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Train With Me [Quest: Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Train With Me [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Sat May 05, 2018 3:59 pm

Leyaria Venerak
Leyaria had spent enough time in Orchidia at this point now that her name was becoming a bit more of a known name, thoughs he was not sure if it was for a good reason, or if it were one something that had been coming for a different reason. It was to get a full idea of what it was and why it was that she was being clled upon for a job, but the last time that anything had happened was the fact that Dex Miller, a person who she ha come to realize ha far more questions and things that were as a result of that, she would have rather not worried about this job. Though, because of that past job, that Dex Miller was a person who had – through some manner or another – had known that she was a demon. Whether or not it was if it he knew that she was dying as a result of her demonic taint, that was a different question and likely one that she figured if he did know, it would not have affected her. However, it was that risk, of possibly having what was left of her life cut short because she was a demon, she was willing to not go ahead and take that risk associated with it. To her dismay, she found herself going ahead and making it very apparent that there was nothing more that she can do other than just concede and take the job, whatever it was.

When she had arrived at the location that the job was being held at, she realized just what it was that she was getting hired for. It was a training facility, with people having been taught how to fight, though looking at the people who were there, it wasn’t as though there was anyone who actually knew how to fight. People of all ages, from some who looked like they were barely old enough to walk, to people who appeared to be too old to walk, or for that matter even hold a sword, were all in the main area of some location just outside of the main forested location in Orchidia. Whether or not these were this person who were expected to have been the guards of the city, or if they were just people who were learning how to fight, it was hard to tell just what it was and why there were there. As well too, how much of these people's motivated had been there due to the festival, and how much of it were there because they lived in Orhciia? Was this some sort of effort to increase security for the festival? If that were the case, would it have been that the festival was going to cover this, or was this something that the people in the city had determined to do in order to ehlp with the festival? It wasn’t entirely clear, but judging by the woman, they clearly needed help learning.


#2Leyaria Venerak 

Train With Me [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Sat May 05, 2018 3:59 pm

Leyaria Venerak
Having actually gotten a chance to woman, it was hardly a sight that would have left Leyaria comfortable if she were the one who was responsible for their training, or the one who had commissioned for it. She was awful, to say it kindly. Many of her skills more reflected someone who had never before held a blade I their lives, let alone be capable of acting as a sort of mentor who would be repsoinsible for their training at some point. Leyaria wondered just what it was that she was expected to do about this, as she was not one who had used blades before, knew really knew just how to go about fighting with them, or for that matter, teaching someone anything. Let alone teach people who knew nothing about a particular skill that very skill in which leyaria did not even know. However, that was apparently exactly what she was hired to do, which left her confused as to why it was that she was the one who was reached out to take care of this task. It seemed to be something which she had no business being involved with, but they were offering to pay, so to some degree, Leyaria felt that if she could nt teach her how to fight with swords, at the very least she might have been able to teach them something or another so they would at least be able to put up a fight, though maybe not with a sword.

She knew how to fight at this point, having been trained to at least some degree where she felt comfortable enough with the limited area as someone who had a sword might have been forced to contend with as well, though it was a bit unclear as to if that were entirely the case or not if it would directly translate, but it was worth seeing all the same. Her speed was not one to be disregarded or dismissed upon, and with as many times as she would be willing to engage her, she began her training lessons, putting far more emphasis and energy and focus towards that of her combat technique, making sure that they were sufficiently capable of fighting and though many of them outright were not ready or in a position to be able to, there were more than enough instances in which she could have looked to what she taught them as being enough of a lesson. For some, the concern of health was very much a real thing that they had to worry about and be mindful of, and for others, there was the issue that there might not have been enough time or otherwise hope that they would master everything that she had tried to teach them, but it was enough to at least help them hold their ground, if only slightly. None the less, as far as she was concerned, the job had been satisfied, and the woman seemed to agree with that.


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