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Intercept the Package [Quest: Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Intercept the Package [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Tue May 01, 2018 6:17 pm

Leyaria Venerak
The festival continued on without any sort of delay or thing of that nature, even ins pite of some of the actions that Leyaria had been involved with, whether it was setting up the fake robbery event in the alleyway that admittedly caused a bit of a stir for a night or two before the guards admitted that there was nothing to be wrorried about regarding the apparent attackers or parties involved. The case ended up being forgotten shortly thereafter as the festival continued. Leyaria herself had been enjoying the festivities, but there was only so much she could do in a given day, as after all, drinking and eating food, there were more than enough options to do that in any place, it did not have to be the festival that she did it in. Especially not when, as she found out, the merchants there were jacking up their prices in order to entice people who might have been ignoreant enough or unaware of just how expensive they were.

Rather than go back today, she decided to spend a bit of time within Orchidia. Within a very short manner, she found something that the very least could distract her for a short time. There were two men, appearing to be arguing about something, which wasn’t uncommon as she had seen it tiem and time again, but what was interesting was the fact they appeared to have been very animated, as though something that was going on was a great affront to the man, to the point where as the man eventually turned away dejected, he reached to Leyaria, pointing towards her and then to a spot elsewhere, as though to hide the fact that the two of them would be talking. Whatever it was aout, Leyaria figured that she could have made a bit of coin off of that, which would be nice to make up for what she had lost while at the festival thus far.

The man was a bit vague as to exactly what he wanted, but it made enough sense at least for Leyaria to get a grasp of what was going on. Apparently, as he described it, athe man had an item that someone, who was likely the other man, but apparently a friend wanted or was to buy, and this man would not sell it. Though he would not get into further detail as to what it was, or why it was that he would not be allowed to sell the item, but he wanted Leyaria to convince him otherwise as to selling it to the man, for wha reaons that might have been was and would remain a mystery, but what more intrigued and interested Leyaria was the promise of being paid for her job. Which was simple enough, as after all, she would have to do would just be to talk to talk to this man, and certainly, with the festival going on, the merchants would probably favor her than him.


#2Leyaria Venerak 

Intercept the Package [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Tue May 01, 2018 6:18 pm

Leyaria Venerak
She was about to go ahead and ask the merchant to sell him the item when the man had a different idea, one that apparently he was very proud of, as he wasted no time in stoping her before coming up with a different idea. Instead of trying to ask the man to sell the item, which he realized one of the reasons why he would not sell it was because it was not yet there, they would instead go ahead and steal it right from underneath him, or rather, convince them that they were a middle man who was going to deliver it instead. It made their lives easier and would not require any jewels being lost, only just a bit of time being lost instead. However, for Leyaria, with as limited an amount of itme to live as she had, that was almost debatable if she would have rather lost the jewels than go ahead and wait for something that was likely to be a small bit of pay. However, aruginig against that would have likely led to more issues than what she wanted to bring up, especially to someone who she did not trust nor know about, particularly when it came to her being a demon. That was information that was far better than allowing someone else know about.

So instead they met outside of the gates of Orchidia, with there being no shortage of people who were continuing into the city from all parts. It was as though they were refugees who were trying to escape war, something that Lyeaira had seen in the past as well, which brought back harsh flashbacks. However, they knew that whatever was going to come was via merchant cart, so they only had to wait for those which were very easy to tell compared to carts that were carrying people, and after a short time, the cart did arrive, and after a bit of discussion between the two of them, the merchant and the man, the man seemed to be very pleased with himself. He thanked Lyearia for the help that she had done, though it wasn’t much, and because of that, the man was going to give her very little, though as he was about to leave, Leyaria stopped him. She was going to get paid for what she was volunteering for, and the man knew that if there were any problems, it owul have been very easy for Leyaria to turn him to the guards, and given the past encounter and the voucher that the merchant probably originally had that made him the rightful owner, it woul be all but guaranteed that he would be arrested and Leyaria would have been paid for that instead. So, to the man’s dismay, he ended up giing Leyaria more jewels, far more than what he had hoped to pay and while the maount of jewels was smaller than what Leyaria would have liked, it was better than nothing. She then left.


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