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Experimental Hexes [Diana & Kaede]

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#1Diana Scalisi 

Experimental Hexes [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 7:13 am

Diana Scalisi

If there was one thing Diana loved, then it was the moment that came after a job was finished. Perhaps it was childish of her, but there were a few things that could get her as excited as having a full-on course at a restaurant, and when Kaede told her she could have as much as she could eat, her sister would no doubt regret that choice. There they were seated at their booth at the restaurant, the wolf girl happily munching away on some chicken fillet, yet it was not just 'any' chicken fillet. A gaze sideways at the other side, the unoccupied half of the table would have shown a small mountain of empty dishes piled up.

"Chicken~ Chicken~ Chicken~" Diana hummed happily, her chant accompanied with a bright grin as she checked some more of that delicious meat before reaching for the goblet with juice and taking a nice long chug from it. "Aaaah~ This is paradise~" the Lycan mused happily, a hand rubbing her stomach while she looked at the young lady on the other side of the table. "Kae-Kae~ Thank you for the meal!" Diana exclaimed with a sheepish grin as she clasped both hands together in what might have looked like a gesture of gratitude.

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#2Kaede Scalisi 

Experimental Hexes [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 7:19 am

Kaede Scalisi
So bright... Looking at her felt like staring at the sun. Sera had always been the gloomy one, as was I... As were most of our siblings really... But not Dia. No matter how and where she lived, she always had that lovely, radiant cheer plastered across her face. So long as you gave her something to eat of course,

"Give you a full course meal and you're happy huh...? Just like that?", I ask her, almost playfully, admiting her humming tune as the waiter brings the next round of food. It's an all you can eat buffet, so neither of us will hold back, but... No matter how much I eat, she'll always eat twice that and then more.

Then again, I doubt i'll lose to her by that much today. I havent eaten anything decent since breakfast, and i've had this aching in my stomach ever since we finished this mission. With fork and knife yet in hand, I await the last round, and before long, a good long chug of water signals both our meals being over:

"Ah... That hit the spot...", unlike her, my tone's almost melancholic, monotone, though i must have been smiling at some point. Not that i dont like being with her, quite the opposite... But im content just looking at her; in a way, being here with her is my idea of paradise, "Oh...? Why are you thanking me...? Well, you're welcome.", i tilt my head, confused; i may have treated her, but keeping your family fed is only natural right?

Still, nothing beats actually having money to pay for your food, instead of running away with your stomach full. A handful of jewels pays for the meal, and before long, we're on our way:

"So, did you find something about the next job?", I inquire, standing up from my seat

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#3Diana Scalisi 

Experimental Hexes [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 7:20 am

Diana Scalisi

"Happiness is felt the greatest in the stomach~" Diana hummed playfully, giving her stomach a little rub as if to confirm the statement she made. However, as they enjoyed the meals they each had ordered and her words of gratitude were spoken Kaede responded with a hint of bewilderment in her voice. It made the Lycan grin sheepishly as she explained further. "If not for you, I might have had to continue my diet of Bacon Straps~" Not that those tasted bad, but she still enjoyed an actual meal much more than those type of things people might consider rations for soldiers going to a war.

Still, it seemed that in the wake of the fun, a period she gave closure after taking a final chug from the goblet to drown away the juice into the abyss that was known as her stomach and as Kaede rose from her seat she followed, explaining about the next job as they left the restaurant after ensuring all was paid for.

"Seems our next job involves testing some hexes for the owner of a 'questionable' store." She didn't know that much about curses and those type of goods a dark mage usually carried with them, but she decided it was best to leave those thoughts to Kaede, who was the brains of their little duo.

"Got two pieces of parchment here, each one contains the instructions for casting one of the hexes, once we did all of them we simply got to report back and voila~"

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#4Kaede Scalisi 

Experimental Hexes [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 7:23 am

Kaede Scalisi
"Is that so...? Then, I'm happy.", I tell her, reaching out and ruffling her hair, petting that spot between her ears as she pets her own stomach. Damn... If only keeping Sera's mood up was this easy, "Though I never thought I'd hear you shy away from bacon straps."

There would be time for more food after we finished this next job, and after doing enough of them, we could afford even all you can eat buffets like that one on a daily basis. Might be too much for me, but Dia would defenitely appreciate it... And in the end that's all I need to know. To keep my sister happy, while we look for our other siblings, together. Still, as she spoke of the next job and i looked into those unusual eyes, i couldn't help feel this was a bad pick:

"Magic huh...?", I scratch my head, looking visibly unsure about this, "Not really my thing, but it's paying work.", I have my priorities set straight, and getting paid weighs far more than knowing nothing about magic. So i shrug, and lean over towards Dia, looking those parchment, "What do the instructions say?"

Regardless of whether Dia reads them aloud, i read it myself too, and notice how absurdly simple it is. Just look at a target and speak those words. No need for reverse pickpocketing curse charms, or anything of the sort. It's easier to target people who are alone, who can possibly even be excused for freaking out in the middle of the street, and its far easier for us to do this unnoticed if start casually talking:

"Still, the day went and turned cloudy all of a sudden...", i note, looking around for possible targets

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#5Diana Scalisi 

Experimental Hexes [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 7:23 am

Diana Scalisi

Although she was quick to whisper the instructions to Kaede, she had to admit that for a magical hex it sounded quite simple. They just needed to say the phrase to trigger the hex while thinking about the person they wanted to curse. Sounded simple enough, and it seemed that was something Kaede agreed with. However, as they left the restaurant and walked along the streets her sister's comment about the weather made the girl shift her gaze upwards. "I wouldn't be surprised if it starts raining in a bit, judging from the look of things it might even be a storm."

However, her attention was quickly pulled by an unfamiliar scent, and a glimpse into the direction revealed someone who might have been a perfect target. A young man was tinkering at a gadget near the outskirts of the village, seemingly distracted by his work. "Hmm, one of those 'weather tellers, or is it weathermen? Perhaps they would be a good target to try the first hex on? He seems too distracted by his tinkering to notice us."

There was, of course, another reason she had specified him rather than someone who was walking on the streets, considering the first hex was one that made the victim overly sensitive, so she imagined it would cause a lot less of an issue if they targeted him, in comparison to dealing with someone in a crowd. At most he might just start feeling uncomfortable due to the encroaching foul weather, or the fact his work didn't get done swiftly enough.

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#6Kaede Scalisi 

Experimental Hexes [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 7:27 am

Kaede Scalisi
Yup, it sounded far too simple actually but then again, then again this was likely the magic shop clerk's goal with this product, to sell something even his most magically impaired customers could use to fruitful effects. I had no clue if Dia understood my objective - to talk about something that could let us speak the magic words without drawing attention - but if she did, she was one hell of an actress. Either way, all the better for us:

"Hopefully not, we already had too many of those in past few days...", as I looked at the skies warily every so often, I thought back to a time when a rainy day meant a wet bed...

My sister didn't seem too troubled by it though, she shrugged off most of anything, especially things that prevented others things from catching fire. As she sniffed the air, I suddenly turned my heard her way, interested by whatever she sniffed up:

"Oh...? A weather man huh... Well, if this turns into a storm...", I keep my eyes fixed on the tinkering weartherman, who had no trouble coping with the chilly gales neither me nor Diana cared much for. He'd be a perfect subject, "...The stimuli might prove too much for him."

And indeed it did, and far sooner than expected.

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#7Diana Scalisi 

Experimental Hexes [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 7:28 am

Diana Scalisi

Indeed, while previously the man seemed unaffected by the chilly gales, that quickly changed as the poor soul started to shiver and sneeze, making Diana tilt her head lightly to the side in confusion as the man started to grumble and curse beneath his breath and soon packed up his gadget and marched away, quite irritated all of a sudden.

"Wow, he sounds as grumpy as me when someone steals my meat." Diana mumbled softly before looking at Kaede. However, her eyes quickly caught sight of the fact the runes that made up the hex had started to fade away from the parchment, making her hum softly. "So it's a one-use thing. Hmm, seems the remaining one is supposed to make your limbs act all weird... I guess we should use it on someone who isn't going to get hurt severely from the hex's effect..."

Musing softly she suddenly felt the rain droplets fall from the sky, making her blink lightly as her fur became wet, but in the wake of the rainstorm the streets started to empty and a middle-aged woman wearing a fancy dress, a way too expensive one from the looks of it and a magical umbrella above her head seemingly shown up as a perfect target for her to try the next hex on.

"Decrepify" the lass hummed softly, yet after a moment as the runes disappeared from the paper she found the lady had only started to limb away. "Odd, she was supposed to lose her ability to walk for an hour..."

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#8Kaede Scalisi 

Experimental Hexes [Diana & Kaede] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 7:30 am

Kaede Scalisi
"Oh, I'd be pretty annoyed at that too.", i quickly tell her; as former thief, the last thing I want is some chump stealing my hard earned goods too. Call it professional pride, call it whatever, but I'd find him and pilfer everything down to his underwear. And I don't even like stealing that much.

There are no losers in war, no cheaters either: only winners and deceased. And both of these spells can turn the tides of battle. The first one used after inflicting pain can debilitate an opponent long enough to finish him, while the second can cripple their mobility. Neither of these spells need to last more than an instant, as one a single moment can make or break a fight.

As I felt the rain on my face, I turned my palm upwards on instinct, resting my hand on Dia's arm as I guided her under the safety of an overhang. There we could watch the passerby's and eventually locate our next target. I didn't care who i struck so long as it didn't come back to bite me, but Dia was far more considered. She targeted a wealthy lady with an umbrella who wouldn't suffer much from the rain:

"You're too kind, Dia...", I tell her, not so much a praise or admonishment, a mere observation. It's who she is though, and what makes her a genuinely good person, perhaps more so than any of us, "Well, if you use that against a running enemy in battle, it's a certain kill.", I note, visibly appreciating the implications and not afraid to hide them. After all one must use every tool at their disposal to survive in the heat of battle, "Guess we can go tell our client about the success of his hexes... And then get something to eat."

I knew that last part would get Dia beaming again, and all the better. She's the only ray of sunshine in this gloomy weather...

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