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Dahlia to Magnolia [Foot Travel]

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#1Vyrst Walken 

Dahlia to Magnolia [Foot Travel] Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 1:21 pm

Vyrst Walken
Vyrst had just finished an interesting new experience involving a creature of the night. He had just expected to go on a nice date or something but it turns out he had caught the attention of some sort of vampire that wanted his blood. He was not going to complain of course, since he was still alive and all. The food she made as an apology was pretty good too. She was interesting enough that he wouldn't mind meeting her again one day, but he would leave that up to fate to decide for now. Having experienced enough new and interesting things in Dahlia, he felt it was time to move to a new location and find some more interesting things to do.

Before leaving town he decided to hit up a pub and talk with some people. It was mostly ruffians and such but he was somewhat of a troublemaker himself so he fit right in with the crowds. After drinking a large amount of alcohol and having a nice hearty meal, he set off towards the direction of Magnolia, hoping to meet some interesting people along the way or something. He didn't actually end up running into anyone along the way, but that tended to happen sometimes so he dint mind much.


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