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The Swineherd Stall [Festival: Open]

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The Swineherd Stall [Festival: Open] Empty on Wed May 02, 2018 1:33 pm

The Swineherd Stall [Festival: Open] Anime-51537

Welcome to the Swineherd Pub wrote:(Props to Vivianna for the idea)

"Welcome one and all to the Swineherd Pub stall. Brought all the way from Oak Town, we have the finest alcohols you could ever desire. Come, have a drink with friends, sit down and tell us your stories, and enjoy the night life that we have brought to you. With outside seating to enjoy the beautiful weather Orchidia has to offer this time of year, this is the perfect location to rest after a long day of enjoying the festivities. It's the place to be!"

Honestly, despite how ridiculous and unlike him it was, Odin really liked the new sign. It had been entirely Mac's idea: to bring business to Orchidia since it would be bustling with people. Sure, it meant that for now the main pub was closed down, but the money they could potentially make from this endeavour greatly outweighed the risk of actually taking the chance. The only thing that Odin wasn't happy with, was the fact that he had been put in charge of running the stall as 'main bartender'. Mac had come with the goods, the permits and the idea, but he had also brought his family to enjoy what little time he could with them at the festival itself. Odin was his employer, but he admitted the guy deserved a break, especially after how long it had been since Odin had returned to Oak, leaving Mac in charge and wondering if his boss was even alive or not, with the answer to that question being rather amusing for sure.

Odin would simply stand at the stall itself, occasionally serving drinks to the people of Orchidia in his festival attire, hiding his true appearance so as not to scare off the customers. It was pleasant to take a little bit of time to relax, however long it would last he could not know.


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Aurelion found himself walking down the road towards the festival once more, the prospect of new stalls and attractions was very tempting for him to keep revisiting the place. Wearing his dark blue yukata he strolled through the streets of Orchidia as his white ribbon tails were flowing elegantly beside him.

Arriving at the festival area he saw the -familiar now- cherry blossom trees offering once again their beauty to this magnificent event. Aurelion took a deep breath through his nose, the smell coming from various food stalls reached his lungs as he exhaled in happiness. Aurelion had been looking forward for the festival's food all day, and now that he was finally free from his chores he could enjoy some nice time around the event area.

While wondering around the place he noticed a stall he hadn't seen up to that day, it looked like a cafe, at first glance at least. Sprinting, he arrived in front of the attraction, the sign read Swineherd Pub. "Oh the ones from Oak!" he said softly, almost like a whisper. The name was known to him, after all he was working at a bar himself at night, travellers were talking a lot of other places they visited, and this particular shop left them with some memories.

Slightly tilting his head, Aurelion saw the man at the stall, that is probably the owner, and a fancy one at that, he thought. Walking closer he could see the person wearing a red and white mask, "Good evening!" he said with a smile, "I'd like a Sugar Skull Margarita, I've heard this pub is famous for that back in Oak!" the boy said with a soft chuckle.


The Swineherd Stall [Festival: Open] Empty on Thu May 03, 2018 12:21 am

Honestly, Odin was surprised at the amount of work he was getting in Orchidia: it seemed that more people had heard of the Swineherd Pub than he had realised. In truth, it had been a year since Odin had been in the pub proper, so he didn't have any reason to be that surprised since Mac had clearly been working his ass off to make sure the pub stayed afloat, attracting new customers wherever he could while his boss was off trying to eradicate the monarchy, as you did. A lot of people were coming from the festival, almost taking all the business that any other drinks stall had gotten, and the majority all knew of the pub. It had garnered a reputation, and Odin felt a moment of pride at how well his creation, his personal estate, had risen to such high esteem.

There were still a few reasons he wanted to punch Mac, however, and one came to him in the form of a blue haired male wanting a drink. His hair was rather unique, even for Fiore, as it was a beautiful blue with violet highlights running through it. His order was the reason that Odin made a note to punch his employee later, as the man asked for a 'signature drink' of the pub: a Sugar Skull Margarita as it was called. Odin knew of the drink, and also had a handy cheat sheet on his side of the pub to help him concoct any number of cocktails for the customers. How his employee had worked out that Odin had become a Lich, the mage would never know, but Mac had gone further, deciding to create a drink completely based around that fact. What a cocky bastard he was.

"Sugar Skull Margarita coming right up. Tell me, as I ask this to any that come to order, how are you enjoying the festival?" As he spoke, Odin would be getting the required glass, alcohol and extras to create the drink. After about a minute of impressive bar flair: a trick Odin had only recently picked up, he handed the man his drink, before popping open a bottle of wine himself and pouring a glass as he waited for the man's response.


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Aurelion was waiting for his drink to be prepared, taking a look around the stall seemed to have gathered some crowd, now that the bar is closed because of the festival maybe I could get a job here, he thought. He looked at the bottles of drinks on display, he could recognise most if not all of them, his trail of thoughts was suddenly interrupted by the barman's question, "Oh yes, very much so, the place is beautiful and there's variety in what's offered by the festival, food, drinks, all kinds of attractions." Aurelion said with a smile, "The other day I even found a tarot reading stall and..." he stopped in awe watching the barman pull off some flair bartending, Aurelion could do some tricks himself but not this entertaining. As the bartender put the drink in front of him he continued in a soft voice "She was spot on." his voice fading away to make room for his next words.

"This was a very impressive show I have to say!" he exclaimed and clapped, not too loud he didn't want to disturb the other customers. "It's pretty rare to see someone with such skills." he continued, taking the drink on his hand and looking at it. It had a pinkish red color and the scent it was giving felt refreshing for Aurelion, haivng a sip he could taste the tequila and limeade and what appeared to be fruit punch soda, he was good in figuring out each individual taste, after all he had been doing the same job for three years. "This is really good!" he said with a chuckle while taking another sip.

"Are you from Oak as well? I've heard about the pub there and all the customers back at the Orchidia bar seem to like it when they pass by Oak." Aurelion said, hoping to also start a conversation about the pub and get a chance at working here.


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The man began to speak about his time at the festival, including the stalls he had visited while here, from food, drink and some activities, one of the more interesting ones being a tarot card reader, something that Odin had never put much stock in himself. If someone had been able to tell him two years ago that by now, he would be the owner of a pub, dead, and best friends with an angel, Odin would not have believed them. Also, considering the way he assumed tarot worked, every 'reading' would be fitting to anybody, so the reader would never be incorrect, no matter what they said. Fortune telling, much like astrology, was one of those spiritual things that Odin had just stopped believing in many years ago, perhaps it was his death, or perhaps just the things he had seen, but he knew that you could always change the 'fate' you were given, so what was the point in finding it out.

Apparently the man believed in the reading, however, saying that she had been spot on. Odin may not have believed himself, but he could respect the man's belief, instead opting to simply say, "Ah, fortune telling isn't really for me" as he poured the man his drink, bowing slightly as he received applause and praise from the recipient at his skill with the glass, "Why thank you, I've had a lot of time to practice though." He chuckled slightly at that, as he had all the time in the world, quite literally, to perfect his talents and skills. Perhaps he'd learn to play an instrument.

Then more praise came from the man, who Odin was starting to like, but not for the Lich's skills. The man had heard of the Swineherd Pub, and apparently it was well received by those in Orchidia who had passed by the area, prompting Odin to ask, "So those travelling through Orchidia have passed on their thoughts on the Swineherd have they? That's good to hear. And you said customers, you a barman yourself?" If he was, this could prove fruitful for Odin. If this man was willing to work a little while Odin was in Orchidia, perhaps it would give the Lich some time to explore a bit more, and not be stuck behind the bar for the entire festival.

Take that Mac!


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Aurelion was enjoying his drink while the barman commented on the tarot reading, "I'm not surprised, a lot of people don't believe in those things." he said with a smile. "Their words though aren't false, they merely reveal the path you're going to walk with your current mindset. Alter that mindset and you'll be on a whole different path." Aurelion continued and winked at the bartender. After the man thanked him for his praise, Aurelion finished his drink ordering another glass of that margarita, might as well since I'm here, he thought.

Aurelion chuckled and nodded in agreement as the barman revealed his satisfaction concerning the travellers that spoke highly of the pub. "We have one or two customers each month at least coming from Oak and telling us of the pub." Aurelion said, moving closer to the bartender telling him in a soft tone that some of them even bring ideas to the bar he's working so he has managed to incorporate some exclusive Swineherd Pub drinks in his arsenal, but is only offering them to those who specifically ask for them. He chuckled and continued "Your secrets are safe with me.".

Having answered the man's question, he took a sip from his second drink and introduced himself with a smile. Waiting for the man behind the bar to introduce himself he continued saying that he has worked for three years as a barman himself, always getting a job at the local pub or bar of wherever he moves to. With the bar at Orchidia being closed for the festival though he doesn't really have much to do. "So tell me would you happen to have a spot open for me here?" Aurelion said while looking at his drink and then trailing his eyes up to the man's mask, trying to see behind it but failing.

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Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

It was of common occurrence to find Snowflake with her particularly messy silver mop in the most austere locations at the most random of times, and that wasn’t entirely made up of her travel reasons. At best, she was a wanderer by accident—not because she wanted to, but it was almost as if her significantly awful directional sense granted her encounters by chance. Luck, in retrospect, wasn’t included among the things she liked to consider his forte, so it was sort of hard for her to consider these instances anything but pure coincidence.

It was an aimless bout, where the assassin was already considerably lost among the streets of Orchidia, where the festival took place. For hours, she had been wandering through these paved roads, visiting almost all the food stalls since her arrival. The female had been walking for far too long, and her legs had already grown tired from exhaustion. The only thing she wished for, after her relentless food hunt was to find a place that she could relax. It was then her cerulean orbs happened to glide over to a stall named ‘Swinehard Pub’, as if the gods above had read her mind like a transparent sheet of glass.

From the looks of the stall, it appeared busy as ever; men guffawing at the top of their lungs, sharing their tales of the day as the clinked their mugs together. Quite a sight, indeed. The woman didn’t hesitate to enter the little building and considering how crowded the place was, she had to take any available seat, even if that meant sharing a table with someone else, which she happened to do so. A young dark haired man sat before her as Snowflake raised her eyebrows nonchalantly while she took the seat. ”Do you mind?” There was no point in asking the question when she couldn’t bother about the man’s reply, isn’t it?

The man seemed to be engrossed in a conversation with someone else, the server to be exact, and it wasn’t as though she was interested in where the topic might lead to. After all, the woman was here simply just to sip on a few drinks and enjoy the festival. ”Can I have a glass of whiskey, please?” she lifted her eyes to meet his gaze, but the mask he wore made it rather difficult for her to tell what he was thinking or what he even looked like.


The Swineherd Stall [Festival: Open] Empty on Fri May 04, 2018 5:50 am

The man had his own opinion of the tarot readings, which was fair and Odin could respect that: he just knew they weren't for him. Knowing where his path could go didn't interest him, especially since his path had an infinite length: it would not end. That was the curse of immortality, Odin's curse. The man clearly enjoyed his drink though, finishing it in good time and requesting another one, which Odin without hesitation. As he was more interested in speed at this moment, there wasn't as much flair in the creation of this cocktail, but the taste was still very much prevalent as he brought it over to the man. He himself did work in a bar clearly, as he had some experience with customers, and making drinks himself. Apparently, in the bar he worked, some from Oak came and told him of the Swineherd Pub, even suggesting some drinks that the man had learned were exclusives from Odin's own pub, brought from the ideas of those that had visited, which definitely prompted a response from the bar owner, "You think you know my drinks because a wanderer that tried them told you what he thought it contained? Trust me, oftentimes what goes into the drink and what is tasted through it are two very different concoctions." A true bartender could make one drink taste like another: something Odin had become rather adept in. He made the cocktails as they were asked, but who knew what drinks went into them.

An interesting question then came, one that Odin instantly realised was the entire point of their conversation. Everything the man had said, from his knowledge of drinks to his praise of the Swineherd, had been building up to the request for some employment, as the local in Orchidia had been closed for the duration of the festival. However, before Odin had a chance to answer the man's question, another approached, sitting down at the table, which made Odin realise just how busy his stall was becoming. Another shot of pride went through the Lich as he took the silver haired woman's order: a simple drink of whisky. Disappearing for a brief moment, Odin brought her two drinks. Both were whisky, however one had ice and one did not. He finally now had a chance to speak, as he addressed the woman first, "You didn't specify, and I'm thirsty, so you take one and I'll drink the other. As for you", Odin started, turning to look at the blue haired man, "sure, you can work here over the course of the festival if you want. You claim to have a knack for this, why not go prove it?" In truth, Odin was relieved at the idea he could enjoy the festival, although his face, even behind the mask, betrayed no emotion. Force of habit at this point.


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Aurelion froze momentarily as he heard the man scold him for his arrogance, at least that's how he perceived it. Aurelion didn't mean to show disrespect to the barman or his creative creations, looking at the man's eyes -or at least trying to through his mask- Aurelion said "My apologies, I didn't mean to sound rude, of course I know that only you can make your own drinks perfect, I just offered the customers what they wanted. After all isn't that what's important? They pay us to keep them satisfied.". Aurelion continued explaining that if the man had interest in him then maybe he could teach him his tricks so that in case he did decide to hire him, he would keep the pub's standards high and wouldn't let his employer down. After all Aurelion didn't hold any particular love for the bar he was working at, he only viewed it as just a job, he didn't have anyone or anything binding him to that place other than his need for money, but if now he was able to get a job at the pub's contemporary branch then who knows, maybe he could work for them at Oak someday.

As he waited for the man's answer regarding his question to work at the bar, he saw a silver-haired woman sit beside him. She probably said something to him but as he was amidst the conversation he didn't quite understand. Aurelion looked at her as she ordered a glass of whiskey, greeted her with a friendly gesture and seeming to have the same thought with the man behind the bar he watched as he put down two glasses of whiskey, one on the rocks and one plain, she didn't specify, he thought and slightly smiled as the barman was making the same comment out loud.

Now it was Aurelion's time, as the barman turned to him and agreed to offer him a spot, he also mentioned that Aurelion should prove his skills as a bartender himself. "Well I'll sure give it my best, I wouldn't want to disappoint my future employer!" he exclaimed with a smile, nodded to the woman and stood up. "Please take a seat." he said looking at the man, whether or not he agreed to sit down, Aurelion went behind the bar. He was full of excitement, he was still young and seeing that he could get some experience working for a well-known pub and have this man as his supervisor, made him quite joyful. "So what can I offer you on this lovely spring night." he said with a charming smile looking towards the man and then the woman.


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Victor was goddamned exhausted when he reached Orchida. He was wearing a light tunic, baggy pants, sandals and a jacket. Ilumins ass he hadn't had a nice drink in at least a day now. He saw the stall and just plummeted down on one of the nearby chairs. Raised his hand up so as to have the bartender come over."A beer please." He said and wiped a bit of sweat from his forehead. It was hot outside which didn't really make things better but if the beer was cold he would really appreciate that.

He looked around himself. There were apparently two others here. One silver haired woman and a blue haired boy standing behind the bar. The silver haired woman was drinking whiskey and the boy was drinking some drink that Victor had never seen. Victor did not even know if the boy was old enough to drink then again he didn't judge. He himself had started drinking at a pretty young age. The bartender looked mysterious wearing a mask that covered his entire face. It was pretty weird. He had never seen this bartender at the pub in Oak but he presumed from the information on the flyer he found in Oak that this man was the owner of the Swineherds pub.


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It was a pleasant night with a cool breeze going on which cooled down Dante from his long stroll through Orchidia searching for a place to drink. Finally, he found a stall which seemed to sell decent drinks. Dante rushed towards it without any hesitation and quickly sat down on one of the chairs placed in front of it. There were about three open chairs next to him, but the fourth seemed to be occupied. No time for pleasantries, Dante thought. "Bartender, pour me a shot of your strongest."


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Twelve shots down and she was still unfazed. Adriana was on the very first stool placed on the left end of the bar. She was going to need stronger stuff than this. A man in a feathered cloak plonked himself on the other end, a few places away from her. Lazily, she turned her head to look him over. He asked for a shot. One shot? she scoffed. Smirking, she cleared her throat and said, "Haha! A cute boy like you can't handle his liquor and goes with one shot?" She waved her hand dismissively and flicked her orange hair over her shoulders.


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"You challenging me, lady?" Dante chuckled, but he didn't mind a little competition for some entertainment. He quickly observed the girl as he spoke. She had long and wavy orange hair, blue eyes, full lips, and a beauty mark located under the right side of her mouth. Much to Dante's excitement, she had a curvaceous figure with very large breasts. Perhaps she was interesting enough to keep him entertained with some wits tonight, he thought.


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He had hearts printed on his shirt. Adriana stifled a chuckle as he asked if she was challenging him. Things had just become a tad bit more interesting. Maybe this would get the bartender to bring out the real stuff. She could show this man who was boss. Wait... Lady? "Lady? I'm definitely younger than you are. I was just being nice but now you've pissed me off." She was just debating whether or not to let him leave with his manhood intact; guess not. "Fuck it, we're gonna have a drinking contest, old man."


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"Hahahaha, old man? Do you think you can provoke me that easily?" Dante started to cackle out loudly and slap the bar with his hand vigorously. "Sure, I'll go along with it." He unbuttoned the top of his shirt and looked at her with a playful smile as he called for the bartender. "Bartender, keep bringing in the shots." The bartender was most willing to cooperate to rake in all the money he could smell from this little bit. Dante didn't wait and started drinking the shots one after the other. "Don't mind me, I'm already starting."


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She laughed and only slammed her fist down on the bar once to match the several slaps he lay on the glass-stained wood. She narrowed her eyes and her smirk widened as she noticed him open the first button of his shirt. I like what I see, she thought as she twirled a strand of hair on her finger. "Keep in mind you're already twelve behind," she said in a mocking tone, as she gulped down another shot.


The Swineherd Stall [Festival: Open] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 5:39 pm


As Dante started to pour more and more drinks into his mouth, he felt as if he was way ahead already. "Kinda feels like I'm winning though?"


The Swineherd Stall [Festival: Open] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 5:40 pm


So he thinks he's winning? Perhaps he could take more than she'd anticipated. She stretched out her arms in front of her and flashed him a delirious smile. Perhaps she could get some more out of this. "Let's make it interesting with bets 'cause we're going pretty even," she said, after vaguely counting the drinks he downed.


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"What did you have in mind?" Dante asked. It turned out that his night of reckless drinking suddenly got a bit more fun.


The Swineherd Stall [Festival: Open] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 5:41 pm


"Challenges!" she responded sharply, her eyes betrayed her competitive attitude. Her wicked smile was the only clue he received before she lay the bet on him. "I bet you that you can't get that lady's hat off her head without her noticing it. If you do, I'll take a shot of their secret stronger liquor."


The Swineherd Stall [Festival: Open] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 5:48 pm


"Secret stronger liquor?" Dante asked with a wide grin on his face. "If you say so." A tendril appeared out of the ground extending meters long through the crowd and grabbing the hat of the lady she had appointed. As he still stared at her, the tendril placed the hat on top of her head and disappeared. "Bartender, you heard the lady. Pour her a shot." Dante cackled out loud once again. "Next, I'm challenging you to get that guy's wallet without him noticing it."


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She waited eagerly, for him to slip off the stool and approach the lady, perhaps distract her with his charm. Instead, almost of its own accord the hat flew off the target's head and onto Adriana's, all while the man maintained eye contact with her. She grinned and let slip a little whoop. Only after the hat sat atop her head did she notice the thin vine that he had employed to do the deed. Before she could offer her appreciation, he had already tasked her with a counter challenge.  Without a moment of hesitation, she downed the strong liquor.

"Pfffff, you just dug your own grave," she offered him a swift wink before hopping off the stool and sashaying to the man. Exaggeratedly, she stumbled and fell on to the victim's lap. The inebriated target was too flushed at her beauty, she tapped his cheek and giggled, while her other hand flicked his wallet with ease. Within moments, she returned to her challenger and chucked the wallet towards him. "I guess drinks are on him tonight, seems like this will be like losing pocket change." She batted her eyelids before casually adding, "Next, I'm challenging you to take off your shirt as we continue drinking."


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"Thanks lady, I was wondering when it would be an appropriate moment to take off my shirt but you just gave me a reason." Dante unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and threw it away behind him with a wild swing. Despite being told that she didn't like to be called lady due to the sense of age that came with the term, he decided to do it again to tease her. For a second he considered throwing back the same challenge back at her, but it didn't feel right. He thought deeply and came up with something different. "I'm challenging you to take this ring off my finger."


The Swineherd Stall [Festival: Open] Empty on Wed May 09, 2018 5:50 pm

This man was full of surprises. She hadn't actually expected him to follow through on that one. She stared quite shamelessly as he revealed his chiselled body and offered a gentle smile, a raise of her glass and her eyebrow as a compliment. She tapped her fingers against the bar as she waited for his challenge and rolled her eyes when he uttered the words. Within a jiffy of him finishing, she retorted, "You mean this ring?" She held his gaze as she opened her fist to reveal the ring and then went on to up the stakes. "I think you're underestimating me. So, what do you say whoever lands a hit on the other drinks ten shots?"


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"I'd rather not but you seem pretty confident and I'm not sure how you took that ring from me unless I'm already drunk but let's do it." Dante stood up from his barstool and walked a few steps away from the bar. His chest was still visible due to throwing away his shirt in the previous bet, which once again he did not mind. With a half-drunk, but fully confident gaze he looked at her and raised his hands. "Hit me." Dante yelled. Unfortunately, the poor bartender who was too busy taking the orders from random by-passers took it as a command to pour more shots and started emptying the secret super liquor in the remaining shot glasses.

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