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Magnolia To Orchidia [Foot Travel: Chel]

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#1Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Her stay in Magnolia Town has been far too long and a fellow silver haired woman couldn’t be more pleased to say that she was finally leaving the town, together along with her lover. The warm morning breeze greeted her as she briefly closed her eyes and let the wind gently caress her pale skin. After so many days of gloomy weather, the Gods above had decided to send the sun. It was the promise of winter lifting, the end of grey bitter days—or so the citizens would say. For this young woman, she felt otherwise and once again, she loved to state that winter was her favourite season. Ahead yawned the spring, blossoms and blooms. The city folk, young and old, walked with a new bounce in their stride, heads held high to take in the first kiss of spring warmth.

Spring was bearable. It was a beautiful season—no doubt, and much better than the hot summer days that were to come months later. But, it was obvious to the maiden that no other season could replace the winter and her frozen soul within her.

The assassin wore a plain buttoned up white shirt, paired up with some blue jeans and ankle boots—a comfortable outfit for a long travel ahead. Resting her chin onto her palm, she gazed up at the blue empyreans above while she waited for her lover to complete whatever he was in the midst of doing. The female had woken up early that day, despite the fact that she wasn’t a morning person, solely just to finish her packing and boy, for someone who was obsessed with keeping up with the fashion trend, it was a lot to pack. ”Are you almost done? You know we can’t be late,” she tapped her heels repeatedly against the ground in a rhythmic beat while she continue to let her mind wander elsewhere.

While she thought about many things, her beloved dragon companion, Draco, passed through her mind. Unlike the companions she used to have, which was only one before Draco, it was much easier for her to take her pet together along with herself but since her dragon was way to large and attracted too much unnecessary attention, she had no choice but to tame him in a separate secluded place, far away from the town. Though Snowflake was aware that her companion and herself had been apart for a while now, she knew that Draco would always come to her aid whenever she needed. The woman gazed beyond the mountains in a distance, the location where her dragon pet might possibly be at rest...


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#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric heard the birds sing as spring was upon them. It was an important moment for the birds as it was now that I found a mating partner to build a nest with and to start on laying eggs while the plants and flowers around them start to blossom and were infested with insects. It was the perfect time for a bird to blossom. He sighed as he stroked Snow’s hair as she was still sleeping next to him. he liked the touch of her soft silken hair and wanted to nuzzle into her and sleep longer then he already did. He was still quite tired from the fight in the arena. It felt like he over extorted his body. He was growling underneath his breath as he got up from bed everything in his body was hurting and it was such an annoying thing to have to get up out of bed at this hour. But they were about to leave for another town as it was time that they left magnolia. They had been here for weeks now and it was starting to get boring to be in the same town over and over.
He should start packing up things but he was first going to take a shower so that he could go on to the trip refreshed and nicely. When he turned on the water he jumped for a second as it was quite cold. He still wasn’t a big fan of water but at least he didn’t get a panic attack anymore when he went under a shower. He started to rub his body in with oils and other cleaning products to make himself presentable. He suddenly heard Snow shouting if he was ready and realized that he had been too long under the shower. He quickly ran out of the shower and threw a simple tunic on his body before he went to stash his things away in a sack. He didn’t have that many possessions so he was rather quickly packed and ready to go. “Sorry babe, I am ready now, let's go!”, he said to her and they openend the door and left for the next adventure.

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Magnolia To Orchidia [Foot Travel: Chel] HVEbuMl

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