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Magnolia to Oak (Foot Travel)

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Magnolia to Oak (Foot Travel) Empty Tue May 08, 2018 12:32 am

A peculiar rumors had reached Y'shtola's ears. According to the story, there had been a rather curious sighting within Oak town, one unlike any she had heard before. A young woman had been causing problems in Oak, but that wasn't all of it. No, according to the rumor this woman was special. Special in what way? Well, to be a bit more specific, she seemingly possessed a pair of canine ears and a tail!

Of course, this rumor had quickly drawn Y'shtola's attention, for the wild neko had never before met such a being before. However, she had read stories about them in the past. According to the tales they were people of the wild, just like her. A proud and honorable species lot who possessed the essence of a wolf in them. Some might had called them monsters, others might had referred to them as Werewolves or Lycan, but in Y'shtola's eyes those Lycan were 'children of the wild'.

How could she possibly not be excited at the thought of meeting one of them? It was for that reason the Neko had left behind Magnolia, her search soon causing her to go back onto the path once more.

According to the rumors this person was last seen somewhere in Oak, a casle town of sorts that often had a rumor of being somewhat unruly. Whether it was part of that taint that dwelled in human society, or a darker threat remained to be seen, but at this point she couldn't care any less.

She wanted to meet with this Lycan, to see if she could possibly become an ally in the conflict she was fighting currently. Still, what type of person would this Lycan be? So many questions remained, and if she was entirely honest? It excited her a little.

Although the journey was long, Y'shtola never found a reason to complain, perhaps because for all intentions and purposes she was quite used to the concept of traveling by herself, and when one is raised in the wilderness long journeys are quite natural.

In fact, her pace was actually surprisingly swift, making her way along the roads with the agile nimbleness that one would associated to a cat, easily avoiding any obstacles that might cross her path.

However, it was a day after she left Crocus behind that the wild Neko stumbled onto troubles. She should have expected the signs, the fact the roads were suddenly abandoned along a small path that ran along a forest, so when a group of hooded figures appeared and threatened her she knew what was going on: she was being robbed.

Or rather, a bunch of fools were trying to rob her... The first of the thugs approached her, an attempt to grab the pouch on her belt leading to a disastrous result when she punched her fist toward his gut, the man seemingly not considering her much of a threat, a choice he would regret when her claw emerged from her knuckle.

The man cried in agony as he collapsed onto his back, holding his bleeding stomach while Y'shtola eyed the remaining thugs. There were two more, one carried a large axe, the type lumbermen tended to carry with them, while the other was brandishing a simple dagger. Surprisingly enough Y'shtola considered the one with the dagger the greatest threat. Wielding a weapon like that axe would have made the thug quite predictable in his attacks, a bit too predictable even and considering his slow movements he would take way too long to be able to land a hit on her.

Still, she had not much time to spare, for the dagger-wielding thug rushed at her, a stab toward her chest making the wild neko nimbly dash sideways and lunge at him with her claw, the sharp appendage slashing sideways along his throat and making the man collapse onto his knees with a painful cry, while at the same time Y'shtola's gaze shifted toward the final obstacle: the axe-wielding baboon.

Rushing at him she knew the moment that axe was lifted up into the air that a frontal attack was aimed her way, so all she needed to do was make a simple sidestep and slash at his arms, the slashing attack being enough to make the man drop his weapon with a pained cry while she launched a kick into his stomach, one with enough force to make him reel over and collapse onto the ground.

That was that, now that she had dealt with that commotion she needed to get back on the road! In the end, she still had a fair bit to travel before she would reach Oak, and hopefully that mysterious 'wolf-like' lady would still be there by the time she arrived... Else her entire trip would had been for nothing!


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