked on a little further, but not into town, she didn't know how the lycan would react to human beings or anyting else and she didn't want to push her buttons in case it would get worse. She wouldn't forgive herself, she waited a little for Diana to calm down before she apologized as it was her fault to go into the woods, after that she told Diana that it was madness to look around and that she was sure Killian and Hunter had left and that she would look in another town, she had Orchidia in mind and left not long after that.


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We both have weird ears! [Sorcha] - Page 2 WpMV1nH

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