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Clean Up Crew [Quest: Galaxy]

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Andromeda looked up at the sky with a sadness that lingered in her golden eyes. She was tired, tired of being alone and tired of holding onto the fact that she no longer was in the good graces of Zeus. She had lost her family and so much more, she had even lost the ability to care about her own moral compass as she found herself taking on any job that paid her. She almost missed the happy go lucky self that she used to be but the world carved that right out of her. It felt like years since she did any kind of work or rather it felt that way because she had recently come to from a nasty curse that nearly killed her. She didn't know how it happened or who place it but she found herself in Oak and almost immediately went off to find some food and then the some work. Apparently work in oak wasn't hard to come by as she found the local request board filled with pieces of paper asking for various things to be done. Most of the request seemed more than a little shady at best but she wasn't gonna complain. Not caring anymore about anything sort of helped her do whatever she wanted without thought, and for right now more money was what she wanted, no matter how she was gonna get it at this point. Pulling a piece of paper off the board she read it silently to herself before making her way to a man known as Remy who was also the person who placed up the request.

The sun started to set as she quickly made her way to her destination. She didn't look anyone in the eyes and kept her head down. Wearing a dark cloak to hide her otherwise rich green hair, she had heard that being in Oak during the night was not always the best idea if one didn't have an adequate way of protecting oneself. Before reaching Remy she stopped at a store in order to feed her ever growing hunger. She found herself in a pub and ordered herself some fries and a burger. A meal that would put some energy in her but also stick to her so she wouldn't get hungry sooner was the best choice. Quickly devouring her meal Galaxy continued on to meet Remy. Upon doing so pleasantries were exchanged and she was asked to follow him which she did. The two ended up at a building that looked to be under construction and upon questioning about it, she found out that it was indeed under construction. Taking note of that she clearly saw where this would be going. As the two entered the building her eyes honed in on the bodies that were on the ground. It was explained that these bodies needed to be disposed of for reasons she did not need to know. Andromeda didn't question it in the first place and would await the instructions given to her.



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Her job was simple although it would be physically exhausting and quite mentally draining. She had never really seen a dead body before, or rather one so horribly disfigured and beat up like the ones before her. Even as she slowly falls into despair on a mental level she really could not fathom killing a person on that level. Swallowing hard she thought of her family and almost felt herself well up with tears. She wanted to go back home, but there was no home to go back too. Grabbing the first body by the leg she dragged it over to Remy who was dressed down in a plastic material that covered his whole body, it looked almost like a poncho. Throwing a plastic poncho her way Remy picked up his axe and began chopping away at the body. As he did so he instructed her to take three of the bodies out back, These three bodies had one different clothes than the rest and they were not horribly mangled. She was told to be real careful when moving them. The bodies were wearing black suits with a rose in the top of the jacket pocket. They looked really nice and Andromeda was careful not to mess up the first body. She didn't drag this one like she did the first one she gave to Remy. No Andromeda was real careful and picked up the body bridal style, walking it out to the back where black plastic was laid out on the ground. Carefully placing down the body she went back inside.

She had four more bodies to drag to Remy. By the time she came back he was finishing off the first body she dragged to him. Realizing this she became quite frightened of the man because she was only gone for a moment, which means the speed and power he must posses to dismember a body in that short time frame had to be compared to a beast. A man like that really was something to be afraid of. Andromeda didn't realize she was staring at Remy until he snapped his fingers at her which jolted her back into her job. Grabbing the leg of another man she pulled it over to Remy and quickly grabbed another so that she could at least have some time between bringing me out in the back and pulling them over to Remy. Picking up another suited man she looked back over to Remy who really did look like a monster as he hacked away the limbs of the men, blood splattering everywhere without a care in the world. He looked almost at peace. Andromeda quickly carried the next dead body out in back, gently placing him next to the first man. She only had one more man to go before she was done and could possibly go to the inn and not sleep. Dragging her feet back to Remy she grabbed another man by his leg to Remy and then she went back to grab the last man to be hacked up. She didn't think while she did this job, she couldn't think. Picking up the last suited man she quickly carried him to the back. She was finally done. And so Remy came out of the building with a bag of parts and paid Andromeda. Taking her pay she also took her leave

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