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Lost and Found [Bobby]

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#1Kaede Scalisi 

Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:12 pm

Kaede Scalisi
Where was Sera...? I woke up with a sense of emptiness next to me, soon to become an aching void deep within the moment I opened my eyes. I tensed immediately, anxiously at the absent sight that should have been laying next to me, and got up in a flash, hurriedly swapping out pajamas for proper clothes. Where could Sera have gone to, why? For the first time since... Well, since always, really... I'm completely alone. It's painful; I find myself squeezing helplessly at my chest, as if that would heal the anguish building within. No, I have to find her. Taking deep breaths, i sit down on the bed, resting my chin on my hands... Where could she have gone?

"Could she really have left Oak by herself...?"

Without me...?

At that moment i felt like a helpless kid once again, and after that really pitiful though, I put on my clothes and stepped outside, with a renewed focus. I have to find her... But, where...? Where might Sera go to? Before I know it, I find myself rubbing my chin and looking down, almost strumbling at the last step of the stairs... As i had outside, i shield my eyes from the sun's glare and look around, until an unpleasant, aching growl gets my attention:

"Right... Food."

I'm clearly not used to eating alone, nor do I plan to be... But no matter, for now, I just entered the nearest bakery and sat at the table.


Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:13 pm


Bobby was enjoying his day out, not only had he vanquished a Lycan not long before coming out today but he did it in excellent fashion collecting the corpse and handing it to the proper authorities. He even made sure to gain quite a bit of praise for it. He scooped up the remains and carried him to the nearest Rune Knights facility. It was a heavy bastard, and stunk to high hell but atleast he managed to gain a bit of fame with his fellow nights, or more so rubber shoulders with the privates who carried the deceased Lycan to another room.

Bobby considered himself a hero now, he wore only the finest in suits, his voice had deepened his walk change to a hop and skip and his shoulders lowered, he was all around a man now, and he felt good. He was ready to get moving and he was ready to move on from killing. Oh who was he kidding he was so ready to get more fame for killing the beast. With his sword on his hip he entered an eatery and with a grin on his face put his nose in the air from all of the non Lycan slayers. He was so confident now that he plopped into someone's table. "Hello darling, why don't you order me some food, we lycan kilers get pretty hungry, and if you're good i'll let you massage my back.":

#3Kaede Scalisi 

Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:14 pm

Kaede Scalisi
"Huh...?", is the only answer he gets, a faint look of confusion with a fair bit of surprise. No annoyance though, and that surprised me more than anything else.

I'm not so clueless to not know why men come up and talk to me for no apparent reason... Usually Sera's their target, not me. Well, it's always Sera when we're together, and that often annoys her, which in turn annoys me. All in all, I hardly see it as a good thing, and at any other time, no amount of bragging about killing Lycans would have gotten me to share a table. It still doesn't really impress me, nor would he see any expression other than the same I show everyone else. What is it Sera calls it...? Yeah, 'Deadpan', that's it.

I'm too used to eating with someone else, this guy can be a complete stranger, but I really don't mind him at all.

"No. Aren't you getting paid already...?", that's about all I managed to get across, raising a doubtful eyebrow as I put down the menu and lean back. He's still a stranger, he could still be an enemy I'll have to deal with at one point or another... But for now, he can sit there if he really wants to, though why does he think I'll give him a massage? I just wave my hand dismissively, "I'll pass."

But don't really try to make him choose a different table. And when the waitress came by, I simply ordered my breakfast:

"Orange juice, ham and cheese sandwhich.", I ask, she nods, and then I look at him, "You?"


Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:14 pm

Bobby expected her to praise him like the hero that he was instead she only stared and spoke, which made him fairly dumbfounded. DId she not understand who she was dealing with? He was a man, and she was a woman, therefore she should have been more than willing to buy him lunch especially since he was such an accomplished Lycan hunter. She looked sort of young, but not too young, probably had a good body under all of that cloth, yeah, he could make this work, she had a pretty face after all. Though the way she stared so blandly put him off.

"Helloooo? Can you hear me? I was asking that you pay for my food and then if you're lucky i'll let you say this was a date, since I'm a Lycan killer, you heard that right? LYCAN KILLER." he adjusted his shades to look at her with his blue hues, "Don't think of hopping on me yet either I am a man of some dignity so contain yourself.-" just as she spoke she said she'd 'pass' was she joking? Did she not know who he was? He was the man that killed a beast not long ago, she better recognize.

When the waitress came he nodded, "Yes, my date will be getting me an omelet and bacon with orange juice to drink." he smiled, obviously she was just delusional, she wanted him.

#5Kaede Scalisi 

Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:14 pm

Kaede Scalisi
He seemed alright with those terms but was he really? I wouldn't know... I never had that insight into what people were thinking, and that meant i was never that good at conning like some of my siblings. I'd rather take a sword and get what I needed that sit around chit chatting. Though if I had to guess, he really doesn't feel like either type. That alone won't make me trust him, but it's better than nothing.

Though he complained, he really didn't stand up from his seat; and that confirmed he was okay with it. Perhaps I should be more assertive and tell him he's really not gonna get anything? My confusion only grows as those words fall on deaf ears, and I tilt my head slightly as I meet his annoyed gaze

"So? How do I even know it was a strong lycan?", sure, every werewolf is stronger than the average human, but the average human is also pitifully weak, so that doesn't say much, "Don't worry, I'm not really interested in dates... I'd say you could join me for breakfast...", I cross my arms, "But you already made yourself at home anyway."

Did he actually... Hear a single word I said? I certainly never met a guy like this before. When i find Sera, i'll make sure to ask her if she did. But as I patiently wait for my breakfast, I can only frown as I meet his gaze without flinching:

"I hope killing Lycans pays money, as I'm not paying for yours.", I answered, cold and flatly. I'm not really the type to buy people food with my hard earned jewels, unless they're family. I may accept company for breakfast, but that doesn't make him my brother. So I meet his blue eyes with inflexible steely grey, "You could be the King of Fiore, and I'd tell you the same thing."


Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:14 pm

He didn't listen to about 80 percent of what she said as he smiled to himself. He felt great about himself and she was probbaly just having a hard time coping with the fact her dream man was sitting right infront of her. Heck, he was a real catch how many people KILLED LYCANS, and lived to tell? He should have taken a fang or something as a souvenir so young women like her could oggle and play with it. That was she would atleast accept her feelings for him. What? He didn't know her? Big whoop he was a hot guy who did what? KILL A LYCAN.

She reacted coldly to him, to which he'd smile with a smooth grin as he winked at her. Obviously she was just playing it cool for everyone else in the establishment. With a sly wink he'd nod to her that he understood her nerves, "Sure thing," he'd wink again, "ANd it was pretty strong, nearly destroyed the city after all but I took it out with my patented crane style." crane style being pointing his sword and well... Getting lucky. He was a hero, she should have treated him with more respect by now.

#7Kaede Scalisi 

Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:15 pm

Kaede Scalisi
Well, this is baffling... I'm sure Sera would have done better than this. Do I really attract these kind of guys. I'm not sure how I should feel about that, but it defenitely doesn't feel good. I mean, this guy obviously didn't listen to a single word I said right? Is this the part where I should laugh? Even without a sense of humor and even I can tell it's a terrible joke... I doubt even my sigh made it clear how I dont feel killing a Lycan is anything special:

"That sounds like a stretch...", my bewildered look must have given way by this point as I resigned myself to not making any sense of this. But then he said the magic words. I have no clue what 'patented crane style' actually means, but I can use my imagination and it sounded like a fighting style, "That crane style of yours... Is that an actual thing...? Who taught you?"

At that point, a different sort of emotion peered through, something he might have glimps past my usual stoicism. A budding sense of the blood boiling intensity I could only feel during the heat of battle, sampling an enemy's strength and countering it with my own, until one of us stopped moving. From the day I realized I could use weapons to protect my loved ones, battle always made me feel alive, more so than anything else...

Thus I leaned in, far more interested in the guy's possible fighting style than whatever made up enemies he might have claim to have beaten. I have no interest in those, nor would I have shown otherwise.


Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:15 pm

Now he had her hook line and sinker when she asked about his crane style, yes, yes, it was rather amazing wasn't it? Now many could keep up with it's style grace and speed at which he struck, in fact it allowed him the advantage of speed over any and all of his opponents, he could strike with ease and not drop a bead of sweat, just asks the lycan he killed, poor fool fell victim to the style that could likely fall gods if he choose. In fact he bet he could defeat quite a few gods with it.

Crossing his arms, his right thumb and index finger cupping his chin he thought about how he perfected his legendary technique, "Well you see, it was developed by myself, it took years to master but when I strike it can be sound and deadly or deadly and sound, honestly most can't even see me when I strike. Why, if we leave now I wouldn't mind showing you my sword in a more private setting so you can see just how long and difficult it is to handle, then you'd appreciate my ability." he nodded, "But no worries, first let's eat."

#9Kaede Scalisi 

Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:16 pm

Kaede Scalisi
He seemed quite proud to hear my question about his style, but then again he looked quite proud of just about anything he said so in the end that really wasn't the slightest bit descriptive. Unlike his words on the Lycan killing though, I had half a mind to put all of that to the test, and from that moment onwards i truly felt the metallic weight of the sword strapped to my hip, all but begging me to grab it and seize the answers by force of steel.

"By yourself huh...", I won't lie, hearing that made me lose a bit of that interest, as I sighed and laid rigth back on the chair before I could even lean over the table. I'm all for self reliance, but I know the importance of experience, and neither him nor me have enough of it to be making our own styles. Eventually though, he made me an offer I couldn't refuse, "Is that a challenge? No matter, I was thinking the exact same thing."

Was he capable of killing me? Was I capable of killing him? Only a fight could answer both those questions, and though I bore him no ill will at this point in time, i treated just about everyone as a potential, future enemy. Besides, If you were to ask me about my pasttimes, I'd feel at a loss for words. It might seem wierd but I really can't answer that question. Ever since I remember, I couldn't stand the loneliness, and I always clung to my siblings, and found myself enjoying whatever we did so long as I could be with them. Playing cards, whatever games they could come up with. I didn't enjoy the ball games as much as the boys, nor the grooming as much as the girls.

All I ever enjoyed without anybody else around was... You guessed it, fighting... But neither of us should be fighting on an empty stomach, and when the waitress arrived, I drunk the orange juice nearly immediately.

"Speaking of that, have you seen a tall, brunette woman during your travels?", I asked, before a mouthful of sandwich, locking my eyes onto his, "She likes Sinese fashion and wears her hair in buns, and has a sporty, hourglass build. You can't miss her really."


Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:16 pm

It seemed the girl had finally listned to her heart and let Bobby into her mind, lucky her she was just about to be left, "I'm glad we thought alike for amoment, you know I am truly excited to see how you do with my sword but don't worry I won't poke you too much I might even show you my other styles." he nodded with a smile, yes, yes she was falling for him, but he couldn't be tied down to one woman hopefully she would understand and if not she would just have to get in line with all of the other ladies.

Though when she asked about a tall woman he smiled, "I do not think so, I'd remember a tall maiden. WHy? Is she your friend? Your lover?" he asked with a smile, "If so I would love to help you look AFTER we do our session. heheh" he was so smooth it was a wonder how women all over earthland didn't fall in love with him on the spot. Sure, this girl was a bit young like really young, but no matter she was also very pretty and had a nice rack of ribs so he was in.

#11Kaede Scalisi 

Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:17 pm

Kaede Scalisi
"You'd do well not to hold back... Don't say I didn't warn you.", with a crisp, cold tone, I made it quite clear I expected nobody to pull their punches. Whatever hype he created around his style didn't really do much for me, and I quickly shook my head, "Whatever style you use doesn't matter so much as what you can do with it. Just knowing many styles is far less useful than simply mastering one."

To me, such a debate felt perfectly natural, and whether or not he thought of this as flirting mattered as little as an untrained fighting style. Debating different views on combat might seem like a waste of time for many and perhaps for me too, but chatting about it over breakfast seemed like a decent way to pass the time, and kept me wondering as to whether the guy sitting before me was actually any good...

Guess I'll see in an hour or so, hopefully sooner. Talking about Sera though... That got the closest to a smile right out of me, i'm sure of it. Whether or not he saw it was a different story. Should I tell him...? Should I not tell him? There's no logical reason for me to trust him, no reason why the answer to that question would give him any clue towards the person I was looking for. He was just curious.

"Sister.", I finally correct, before munching down my last piece of bread. But my trust issues wouldn't let me get anywhere further than simply seeking information, and I wave my hand negatively, "If you know anything, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, I can look for her myself."


Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:17 pm

It finally donned on him that he was losing his audience he needed to keep her with him, he needed to keep her attention, why was she not giving him her undivided attention? Who did she think she was? "Hold on I did see a tall girl like that!" he blurted at the words despite the extreme untruth behind them. He smiled at her and stood up, "But if you don't want to know where I last saw her 'yesterday' I guess I can take my amazing fighting style and information else where, though if you were to face me in a battle we could certainly look together after.

Yes, yes, he'd beat her in battle and when she was defeated he would pitty her and assist her in looking for her 'sister' then when she was vulnerable and sad from looking all day he would put his arm around her and guide her down the way back to the hotel, which she would pay for, and comfort her for the night as he teaches her crane neck style. Fool proof plan, how was he so smart? Ha ha, this girl wouldn't see it coming as he DIDN'T see her sister.

#13Kaede Scalisi 

Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:18 pm

Kaede Scalisi
First he didn't, and now he did... Suspicious... Not to say he hadn't seen her, but I obviously took note of his change of heart half way through. Best case scenario, he simply didn't think much on it the first time around, which somewhat appeared to fit in which his general character. But I still couldn't fight back against my instincts, my innermost desire to be together with what few of my siblings yet remained. The moment he mentioned it, I leaned into the table, keeping my eyes peeled and hanging on his every word:

"I've no need for assistance... But if you're so reluctant in giving me the information.", I frowned, almost a glare at being withheld my sister's location, "I guess I can beat it out of you, like you want."

I have no clue what this guy is really after... Is he even alright in the head? One would think he's just trying to impress me, but either he's terrible at it, or he's after something else entirely. Words can be distorted and manipulated... But steel speaks the truth, every single time. By fighting him, I could get a much better idea of what he truly wanted or the true power of that style of his.

"Unless you're gonna take all morning eating that, let's get going.", with these blunt words, I dropped a few jewels on the table and pushing my chair back, standing upright. Could he see who he was up against? Probably not with all these clothes I have on...

But then again, neither can I... I kept my eyes on him the whole way though, just in case his crane style of whatever doesn't revolve around sneak attacks... Doesn't seem like it but you can't be too careful.


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What was even happening right now this woman seemed to be lost in his word, did she not understand that he, a man, was offering her, a woman, make rounds in finding her friend. Or wife, whatever the reason this woman was to her if it met getting some sweet tang the rune knight wanna be didn't care. She was fine as hell, nice thicc hips and her knockers were huge, what did he know though she was just knocker lady to him and he wanted some tang. Sweet, sweet, tail or tang. SHe was a sweet looking thing, though what did he know he was just a simple man with simple desires.

Without so much as a word he smiled at her and blew slow kisses at her as he again didn't listen what she was doing. "You gotta do something for me out of this exchange of looking, you gotta get in my pants." he patted his lap and smirked at her, she had to succ to get her friends info, or whatever it didn't matter. he would stand up and lead her out of the door with a smile on his face, fun fun fun this was fun.

#15Kaede Scalisi 

Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:18 pm

Kaede Scalisi

Are we actually understanding each other...? Sometimes it really feels like we don't and I'm not quite certain how I should feel about that. It should be a bad thing, but I don't really care... Perhaps I might have before he mentioned having seen someone who looked like Sera and then whitheld the information. Right now though, all I cared about was getting him to talk, spew out everything. He kept looking at my body, could that really be all he cared about? No way, it felt far too random.

"Is that supposed to be a come on?", I ask, coldly, frowing as it doesn't seem like words will get anything useful out of this, "At this rate, the only thing getting in your pants will be my sword."

No amount of patting his lap would get anything out of me, I've been wondering if I shouldn't just punch him for the last few moments now, but doing it here just means I'd have to run from the law right after... We're still in broad daylight. Thus, I simply guided him outside, behind a building where the gangs often hang out at night. And gripped the hilt of my sword:

"So, show me... If that crane style of yours is really any good.", I challenged him, taking my stance at roughly 5 meters from him


Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:19 pm

She was so beautiful, fire was beautiful wasn’t too it? The angry, destructive force of flames was a teasing mistress, it could be manipulated into killing almost anyone, it could destroy homes, collapse empires, sear the strong alive if they weren’t careful. Fire didn’t care who it burned, who it cooked~ Regardless of who you were it would burn you and it would kill you without so much as a hello. It had no will, it only roared on and on until someone put it out. In this case fire was being manipulated by a woman who sought something, she was hotter than anyt flame that was for sure.

For now, he would keep his mouth shut, as he was one wwho did not want to end up dead and that was enough for him. The other, well, she was going do something he didn’t quite expect her to do. She challanged his crane style. Thus he would draw his sword and point it at her the way he pointed it at the Lycan. His right leg bent up he turned his body away from the blade and looked like he was flinching. “Come now, i’ll strip u with one blow.” he nodded to himself.

#17Kaede Scalisi 

Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:19 pm

Kaede Scalisi
And now the gloves come off. If I want this guy talking I need to beat him. I'll need to be swift, decisive... If there really is a shred of truth behind his lycan hunting hobby, that means he's at least stronger than the average braggart. Our fighting pit is no wider than ten meters, a circular, barren arena of dirt and

"Hmph...", his words mean very little at this point. All I want to hear is where he saw my sister, and, to a lesser extent, whether that crane style is any good.

As I draw my sword, i hold it backwards in my right hand, as one would hold a knife. Fully aware how that will give away some of my fighting style, I fully understand I need to act quickly. With my left forearm raised defensively above my face, i kick off at full force, kicking up dust behind me. Despite the explosive power behind my dash, I moved no further than one meter at a time, and then another; a fierce but pondered advance, keeping my eyes on the foe at the whole time.

But at the second dash, i divert my path a bit further to my left side, and as it ends, i let my rear foot drag across the sand. Keeping a firm defense with my blade held diagonally between him and me, I throw up a cloud of sand straight towards his face. By having my foot mostly aligned with that direction, throwing up sand in the shortest path possible will buy me an instant at the very least, and an instant is all I need...


Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:19 pm

When the sand was thrown in his face the male held his eyes and fell to the ground. "I yield, I yield," he whined as he rubbed his aching eyes, this woman had put FILTHY Sand in his face of faces, he was supposed to be showing her his style not getting hit in the face by sand. She was a dirty fighter and she didn't deserve the honor of him sheathing his blade with her. How dare she hurt him did she not know who he was? He was Bobbdy Roode! A future knight, how uncouth of her he was going to sue her.

"You fight dirty, he whined, "Be gone I seen not your sister and I resend my offer of all things related to romancery, you just talked yourself out of the best night of your life, unless... You want to? For forgiveness? In that case I'd whole heartedly accept your body, but I will have a long list of demands. THe 1st being you wear armor, knight's armor while we do it, I was going to loan you mine but I do not think it would fit you secondly I recommend you wear no makeup including lipstick-" he went on and on.

#19Kaede Scalisi 

Lost and Found [Bobby] Empty on Sun May 06, 2018 1:23 pm

Kaede Scalisi
I saw the flow before me... After stunning him, I could have flanked from either side, gotten past the dangerous tip of his blade and ensuring i took him down with minimal - if any - injury. Odds were I wouldn't have been able to see his fighting style but I managed to take him down in under 10 seconds, none would have really impressed me anyway. But even that didn't get to happen. Instead, the moment i threw sand into his eyes, he whined and fell right down, surrendering as I ground to a halt, visibly impressed and not for a good reason:

"Already...?", I mumble, somewhat confused... Could that perhaps be a trick? It wouldn't really surprise me, so I keep my distance. I may sheathe my sword, but I keep my eyes on him, even as I rub my temple, surprised, "That's... Pretty pathetic, isn't it? I didn't you even once."

Still, i kept looking intently at him, hanging around, not really going anywhere until he gave me the answers I wanted. The unspoken deal between us would have him telling me where he saw my sister, but now it appears it was just a trick to get me out here. It doesn't look like an ambush or anything, it simply was him trying to show off or something like that. That's what it feels like anyway... I'm not the type to get mad though, hell, I wouldn't even mind had this counted as a proper workout. Instead, I sigh once more:

"Is that so... You should have told me right away instead of wasting my time.", is this guy serious though? The more I look at him the more confused I feel, raising an eyebrow as I scratch my head, "I wasn't interested in your romancery to begin with... Whatever gave you that impression?"

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