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Travel to Orchidia [Foot Travel]

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#1Constantine Librorum 

Travel to Orchidia [Foot Travel] Empty Sat May 05, 2018 9:46 am

Constantine Librorum
For months he had called this small village home, the calm atmosphere and warm environment did wonders for his full recovery. Of course it didn’t change or alter his mindset or goals, but it definitely helped calm his nerves. It didn’t help that he had ran into some rather beautiful women while in Baska as well. The scuffed of a pebble skipping across the pathway triggered a memory or thought within Teiho’s mind as he thought on each of the women he had met within the past few years. There were quite a few, but really only three stood out. One a short, platinum blonde haired young woman who could turn into a voluptuous norse god. For some reason she had dyed her hair green before their arrival in Baska without telling him the reason why. He wondered if she had made it out okay from the Cell games as well.

The next was a mocha colored woman who stood around his height. Flowing black and brown locks and an almost regal like demeanor. She was kind and soft spoken, not like the first young woman. She was actually her polar opposite in almost every way. Galaxy had been more about the action and hustle and bustle of life. She was always excitable, often getting on Teiho’s nerves with her antics and shenanigans. But Ianthe. Ianthe was regal to an almost royal degree. And she rathered not harm anyone if she could avoid it. It almost made him feel bad for barely corrupting her poor mind. Of course he had to convince her to get the job done, but he knew that if she knew what was going to happen to those men, it’d probably break her heart.

The last woman was a bit of a mystery to Teiho. After the initial encounter he had never seen her again, but he remembered the conflicted look about her face. He wondered what her issues were. But alas those thoughts could wait. He could see the gates of Orchidia in the distance. It was time for him to begin preparations.

ANDRZEJ : I don't like RP fighting
ANDRZEJ : It's boring as helll

Javier DuRoark : Taiho don't violence

Sylph : @Taiho: I really, really want to RP.
Sylph : @Taiho: But I'm scared of you.
Sylph : Because you are death, destroyer of worlds.

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