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Mag to Era [Foot Travel]

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#1Namé Les 

Mag to Era [Foot Travel] Empty Fri May 04, 2018 9:13 am

Namé Les


. . . .Let's set the stage.

The sky is a brilliant orange hue. The sun had begun to descend past the horizon, light is faint but the details of the world live. Birds chirp and sing in the distance. We can see a long road leading out of the city, and on it a long red stain. The sounds of troubled breathing, and something dragging can be heard. Looking up we can see the bloodied boot of a woman. But when looked even closer one would see all of the blood that tattered her clothing.

She lived, but barely. She held onto her side as she dragged her feet to leave the city. She was going to head to Oak, where her cousin, Bodak, was. She was the only one that could help her, the only one that could understand the evil that was about to come.

Namé Les had to warn her, warn everyone about the evil that was coming. She had to warn everyone about what she had seen. Everything they lived for was a lie. Everything they tried to stop, was here. She knew why the families all had their share of power. She understood all of it. She knew why it was that way. . . for now, she had to make her stand.

WC : 219

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