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Crash The Cash House (Diana & Kaede)

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#1Diana Scalisi 

Crash The Cash House (Diana & Kaede) Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 10:11 am

Diana Scalisi

How had it come to this? A question the young lady asked herself as she chewed on a small bacon stick. Although eating meat usually put her in a good mood, she had to admit that right now at most it helped keep her nerves under control. Another chew followed as her ears twitched lightly and she turned her gaze toward her companion. She couldn't help but shake off the feeling that the guy they were going to help was far from good news, no it was likely that helping Martin Martello would simply cause another problem to add to their list of situations they had to handle. And yet here she was, but not for the sake of wealth, fame or power. No, a glimpse at her companion made it clear that Diana was here only for the sake of her 'pack'.

"You're sure about this Kae-Kae? I got a sharp nose, and everything about this task smells like trouble to me."

Then again, it wasn't like they had much in terms of allies either, considering the family had scattered to the wind and right now she had only just recently found Kaede after a difficult search across Fiore.

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#2Kaede Scalisi 

Crash The Cash House (Diana & Kaede) Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 10:26 am

Kaede Scalisi
How had it come to this...? Well, for me this was simply another day, business as usual. Find work wherever, so I might have bacon on the table at the end of the day. It feels so lonely with Sera though, without any of my siblings. I still can't believe she's gone, and I'm sure she's alright. She has to be... I'd know it if something wasn't, she'd have told me, right? That loneliness... I hadn't felt as empty in a long time, if ever. No matter how bad things go, I always had them around. But then everything changed. Just yesterday, while I was out looking for Sera, i found somebody else instead. Another of my siblings, Diana:

"That's good... If it didn't, then it would be too good to be true, and that's never reassuring.", I answered, looking back at my sister, as if looking away from her for too long might make her disappear again, "At the end of the day, if you want bacon, we need to work for it."

I only look away from her to look at the map our client gave us. Simple enough job, but we still gotta be careful. So, no barging in through the front door without knowing how many of them are around. As we walk over to the dinner under the gentle shimmer of the morning rays, we know we can't do any of this in broad daylight... So we slip into an alley as I slow my pace, head turning left and right to look for enemies.

"Keep your eyes peeled, Dia... Or, well, nose.", I cock my head as I correct myself from that little miss, I guide her towards the back door...

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#3Diana Scalisi 

Crash The Cash House (Diana & Kaede) Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 10:27 am

Diana Scalisi

Leave it to Kaede to be the wary one of the duo, but perhaps that was part of the entire reason the young lady had made it so far. However, with Kaede's reasoning being that they needed to do this type of work in order to have food on the table the Lycan sighed in amusement. "For this type of work we deserve more than bacon straps... like beef steak or fried chicken." The Lycan hummed softly while letting her gaze drift along the alleyway. However, upon hearing her sister's words the lass pouted in annoyance.

"My eyes work just as well..." But yet understanding the direness of the situation she sniffed along the air, trying to figure out if she could catch any scents. She had indeed a very sharp nose, to the point she could smell any scent up to a moderate distance away from her, and right now it was only just the two of them in the alleyway, in fact as they approached the location of their task she couldn't even notice any scents inside either.

"Hmm are they closed for the day? I'm not catching any scents of people inside either..."

Musing those words softly she turned her gaze at Kaede, waiting to see what she would do next.

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#4Kaede Scalisi 

Crash The Cash House (Diana & Kaede) Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 10:28 am

Kaede Scalisi
"Hell, we can treat ourselves to a full course meal after a job like this.", I added immediately, knowing these magic words would quickly give her that last piece of motivation she needed. I should think of buying some beef jerky one of these days, I remember Dia loved those and how easy a way it was to spur her along with us.

I know this is hardly a safe job, but ever since Sera disappeared, I really don't want to let Dia out of my sight, all so she can disappear again. Having them around makes me feel warm, and without any of them... I'd be far too lost for comfort. Of course, I knew her eyes work just alike the next person's... But even though I did, I still said that. Why? Surely not because I missed hearing Dia's pouty tone... It sure had been a long time since I last heard it.

Soon, that comparatively fresh air of Oak gave way to the pissed up stench of abandoned alley, as we neared the door, of old dried up grease and oil. Dia could likely separate pick out different smells even under the stench that makes my nose twitch, but she mustn't find it pleasant, and so I lead her inside at the first door I see:

"Yeah, this is what they told me too.", I tell her, looking into her eyes for a brief moment, nodding, and then pushing the door open, slowly but surely. Her warning lets me relax somewhat, but I still feel on edge, focused as I step inside, hand gripping the hilt of my sword.

#5Diana Scalisi 

Crash The Cash House (Diana & Kaede) Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 10:30 am

Diana Scalisi

"A full course meal?" Despite the questioning tone, it was clear those magical worlds caught her attention entirely, her tail excitedly wagging back and forth behind her as she eagerly nodded her head in approval of the idea. It was evident that this was just the bit of motivation she needed because she quickly wiped away the bit of drool that started to drip from the corner of her mouth as they made their way into the dinner.

Of course, Diana's gaze shifted around the area quite quickly, her ears twitching and her nose catching the various scents of the dinner materials, but not a single trace of a person was to be found inside the building. "The bag of cash we needed to find is supposed to be somewhere inside the dinner, right? Let's go find it so that we can have dinner~"

The Lycan exclaimed eagerly, walking past Kaede as she hummed happily about all sorts of meat-related dishes while her gaze drifted around the room. It seemed they were in the back of a storage room, a door up ahead leading into what she assumed to be the dinner itself, the place where guests could get to enjoy their meals.

"Just so you know, I'm not going anywhere near the task of torching down this place~ Cooking a meal is one thing, roasting a building is an entirely different story~"

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#6Kaede Scalisi 

Crash The Cash House (Diana & Kaede) Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 10:31 am

Kaede Scalisi
Once inside, the moldy smell of old grease mixed in with the sheer amount of dust in the air, so much I couldn't help but raise my muffler over my mouth, all as I quitely reassured my sister of the importance of our work here:

"A full course meal", I repeated, assertively, all but whispering now that we're indoors. I could almost smile as I looked at her, at that infectiously cheery look on her face, "First, we find a restaurant where they let us eat everything we want, and then we drive them bankrupt."

So while Diana went off to look for the bag of money, i trusted her to sniff it out and instead got to work on the second half of our job. To burn this dump right down to the ground, that way hide any evidence of what had been done here. But I also know the boss couldn't care less about the evidence in the end. The enemies wouldn't be able to figure out who did it, but they'd have a pretty good idea... And that way the message would have been sent, unquestionably.

"I figured...", I tell her, not really surprised or expecting otherwise; instead, I'd much prefer to do this myself, without leaving my wolfish sister at the mercy of these flames, "I'll take care of the clean up, and then I'll be right behind you."

So much trash littered around made this whole place a fire hazard, so I hardly had to do much in the end. A half empty bottle of bourbon and a box of matches did the trick. After locating them, I'd wait until Dia found what we came to fetch:

"This is it...? Is that all the money we're supposed to get?", I ask her, expecting a positive answer. In the end, I smile and rest a hand on her shoulder, "You should take that and go on ahead... I don't want you anywhere near this place once I torch it."

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#7Diana Scalisi 

Crash The Cash House (Diana & Kaede) Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 10:33 am

Diana Scalisi

It didn't take long for Diana to find what they were looking for, but how in the world did she find the concealed money bag so easily in the storage room? The answer was quite simple: dirt. Sniffing around quickly gave her a trail to the storage room where she found several oddly placed tiles near a corner of the room, and after crouching down she spotted a small space between some tiles, a little tug making the tile come loose and reveal the aforementioned bag full of juicy jewels in it. Of course, upon returning to the dinner she raised the hand that contained the bag and smirked at her. "I 'sniffed' out the cash~ Although, I expected it to be more..."

Mumbling softly the wolfish girl nodded her head lightly. "I'll wait for ya outside, so we can get this job done, and then grab that full course meal."

Her tail happily wagging as she made her way outside the back of the dinner the lass wandered out of the building and back into the alley before waiting for Kaede to catch up to her, upon which once they reached the end of the alley and blend in with the crowd watched the fiery spectacle from a safe distance.

Handing over the bag to Kaede she watched the fiery spectacle together, yet her gaze shifted slightly, from the corner of her eye watching, and noticing the unfamiliar scent approach them.

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#8Kaede Scalisi 

Crash The Cash House (Diana & Kaede) Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 10:47 am

Kaede Scalisi
Yes, not for a moment did I doubt Dia's ability to pull this off way faster than me; kinda why i left the searching part of the job to her. She'd always been good at this, she hated stealing and especially killing, but the whole "finder's keepers" was always fair game.

"Well, lets just hope he's not expecting more than this or I might have to hightail outta there.", I comment,taking the bag and hefting it, and then ruffling the girl's hair affectionately, "Still, well done"

She always loved when I did that, does she still do? Regardless, when she said she walked out, I just nodded:

"I'll be back in a few.", and got to work right away. First off, I emptied the battle of bourbon atop a stack of littered wood. I made sure there was plenty more wood to help spread the fire, and in a greasy place like this, that really wouldn't be too hard. Just one match started a nice little bonfire, but it would take hours to burn the whole place down... No, i needed something more. Using another stack of wood near some central columns, I started a bigger bonfire on the way out, and then ran up to Dia:

"And that takes care of that.", resting a hand on my shoulder, I almost manage another smile, right before my stomach growls until i pull up my scarf, embarassed, "L-lets just go bring this in and get that full course meal."

Thankfully, even though the bag felt light the boss found all the money he was expecting, and was especially pleased to hear the cash house had already burned down when we got back to him. He lined our pockets and asked if he could do it again sometime soon.

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