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Oak to Orchidia [Walking]

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Oak to Orchidia [Walking] Empty Sat May 05, 2018 12:12 am

Before he left Oak to make his way towards the festival he had heard about, Chad thought back to the odd encounter he had had at the church. He went through all the possible identities the youth he met could have had, but he still came up with nothing. As a monk he had not really paid much attention to the inner workings of noble circles as he felt it was a waste of his time. The only thing he paid attention to in regards to nobles were the pretty girls from rich families that sometimes visited the temples.

Regardless of such things, Chad decided that he also had to hit a pub before he left, as the journey would not be quite as fun if he were sober while taking it. As he tended to do, he meandered through the streets looking for an interesting bar to enter until he found the sleaziest looking bar in town. The bar was decrepit and run down, with boarded up windows and broken glass protruding from whatever remained. He stuck out like a sore thumb of course given his elegant and fancy attire that he had still worn. His bald shiny head was blindingly bright and it drew attention to his entrance even more.

Heads turned as they saw the monk enter the bar, with the many bedraggled and rough looking patrons staring at him in both surprise and disgust. Chad was used to such looks as he had experienced this hundreds of times before. He knew that he just had to gain the trust of these men by enjoying drinks and silly party games with them until they accepted his company. So he did just that. He walked up to the bar and got himself a large assortment of shots. He proceeded to down them all and found out some way to party with the group of people until he was wasted. After getting wasted he stumbled out of the bar and began his journey to the festival location. He did not exactly remember the location of the festival, but he understood the general direction. Knowing this he just followed some roads through some interesting locations. He did not care much about the locations he was passing through of course, only stopping to get a few drinks along the way. It was more important for him to get to this festival so he could indulge in some more new experiences and so he could find his kinsmen again.



Oak to Orchidia [Walking] S76lngR

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