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Baska Town to Orchidia Town [Foot Traveling]

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Baska Town to Orchidia Town [Foot Traveling] Empty Tue May 08, 2018 5:14 am

You've slipped under my skin,
poisoned my blood and seized my heart.

I suppose this is what we call being in the wrong place at the wrong time,” a dry chuckle escaped the woman’s lips; blood dripped from her jaw and a twisted smile adorned her pretty face. I know, I know,” Seira’s voice was merely a whisper when she gently placed her small hand to the dying girl’s cheek, caressing it as if she understood what she was going through—and in a way, she was. You—and everyone who came before you—made a great sacrifice I will never forget. I have lived in Baska Town for long enough to understand that while still a human life, yours wasn’t worth as much as the ones I chose to spare, but surely you understand that.”    

The Vampiress successfully convinced her lover to leave the village head of time; Finn’s return had brought quite a lot of confusion with it and forced her to change her plans—and her lifestyle—yet again, but the efforts it took were a low price to pay if it meant having him by her side. The Adventurer didn’t need to know of the things she chose to do behind his back and after she’d successfully stirred up a reasonable amount of disdain towards the town inside of him, he had left without looking back and surely he didn’t plan on returning anytime soon. This meant that she could move around freely now, for as long as she wished while Finn would never learn of her evil deeds.

It was better that way.    

Seira spent an entire week feeding and regaining her strength before she chose to leave the town. She was heading towards Orchidia, a place she’d been to many times before, although she usually chose not to stay for too long—perhaps now would be different? She expected to meet Finn there, but even if she didn’t things would be okay. Anywhere was better than here after all.

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Baska Town to Orchidia Town [Foot Traveling] LqKLdpe

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