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Oak to Orchida [Foot travel]

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Oak to Orchida [Foot travel] Empty Sun May 06, 2018 7:37 am

There was something with Oak today. The air was hotter and the feeling that spring was at its high point and coming to a close only to make all the flowers bloom and oceans to get warm. Summer was on it's way. Victor and everyone else could probably feel it. People had started to dress in lighter clothing. Skirts,shirts,tunics you name it.

Victor decided to pay the swineherds pub a little visit before he would move to the spring festival in Orchida. He sat down inside the pub only to see a flyer on the counter "The swineherd opens at festival grounds." Interesting. Apparently the pub had gotten it's own little stall at the spring festival. Victor made sure to note this as he would surely visit the stall upon coming to Orchida. "One pint of beer please." he asked the bartender whom readily complied to his request and filled a pint from one of the beer taps.

Victor put the pint to his lips and started to slowly taste the beer. The hops used brewing this beer had been quite fresh and there was something else to them. Cherries? Victor didn't know but there was a hint of cherry sweetness to the drink. He had done enough tasting and decied to start chugging. emptying the glass in one big motion where the glass ended up upside down over his head with his mouth to the corner of the pint.
"Thank you bartender." He said and left the pub walking towards the town gates.

He reached Baska where he thought he was supposed to be able to take the train. However reaching the train station he saw that it was closed. The workers had gone on a strike. They wanted better pay apparently. Not that Victor would mind that however now he had to walk all the way to Orchida which was kind of tedious in comparison to just taking the train and getting there much faster. But he was not about to miss the festival just because of some train workers strike.

Having made it to the forest of worth woodsea he knew that he was starting to close up on the city of Orchida. He just wanted to take a little rest before going the rest of the way and sat down against one of the trees. It had been a long trek and his water had gone empty a while back. He strengthened himself, Orchida was not far off and when he got there he could get himself a nice cold beer. And so he kept walking.


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