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Baska to Orchidia ( Foot Travel )

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Baska to Orchidia ( Foot Travel ) Empty Wed May 02, 2018 10:14 am

News of a festival in Orchidia spread to the corners of Baska. Ianthe didn't know what a festival was but she heard it was something fun. It seemed everyone was excited to go and she would be no different. Since she was really nearly done with things in Baska she decided she would attend the festival and then come back to baska once it was all over. As usual she prepped for her trip but this time she paid for her room in advanced so when she came back she wouldn't have to go to a different inn, and this also allowed her to leave most of her stuff there so she didn't have to carry everything. Ianthe really thought about purchasing a home of her own in order to store things in, it seemed like a smart idea and she would at least always have somewhere to go back too.

Once she was done packing the dark haired female took her leave from town. She wondered is she would see N'Umoya there. She didn't think about the man frequently but she wanted to be in his presence again. He was nice and since she could speak her native tongue again she wanted to converse with him. Speaking of native tongue's her mind wandered to the new fellow she met. Constantine was... Something else for Ianthe. Something she honestly doesn't think she can handle. He wasn't overbearing in presence but there was something about him that just did something to her, like she had to look over her shoulder one to many times or something. The trip to Orchidia was a short one but once she arrived she quickly got a room at an Inn and went one to enjoy the festival and learn what it was all about and more.


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