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Magnolia to Orchidia [Foot Travel]

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Magnolia to Orchidia [Foot Travel] Empty Tue May 01, 2018 8:36 am

Vivianna Mystcreek
Stretching, the woman welcomed the day with a smile of her own. Magnolia had been a wonderful city, sprawling streets were so easy to  get lost in, and many times she had done so, forgetting about life and the lost situation she was in even if it as for a brief moment. She quickly got out of her bed and let her sleeping clothes fall of off her body. Today, she was leaving this town. A couple of days ago she had heard the news of a festival that was going to happen in another town, Orchidia she tried to remember, a wonderful name. The festival idea was something she could most definitively got her mind into, a relaxing atmosphere and maybe she could even find some book stalls that sold second hand books. She loved finding all those "flaws" so to say in used books, as if those were their palm marks so to say. Her book pile was reaching and end, and she had just realized that all those books were going to be quite the weight for her. Gah. But it was worth it in her eyes, she was building her own bookshelf, her own collection so to speak.

She entered the shower before the sun showed herself and washed started it with some warm water, and ended it with cold. Letting all the stress and the lingering sleep out. Exiting the shower, she took some time drying her hair, making breakfast and reading some book parts she enjoyed the most. When everything was done, she applied some nail polish, a very tiny amount of make up and started to pack up. The most important thing was the tarot deck she acquired a few days back ago. If possible, she would love to have a stall of her own. She would get to meet so many people, and she could learn more about a variety of stories. That could be a great muse for her book writing sessions! The character ideas that could spawn from that were extremely exciting to her.

Finishing packing up, she left the place behind and started to walk. Thankfully the weather was being kind on her, no sweat, no shaking. The lady would rest from time to time since the road was kind of long. But finally, the green town would appear on the horizon. With a smile, she would quickly settle in a hotel, dress up, and go to the festival square.
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Magnolia to Orchidia [Foot Travel] HOd83yH
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